Audacious deceit in the name of love?

Joyce Hatto was portrayed as a gifted British pianist—until it was discovered that her agent-husband had fabricated her reputation by stealing the recordings of other pianists and releasing them as his wife’s work.

And now, Victoria Wood (appropriately a comedienne) has written a TV movie portraying the entire fraud as a love story! Either she’s clueless, or the show is one big joke.

How I fell for a con artist: The bizarre true story of a husband who tricked the world into thinking his wife was a virtuoso pianist and one woman’s obsession with it, on

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ps. read Donna’s book RED FLAGS OF LOVE FRAUD….it will sum it up pretty well.

Well, the word psychology, deals with the brain, of one person, while sociology deals more with groups of people. Perhaps it is the same thing, with psychopathic behavior referring to a person having a screwed up brain, while sociopath deals more with the negative effects it has on groups of people.

But wouldnt you think a sociopath also has a screwed up brain? Both disorders are incurable right? There must be some type of chemical imbalance in their brains?

I feel like my ex is a spath and path… The two seem to be used interchangeably.

Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. Cleckly referred to “them” as “psychopaths” and that is why I prefer that term. Current medical DSM-IV (the psychology diagnostic ‘Bible””) refers to “them” as Anti Social Personality disorder (more or less the same meaning as “psychopathy” defined by Hare.)

Other “experts” call “them” sociopaths, but still referring to ONE person’s pathology. Martha Stout’s book. “The Sociopath Next door” is one example and a great book in my opinion BTW.

There really isn’t any use in me typing all this over though, as the literature on psycho/socio-paths explains this definition of terms in any number of books and articles, many of which are here on LoveFraud or linked to LF.

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