At least this con man is doing jail time

Paul Francois of Florida, who conned almost $400,000 out of two women,was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The women probably won’t get their money back, but at least he’s off the streets for awhile.

Read ‘Sweetheart Swindler’ sentenced to 10 years in prison in Florida, on

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The sumer of 2007 I called the “summer of chaos” and I was living in my camper trailer parked on a friend’s land, with no one for support except my wonderful adopted son D….and had to flee my home because the psychopathic convict my convict son had sent to infiltrate our family (I called him the Trojan Horse Psychopath) was living with my egg donor as her “live in caregiver” and though I knew he was a pedophile and had spent 20+ years in prison for raping 3 kids, no one except the sheriff would believe me. Even my minister and church and extended family had turned their backs on me….and I felt very much as you do, that I had nothing left. I sat at the computer reading and posting on LoveFraud and crying so much it is a wonder my computer didn’t short out from the tears hitting the key board.

I cried and cried and cried some more….eventually I got some form of justice and validation when the Trojan Horse was arrested along with my daughter-in-law that he was having an affair with for trying to kill my other son C….but that validation didn’t last long as my egg donor went back to lying and covering up that she was sending money to my son Patrick in prison and supporting him, even though it was proven he had arranged the whole deal….

So, things may get pretty bad, then a bit better and then back to bad again, but just keep on reading and crying and cleansing your heart and soul.

The stress does make you sick and plays hell with your immune system, that has been proven over and over by medical science so that is no stretch to realize that. I am only now back to a reasonable state of health because of the stress that was continual for years.

Whatever you can do to DECREASe the stress level is important. I started by realizing that I had rights, and that I could set boundaries for how I iallowed others to treat me. It meant that I had to cut relationships with several people who were in my life for a long time, even eventually my “best friend” for over 30 years, and one of my sons, but I realized that these people were like parasites in one form or another, that they brought stress into my life in one form or another and I DID NOT NEED THAT STRESS. I did not treat them that way and I did not need them to treat me that way and if they insisted on bringing stress, drama, and dysfunction into my life, then I did not need them in my life.

I don’t have a “lot” of friends left but those I have are ones that are good to me, not dysfunctional in any way. They make my life better not worse. They treat me with love and respect not hateful in any way. That’s what is important to me.

So take care of yourself and do whatever you have to do to decrease the stress in your life.

I know right now you are living in a stressful environment and if you can change that I suggest that you do whatever you have to do to change that. Living in a “war zone” or one in which you have to cow-tow to someone else every day will wear you out like a roll of sand paper. Believe me on that, I know from experience. (((hugs)))

OxD, thank you for the encouragement and support. I cannot, in my wildest nightmares, imagine the hell that you fought through.

There’s no guarantee in life that things will run smoothly, much less work out “fairly.” I just have a load of work to do and I’m so tired of this whole situation. I just want to start over. But, I can’t even do thar, yet.

So…..I have to simply sort this out and get to the other side. I won’t entertain the alternatives.


it seems to me that the book of Job has the best take on this.
It doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, it just helps to make sense of it.

The world is unfolding as it should, but we’re too small to see it.

Skylar, this is what I’m aspiring to: to be able to just accept what happens, and move on with some semblance of dignity.

I’m just a wee, tiny part of this vast Universe, and the Earth is still going to spin on her axis whether the settlement is more reasonable, or not. Somehow, I have to sort out my place in this whole scheme of things, and chalk this nasty, nasty experience to some better good.

I may be beaten down, but I’m not dead, yet. And, this survivor isn’t going to go down easily, or quietly. I AM going to recover, make my way, and find peace and a desperately desired spiritual path. I just want all of this, yesterday.

Brightest blessings

So sorry Truthspeak. I really do like your screen name. Please read Proverbs from the Bible. It was written thousands of years ago by King Solomon. It is truly a book of never changing wisdom. I am sure it can help you feel comforted as you deal with this hard lesson in your life. We often think more of others than they deserve.

I like that word: SWINDLE. It is the perfect word for what my x!husband does to people. He swindled me. He swindles them. He’s the flim flam man. Handsome, charming, spinning a yarn. “ME? With MY honest face?!” he loves to say.

I feel for your heartache. In those days when I didn’t care if I died but wasn’t going to let HIM kill me, it NEVER occurred to me that recovery was possible. A kind woman TOLD me I’d get better and I argued with her that the damage was permanent. SOME stuff is permanent, but, after much time and much inner work…. there has been enough change that I can find my way to happiness and contentment.

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