Australian love-rat strikes again

Last October, Lovefraud reported that Salvatore Cortorillo of Australia was ordered to $1 million to a widow who he defrauded. Read:

Love-rat ordered to pay $1 million

So what did Cortorillo do? He swindled more women! This time, the media chased him, and cornered him in an airport as he was about to fly out of the country—with tickets paid for by another woman. Watch the videos from the TV show A Current Affair:

Aussie love rat flees

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Breckgirl, thanks for the input. I’ve spoken to a few attorneys with regard to a Civil Suit, and all the exspath has to do is to bankrupt himself, and the judgement would be excused. Yeah, it would be on record, but the only good that might do would be to have a legal “alert” to future targets – he’s no doubt already set someone up, and the drama/trauma of a Civil trial would only cause his target to have a stronger trauma-bond.

So…..I’ve lost it all, and he’s walking around like a prince. LMAO!!!!!! Pretty good end for such a mundane worm.

Truth – I thought there was already a judgment. If you already have one you can collect from what I know. Bankruptcy will not put assets out of reach – if the judgment is won as a result of fraud – then going BK will not nullify the judgment…

Sorry if that is not the case but if it is try the link and just submit your case information. You should get an answer pretty quick.

I kick myself all the time for not filing a civil suit – wasn’t aware I could actually collect damages from the things I endured plus the money stolen.

Just want to put it all behind me and move forward – educating others as I go and helping empower people to be aware and walk away before they end up being damaged as some of us have been.

Breckgirl, there is a temporary order of support, only. I have been considering a Civil suit but I’m confused and I don’t feel that my attorney has any interest in this action.

So, that why I threw my question out on the other thread. 🙂

Again, thank you for the input – I appreciate it.

This guy is such a sleaze! Vicx56 – can you shed any light on the surname used with you?
I would like to know how he is able to afford living in London right now. He has no income (his business burnt down).
Is he conning others? OF COURSE HE IS!


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