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Attempting to treat evil in the UK

Britain’s most dangerous criminals are sent to Broadmoor Hospital, which has the walls and gates of a high-security prison. There, Dr. Gwen Ashead, a consultant forensic psychotherapist, tries to treat them.

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Chinagirl, agreed. It’s interesting. I was reading, a week or so ago, a book called, “Nasty People: How TO Deal With Them, and Avoid becoming One of Them. I was also reading a book entitled, “Stop Being manipulated”.

One of the points made by the nasty people book, that especially stood out for me was this: The author says we are never to let the manipulator, (or as he calls him, the invalidator) introvert us. What he means by this is that we should not allow the manipulator to turn our attention onto ourselves, and whatever he is proclaiming about our charactor. We need to be able to see clearly that it is he who is manipulating, and keep our focus on what he does.

I agree with that, truley. But again, it’s a paradox. People who don’t have the same weaknesses that we do, don’t have to read a book. They know, naturally how to respond in a he
althy way.

I personally think we need to see ouside, but look inside, both, at the same time.

Not to assign blame, but to live in the healthiest way we can.
It is probably best to first see outside, and learn some self-defense. But after a while you realize that even your ability to be manipulated is a manipulation you are doing to try to hold onto something that isn’t working, or an image of yourself as a nice person, or counter control, and it’s all so self defeating.

Yes, these abominations exist in our world. But I don’t have to be disturbed by them any more. I can admit that I can’t do a damn thing to make them right, and wash my hands of them, and then work on me.

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