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Audacious deceit in the name of love?

Joyce Hatto was portrayed as a gifted British pianist—until it was discovered that her agent-husband had fabricated her reputation by stealing the recordings of other pianists and releasing them as his wife’s work.

And now, Victoria Wood (appropriately a comedienne) has written a TV movie portraying the entire fraud as a love story! Either she’s clueless, or the show is one big joke.

How I fell for a con artist: The bizarre true story of a husband who tricked the world into thinking his wife was a virtuoso pianist and one woman’s obsession with it, on

Link provided by a Lovefraud reader.

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Weird, Donna – thank you for posting this article.

I wonder about this because the exspath SEEMED to support my artistic talents, in theory. But, when it became obvious that talented artists are typically STARVING artists, he simply dismissed my abilities. Once he realized that he wasn’t able to ride on my abilities, the “support” vanished.

Thanks, again for this article. UGH.

Brightest blessings

Ox Drover

This is one of those very weird stories about the “strangest things” people do….and for WHAT end? (head shaking here)

While this particular “con” was not the most damaging one (compared to say Bernie Madoff’s, or Donna’s story, or Dr. Leedom’s story, or most of our stories) it is still very strange What was HER motive if she knew (and the author thinks she had to know) and why take such risks that were very likely to be exposed. STRANGE story.


So, which one is the sociopath? The wife or the husband? Because they both deceived.

Ox Drover

I’m not sure either are psychopaths by the definitions Bob Hare would use, but they are definitely narcissistic and deceivers.

Psychopaths are all liars, but not all liars are psychopaths. Psychopaths are all narcissists but not all narcissists are psychopaths.

This is an ODD case for sure. Odd “funny” almost, though I am sure the artists whose work was stolen might not find it funny. and ODD “strange” too. (head shaking here)

The oddest part is Victoria Wood and her strange interpretations of their “love”.

It sounds to me like the wife was increasingly isolated. Reminds me of …me.

Then she lost her desire to play and let her husband just sort of take over her life. Again, reminds me of me.

The man is a con man and a parasite, living off of his wife’s reputation. Reminds me of me again.

I wonder if she died of natural causes or…

When I told my ex-spath that I wanted my body autopsied after my death so that perhaps someone could figure out why I had been sick for so long, he said, “OH NO! I’m not letting anyone cut into my honey’s body.” There was such love and concern in his voice. ack.


Skylar and all,
From the sounds of this story I personally feel that the husband was a “path” of some sort – I am still having difficulties differentiating between the s-path and the p-path – in any case, I would assume this man was the con man and his wife, albeit knowing the music was not one of his/her own writing, she was captivated by him and was blinded to his “con.”
Does anyone view her differently than a mere “victim?” Also, her husband was in prison before she even met him, hence a “red flag” to investigate further into why her was in prison…..

Just my two cents and thoughts –



Totally agree, the guy was personality disordered and the wife was pulled in. Can you imagine the humiliation of his total disregard for her own talent until she agreed to fake it. That is what psychopaths do.

The experts do not know how to differentiate between a psychopath and a sociopath. I guess they have have agreed that on a continuum psychopath is worse.

I decided for my own purposes that a sociopath is probably just not as smart and secretive about it so he is doing it to society more openly and is more likely to end up in jail. A psychopath is smarter more cunning, more successful and gets away with it more often. That is why I refer to the semi-successful lawyer who still tries to destroy me and is still getting away with it as a psychopath.

It works for me.

Ox Drover

denverbronco…according to most “experts” (self styled or otherwise) the terms sociopath and psychopath are the SAME thing, just two different words. Some people seem to think a psycho- path is born tat way and a sociopath is made that way by environment but research does not seem to bear that out.

The professional community in mental health calls what we call a “psycho/socio-path” an ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER. Dr. Robert Hare one of the legitimate experts refers to them as psychopaths and totally disagrees with te rest of the mental health professional community about what the “name” should be.

Read and read and read some more and it will help you sort out the psycho-babble from what is legitimate.

I personally prefer the term psychopath, but Donna Andersen the owner of this site prefers sociopath as she thinks the media have made the term psychopath=serial killer, which most of them are not. She has a point there too. The media has made all the terms referring to personality disorders “sensational” and not ones in which the less violent personality aspects are just as dangerous. Such as Bernie Madoff in my opinion is as bad or worse than Charlie Manson yet he didn’t “murder” anyone like charlie did.


Ox Dover,
Thanks for the explanation – I have read several books on sociopaths but I see a lot of books on psychopaths too and when I have read blurbs about p-paths, I get confused because these two seem so similar.
I will continue to read to better understand this disorder – it really does help to put things into perspective!

Thanks again!

Ox Drover

denbronco, a person doesn’t have to have 100% of the traits to “qualify”—-and there is a “bell curve” of the traits with some being “just high in the traits” and others over the top evil.

There’s a lot to learn, but the MOST important thing is to watch for signs of dishonesty in someone and if it is there, RUN!

Ox Drover

ps. read Donna’s book RED FLAGS OF LOVE FRAUD….it will sum it up pretty well.


Well, the word psychology, deals with the brain, of one person, while sociology deals more with groups of people. Perhaps it is the same thing, with psychopathic behavior referring to a person having a screwed up brain, while sociopath deals more with the negative effects it has on groups of people.


But wouldnt you think a sociopath also has a screwed up brain? Both disorders are incurable right? There must be some type of chemical imbalance in their brains?

I feel like my ex is a spath and path… The two seem to be used interchangeably.

Ox Drover

Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. Cleckly referred to “them” as “psychopaths” and that is why I prefer that term. Current medical DSM-IV (the psychology diagnostic ‘Bible””) refers to “them” as Anti Social Personality disorder (more or less the same meaning as “psychopathy” defined by Hare.)

Other “experts” call “them” sociopaths, but still referring to ONE person’s pathology. Martha Stout’s book. “The Sociopath Next door” is one example and a great book in my opinion BTW.

There really isn’t any use in me typing all this over though, as the literature on psycho/socio-paths explains this definition of terms in any number of books and articles, many of which are here on LoveFraud or linked to LF.

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