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Australian newspaper mentions Red Flags of Love Fraud

Today The Age, a venerable newspaper in Victoria, Australia, published an article entitled The great love con. It explains why Kath Truran gave more than $1 million to serial con artist Salvatore “Sam” Cortorillo. Everything the article says is correct, although it may still be difficult for many people to comprehend how it could happen.

The reporter, John Elder, interviewed me as part of his research. He includes several quotes from me and mentions my book, Red Flags of Lovefraud— 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath.

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Congratulations! May your international star continue to soar!!


Wow, Donna that is a fantastic achievement. I’m ashamed to admit there are a lot of similarities between my experience and her story. I’m lucky it was only about 15 grand (pounds) …..paying it off every month.
Poor woman. I feel for her. Like the article said… have invested so much you keep going and keep giving. Yep. That was me.

Donna, I know I’ve said this to you before and words are not enough to express my deep, deep gratitude for this site and your quest to warn others. Thank you and bless you.


This sent a thrill right through me! Yay!!!!!!!

I salute you, Donna. You are a lifter in the highest.



Thanks Donna for your insightful comments on this man. I’m the Echuca woman mentioned.
It is an injustice he was allowed to leave this country, as he is now doing the same to women in the UK.
I really wonder how this man can live with no consience whatsoever.


Welcome, Vicx. We all wish any of us here came here for reasons of curiosity rather than experience. But none of us have that luck.

Yup, crazy that they let him fly out like that. I hope he gets busted in the UK.


Vixc56, welcome. And thank you for being brave enough to admit what this heel did.

Since England and Australia share the same royalty, I assume you have some laws in common.

Is it easier bringing him back to Australia from England than it would have been if he had gone to a place where there went those ties, such as the US? Can Australia do that? Have their legal arm yank him back from England? I know we can extracate people from other countries, but it’s usually extremely difficult. I was such wondering if it would be easier between England and Australia.

How do you know that he is doing the same thing now in England? Are the English police aware of what he did in Australia?

Please tell me that the police are on to him and it will only be a matter of time before they get him.

By the way, I did look at the photo of him in the article. He does look like a frog. He must be very charming because his “good looks” weren’t going to win women over.


Hello Vicx56,

I’d like to second what G1S said……

Thanks for having the courage to go public and for letting us know he’s here in the UK.
Hope he meets his match.

Have you thought about publishing your story?


Hi All
Thank you for your kind words and support.
To G1S I found out he is doing the same thing in England thru a post here on love fraud
I’m sorry he was able to leave the country and unfortunately as I gave him the money volountarily it is not a criminal matter so there is no extradition etc. As I said in an earlier posting it would have been easier if he had hit me I then would have been able to press charges. I have not pursued the matter legally as
1. I do not have the finances
2. You cannot get blood from a stone
3. Kath’s solicitor has still not been able to serve the papers on him even after all this time.
I had and still have amazing support from my family ACA team and friends. Standing up and speaking out like I did was not easy.
The hardest time is now as the reality with my financial situation has set in and I have just been informed by the travel agency I will not get a refund on my ticket as he paid for the tickets with my money any refund will go to him !!!
You made me smile stronga woman what a wonderful name you have I have certainly considered publishing my story.
Thank you all


Donna, wonderful opportunity to spread the word. HUGS!!!!

Vicx56, I am so sorry that you were a target and suffered such a vile fraud. Bravo for your courage and resolve!!

It IS amazing just how thoroughly these predators can wipe a person out, financially, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and physically. I’m in a similar situation and I am now, literally, destitute. And, there seems to be no legal remedy, whatsoever.

I found it difficult to process the fact that these predators simply don’t care – I mean that they do not have a care in the world, about anything. They are incapable of true, honest emotional connections, and they use/abuse fellow human beings like snotrags, and discard their victims just so.

My deepest, and most heartfelt blessings to you, Vicx56. What goes around will come back around on that rat-bastid!


Dear Truthspeak
Karma can be a wonderful friend as you say what goes around comes around lets hope Karma plays a major role in his future.
One saving grace is he is now in England without the financial support he planned on.
Your so right it is difficult to process everything that hapened, worst of all is the helplessness you feel there is no where to turn. It’s so wonderful to have found this website and be able to comment the wonderful support like yourself and others that have been in the same situation .
Thoughts and hugs are with you too truthspeak and to Donna who started this wonderful informative website


Amen. I firmly believe in karma.I may have been duped but my ex, spath boy, is a vacuous soul, classic parasite, evil piece of detritus.

Agh, that’s better. Thanks for the compliment Vicx! Now where are my strongawoman knickers!! Lol, remember wonder woman??

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