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Australian con man Andrew Harper out of jail and back in the game

More proof that they never change: Almost a year ago, Andrew John Harper of Australia was convicted of scamming four women and sentenced to nine months in jail. He was also ordered to pay $22,000 in restitution.

Well, he got out of jail three months ago. Since then, he’s created two new identities—Edward Jordan and Clayton Cooper—and is looking for more victims. Luckily, one of them became suspicious.

Congratulations to the Australian women who exposed this predator—they’ve prevented another rip off!

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Wow! A sense of grandiosity, they can outsmart anyone; NOT!

Ox Drover

Once a tiger, always striped! Hasn’t changed a bit, right back to the same old, same old….I hope that he can be caught again and put back in the slammer for a significant period of time.


Great story. Justice for a low life scum bag.
It warmed my heart to read this. 🙂


“You have perpetuated a premeditated, malicious, cruel deception, which warrants imprisonment.” AMEN THAT!!! JUSTICE!!

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