Australian newspaper mentions Red Flags of Love Fraud

Today The Age, a venerable newspaper in Victoria, Australia, published an article entitled The great love con. It explains why Kath Truran gave more than $1 million to serial con artist Salvatore “Sam” Cortorillo. Everything the article says is correct, although it may still be difficult for many people to comprehend how it could happen.

The reporter, John Elder, interviewed me as part of his research. He includes several quotes from me and mentions my book, Red Flags of Lovefraud— 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath.

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Dear Truthspeak
Karma can be a wonderful friend as you say what goes around comes around lets hope Karma plays a major role in his future.
One saving grace is he is now in England without the financial support he planned on.
Your so right it is difficult to process everything that hapened, worst of all is the helplessness you feel there is no where to turn. It’s so wonderful to have found this website and be able to comment the wonderful support like yourself and others that have been in the same situation .
Thoughts and hugs are with you too truthspeak and to Donna who started this wonderful informative website

Amen. I firmly believe in karma.I may have been duped but my ex, spath boy, is a vacuous soul, classic parasite, evil piece of detritus.

Agh, that’s better. Thanks for the compliment Vicx! Now where are my strongawoman knickers!! Lol, remember wonder woman??

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