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Australian love-rat strikes again

Last October, Lovefraud reported that Salvatore Cortorillo of Australia was ordered to $1 million to a widow who he defrauded. Read:

Love-rat ordered to pay $1 million

So what did Cortorillo do? He swindled more women! This time, the media chased him, and cornered him in an airport as he was about to fly out of the country—with tickets paid for by another woman. Watch the videos from the TV show A Current Affair:

Aussie love rat flees

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

So why am I NOT surprised? This man is such a swindler….and you know in a CIVIL judgment such as this, (and I’ve had judgments against former renters etc) you get the judge to bang his gavel, but YOU have to go collect it and if they don’t pay…well tooo bad isn’t it?

Under Western law there is no debter’s prison even if the judgment ifs for FRAUD…because FRAUD is so hard to prove. You may prove I owe you A million dollars, but proving it is FRAUD is another go round and usually doesn’t happen. Sheesh….what a RAT!


I was watching this and wondering about the lady in the video.
The news caster’s must have told her how he had swindled a widow for a million dollars and yet after still knowing all that she still packed up her house and luggage and was willing to go off to the airport with him.

I remember well how my spath ex conned me into marriage yet no one warned me about what he would do to me after he was done with me.

I went into my relationship unprepared yet this lady was told what he did and she was still willing to go until she saw him acting out at the airport.

My motto is: “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”


Hi Joanie
Thanks for thinking of me I’m that lady. I stumbled across this site tonight while searching if Salvatore had been up to anything. Please rest assured as soon as I found out about this man there was no way I was going to go to London. I initially contacted the solicitor involved in the civil court case to let him know where this man would be to serve the papers on him ……which may have stopped from leaving the country! It was me who approached ACA after my neighbours alerted me to an earlier report on Salvatore. The solicitor invoved could not even meet me half way between where I live and Geelong. The Current Affair team were amazing and extremely supportive as I worked with them over the next 4 days to ensure he was at the airport. Salvatore was allowed to leave the country on my money with tickets in his name sadly it is a civil matter and I cannot even get a refund on my airline ticket as it was bought in his name. It would have been better to let this man hit me so I could press assault charges then he could have been detained by the federal police. It’s a sad state of affairs that there is no protection from people like this who seek out vulnerable people to prey on.


Swindler, indeed. And what happens when there’s a Civil Judgement against a swindler?! The swindler BANKRUPTS themselves along with the civil award! How is THAT possible?

Vicx56, I am so sorry that you were involved in this awful situation. I wish that I had some insightful and healing words to type, here. May you find brightest healing blessings on your journeys.


Dear Vicx56 – I live in London and have been and met Sam as I know him by. I met him twice, once at the beginning of March and then again this past Thursday. I have to say on first meeting him I found him very charming and immediately he told me how he loved me as a person. I found this rather sudden and began to get suspecious, but he soon put these to rest. I then arranged to meet him again last week Wednesday and spent Thursday with him as well. He wanted me to sell my flat and buy a camper van and travel around Europe etc with him. I have to also point out that my dog (an Alsation) did not like him one bit and never left my side! I then managed to google him and what a bloody fright I got when I saw your report and the other news reports. How on earth was this man allowed to come into the UK and why didn’t the authorities arrest him? He is lower than low and the fact that he is still using the same website is beyond me. I am sorry that you had to give up so much and that this animal was allowed to get away with it. I do hope that you get some money back, but just know that you are probably one of the bravest women to have helped expose this ………… well words do not fit anything benefitting what he is!! I wish you well

Ox Drover

Dear Colombp

I’m glad you were able to find out quickly and after only two meetings with him. Good for your dog! Give him a bone for me!


Holy moley, Colombp! Your account just makes my blood run cold. Ditto the bone from OxD! I find it interesting how animal instincts are SO attuned to “bad v. good.”


Thanks Colombp for your words and support.
I’m so relieved you woke up to what he was doing it is also fortunate for you he used his real name. He used the name Sam with me too the last name he used was false. I hope you contacted eharmony and reported him, they were so supportive towards me he has been removed from Australian site un fortunately i’m sure he will work out another profile using a false name. I do hope others like yourself wake up to his ways.


Truthspeak and all… Regarding the judgments and collections – there professionals that can help. In LA there is an attorney who specializes in post judgement collections. He knows how to get money IF the rascal has any. He has access to legal tools most others don’t.

If you know someone with a judgment try this guy – he has helped friends. And if it is too far away he probably can refer to someone in the state/area that you live.

He has helped friends. If it is collectable judgment enforcers can help – the guy in LA happens to be an attorney so he is even better than just a regular JE…


Breckgirl, thanks for the input. I’ve spoken to a few attorneys with regard to a Civil Suit, and all the exspath has to do is to bankrupt himself, and the judgement would be excused. Yeah, it would be on record, but the only good that might do would be to have a legal “alert” to future targets – he’s no doubt already set someone up, and the drama/trauma of a Civil trial would only cause his target to have a stronger trauma-bond.

So…..I’ve lost it all, and he’s walking around like a prince. LMAO!!!!!! Pretty good end for such a mundane worm.


Truth – I thought there was already a judgment. If you already have one you can collect from what I know. Bankruptcy will not put assets out of reach – if the judgment is won as a result of fraud – then going BK will not nullify the judgment…

Sorry if that is not the case but if it is try the link and just submit your case information. You should get an answer pretty quick.

I kick myself all the time for not filing a civil suit – wasn’t aware I could actually collect damages from the things I endured plus the money stolen.

Just want to put it all behind me and move forward – educating others as I go and helping empower people to be aware and walk away before they end up being damaged as some of us have been.


Breckgirl, there is a temporary order of support, only. I have been considering a Civil suit but I’m confused and I don’t feel that my attorney has any interest in this action.

So, that why I threw my question out on the other thread. 🙂

Again, thank you for the input – I appreciate it.


This guy is such a sleaze! Vicx56 – can you shed any light on the surname used with you?
I would like to know how he is able to afford living in London right now. He has no income (his business burnt down).
Is he conning others? OF COURSE HE IS!

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