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Australian man murdered sons to spite their mother

A judge sentenced Robert Farquharson to life in prison for driving his three young sons into a reservoir and allowing them to drown. The prosecutor told the jury that the deliberately killed the boys out of resentment and anger towards his former wife.

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Ox Drover

When I read the story a while back about Dr. Amy Castillo’s children being murdered by her X husband AFTER she had warned the judge that he intended to do that, and the JUDGE allow the man unsupervised visitation, I was dumbfounded that such a RARE and HORRIBLE THING would happen in this country. That a parent would murder the children to get back at the other parent.

Then, I saw the next example of this, and the next and the next, and I finally realized that this is NOT so “rare” as I would have thought…then, there are the Susan Smiths and that woman in I think it was North Carolina that smothered her children because she was angry at her mother nagging her for being a poor excuse for a mother…and the Baby Gabriel case where the woman claimed she had murdered the child to get back at her BF, then claimed she illegally adopted him out….and the Casey Anthony case in Florida—and on and on and on.

Does every parent that kills a child classify as a psychopath? Maybe not, but I think many of them do, the “get back at _____” killers I think would “qualify” as psychopathic.

I’ve been a parent and I can understand (though not approve of) a young, inexperienced parent SHAKING a kid in a fit of frustration and/or anger when the kid won’t quit crying, and as bad as that is, it still doesn’t compare with the person who makes a decision in advance to kill a child to “get even” with the other parent or to dispose of the kid(s) because their boy friend doesn’t like children (Susan Smith).

Family courts need to be educated about the possibility of parents doing such acts, rather than to assume that parents “love their kids and wouldn’t hurt them.” A parent who will use violence against the other parent is not able also to be a “good parent” to their children while being violent to others–any others.


how could such a parent be anything other than a sociopath?
The signs are all there: “I don’t want it but I don’t want you to have it either.” Just like the woman in the. Bible story who thought it would be fine for Kong Solomon to cut “her” baby in half.
Then there is his belief that the kids are just pawns to be used to his advantage,rather than human beings who just might want to live too.
Let us not forget the narcissistic injury that must be avenged all out of proportion to the actual insult.
It does seem like these episodes should be few and far between until we think about it and recall all the news stories.
I guess we really have to think twice how we advise the parents who have to share custody with a sociopath. Every day is like walking on a wire. If there is any way to manipulate the socio into calming down, that might just be the best option. At least til the kids are safely out of harms way.

Ox Drover

I’ve thought about the “what if”s”—the options that the caring parents have (or don’t have). I read about that woman who was recently arrested 26 years after she “kidnapped” her daughter and ran. WAs she a psychopath keeping her daughter away from a loving father? Or was she a nurturing parent keeping her daughter away from a psychopathic father?

I saw a case last night where a psychopathic mother FRAMED her husband for murder—he’s been in prison for 35 years when the Arizona innocence project proved him “innocent” and the parole and pardons board appointed by the governor said he should be pardoned and released—and the Arizona Governor REFUSED. The man who was the child described his mother and she sounded like the “perfect psychopath>”

If the courts had told me I had to let a psychopath see my kids and share custody with him—what would I have done? Would I have run—and taken the chance they’d catch me, put me in prison and then he’d have 100% custody? I don’t know! The decision is too hard to even comprehend. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

What our courts do to our kids, what our social services do—or don’t do—and like the one in NC where the family knew the girl was being hit, bruised and abused and they talked about calling social services but didn’t—-now she’s dead and the law finally found her hearing aids and false leg. What kind of hell did that child endure with people KNOWING and doing nothing?

The toll that psychopaths take in this world against innocents doesn’t stop with abusing other adults, but with the most innocent of innocents. Education of the social system and the people and the law may help, but it is an UPHILL battle.

Sometimes it is depressing when all I can do is to pray.


I live with this still – my daughter has unsupervised visitation with her molester father (also a con artist, thief, etc). The Ministry refused to listen to HER words and the police didn’t even bother to interview her. After her disclosure to the Social Worker, my ex immediately claimed I was “coaching” her because I was a “bitter, angry and vindictive ex-wife.” He used the fact that he had been cheating on me to his advantage, claiming I wanted revenge on him for catching him. (Proof positive an n/s will use even their own misdeeds to their advantage).

Since no legal authority was supporting me or my daughter, I had to take matters into my own hands. I petitioned the court for permission to move away so I could “go to school” instead, in an attempt to decrease access as much as possible. It was all I could do besides actually abducting her (and since I have another older child with my first ex-spath, that simply wasn’t possible).

My lawyer advised me not to bring it up in court because no legal authority had addressed the issue and the judge would presume I was bad-mouthing the father and I could lose custody.

So I didn’t say a word of it, even though I wanted to. However, the father told the judge I was falsely accusing him of sexual abuse and the judge – without hearing ONE word from me about it, or ANY evidence presented from my ex-spath except his word – ASSUMED THAT WAS TRUE!

I still got permission to move so his access was reduced significantly (thank God) but the point is that it seems if you’re a woman and/or child, your word means NOTHING if you’re up against a father, especially an spath who knows full well how to manipulate the authorities. The stereotype my ex-spath used was something the judge immediately “understood” and it instantly made him stop thinking about the bigger picture and seeing me as a human being first and foremost.

I think that’s one of the biggest obstacles any mother has to face in the legal system when dealing with abuse. Cops (mainly men) make presumptions and bring to their job their own stereotypes and belief systems, as do judges and other authorities. And let’s be perfectly frank – women are NOT valued in general in society. The stereotypes of us as being hysterical, manipulative, vindictive and vengeful are perfect at shutting down all communication, no matter the proof, no matter how many witnesses.

Until that changes, nothing will and cases like these will continue to be heard about.



This is not the first time I have heard of crazy people killing their children to even the score with their Ex

The courts don’t know who to believe.

He says, she says. The crazy parent tells the better story. The concerned parent comes off as whining.

I believe that the courts need to be educated about sociopaths. These terrible things have to stop!

Or would that back-fire too?

Would the court look at the sane parent as the sociopath?



My ex’s did not try to kill my kids. But, they sure tried to make them homeless.

The courts coddled my ex’s cause they told a better story.

IT is futile to try to match the wits of a person who believes their own lies.

Ox Drover

Dear Jeannie,

I am so sorry that you have had such a horrible time with the “legal” system—and your children have had to suffer because of it. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be.

There is a woman, Dr. Anna Salter who has written a book called “predators” about child molesters. She is one of the top 8 or 10 experts in the world I think, and you might gain some insight from reading this book. She is also frustrated at the lack of the courts’ knowledge and actions. God bless you and your children and bring you safety and peace. (((hugs))))

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