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Australian “mob” man scams three women

George Kenneth Hopes, of Bunderim, Australia, is sitting in jail, convicted of scamming four victims, including three women, out of $155,000. He led the women to believe that he was in the Mafia, and needed to pay protection money.

Although the guy was sentenced to eight years in jail, he is eligible for parole in June, 2012.

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Reading the story, it seems that some of this guy’s behavior wasn’t so much a “scam” as outright INTIMIDATION. I’m glad they slung his ass in jail—for a little while at least.

Just the same, I’ve got to wonder about some of these people who got taken in. If I ever found myself with a partner who said they were in the Mafia, my reaction would be to run a mile the other way! And wanting to “borrow” $33,000 to pay a fine for a supposed DRUG conviction? He’ll be lucky! Even if it was true (which it wasn’t), it couldn’t be just for lighting up a joint. To be hit with a fine that big, he’d have to be dealng. So let the bum go to JAIL!

Ox Drover

Dear Redwald,

I agree with you 110% about the guy being a “bad guy” and needing money for protection….but you know, I got conned by my P son for money and time….because I wanted to “believe” he had changed…repented….etc. so maybe these women felt the same way. The old “savior” thing that some of us seem to have too much of…we want to SAVE someone, rescue them, enable them….what arrogance on my part that was….

Especially when you consider the STATISTICS about criminals, and people who are violent….how many of them are 30+ psychopaths and the AVERAGE score for a convict or criminal is 22 which is sure to goodness NO SAINT or anyone anyone with “one eye and half sense” would want a relationship with.

Sometimes I think I had NO SENSE and was TOTALLY BLIND—it is amazing what you can see though when you OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE TRUTH.

I can’t believe how “light” he got off though as far as jail time is concerned. UGH!


Kevin Nilsen Wooes women & than takes whatever he can off them even stealing our property items , than goes onto another woman , thae Police in a small nth queensland town isnt intrested , as 3 women have reported him & the police say to get a solicitor , is there anything we can do , or some way it can be reported , as i myself his x wife , he stole all my new roofing iron , to repair my cyclone yasi home roof , he stole 24 star pickets , he stole the lawnmower my dad gave me , and he killed Lorraines dog , he stole all Evelyns Timber , for her garage repairs & evelyns star pickets , please help us .



I am also in Australia. If your local police are not interested, contact the District office. Write a letter describing the thefts and the response from local police. If you can have all three of you sign the letter, you might have a better chance of being listened to. You need to stick together on this – it’s your best chance of getting something done about the mongrel.

Unfortunately, unless you have been divorced for more than 12 months or unless you have had a Family Law court property settlement registered (either by consent or by application to the court), then he will be able to claim that his thefts from you are actually disputed property items. If you have not already sorted this out, then you need to. You don’t need a lawyer – I’m doing my own Property Settlement and can assist you if you like.

If you have no joy with your District police office, I would try to contact the detective who put recently put another Australian scam artist away after he conned several women out of money, etc. I’m going to go now and look up the details of that so that I can post them here for you.

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