Australian prime minister once involved with con man

Yes, anyone can get conned. As a young lawyer, Julia Gillard, now prime minister of Australia, fell in love with a union official who turned out to be a con man.

Read this article from 2007, Julia Gillard: Conman broke my heart on

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rozzie – it seems everytime that Dances with Weiners guy shows up the thread takes a turn to the gutter..somebody should report that dood …!

I am such a degenerate sometimes. I did try to respond to your announcement that Hens was back but the post kept showing up all red! I was funny, but only to me. Late night pervert that I am.

Welcome back. Love your wisdom.

hens, i am glad it’s not just me then lol. usually i am the one responsible for the smut!

I’ve heard of that. It’s called blue-car syndrome.
It wouldn’t be so bad to notice all the spaths and spathettes, but I keep wondering: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

For example, I met a guy (an old old friend of BF) several months ago. He and his wife married late in life and had a son at almost age 50. She, an architect, goes to work and he stays home taking care of the boy, except for the odd jobs. He smokes pot all day, plays in a band some weekends.

One day he says, “My wife works all day and expects me to make her a nice dinner in the evenings but I don’t. So she has to make it herself, sometimes she just whips something up” All said in a matter of fact tone.

Right then I knew that he is a narcissist: completely ungrateful for what his wife provides. Totally entitled.

A few months later, he says, “one of the things that attracted me to (wife) is that I can manipulate her.”
He didn’t say “love” he said “attracted” and “manipulate her” speaks for itself!

Later, describing his 5 year old boy, he says, “He watches how I manipulate his mom and he’s learning to do it too. But I don’t let him get away with it. He needs to learn to mind his parents”

He is a really nice guy. So respectful to me (except for when he lied, but he’s a terrible liar). Compliments my cooking, takes his plate to the kitchen, carries his weight around our house and is very protective of BF.

So what does that mean? Is he dangerous to be around? Will he turn on me or BF one day? It’s too bad about his son, because he will turn him into a monster and that kid is the sweetest, most adorable kid. When I visit their house, the boy says, “Skylar, I’m so glad I got to see you before you left!” What 5 year old talks like that? He sounds like an adult.

Skylar, yes he may turn on you.
The con i met did when i he found i out him on the net. It was anon but he still found out. Posisbly hacked my email. Not long after my email was sending out spam. He apologized. He knews i know more about his legal issues. they are not in love they are attracted to what a person can do for them. They eye people for what they can use them for. This con i knew lived wit his ex wife famlly for a time. borrowed from her his ex in laws and every ex family member he could. Keep them at arms length if you are in contact them in a social setting. Some like to be around groups to scout out victims but listen to thier words. Or lack of them at times. Most are very charimng and you would not doubt them to be dangerous. IMO that is thier hidden dangerous scam.

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