Australian prime minister once involved with con man

Yes, anyone can get conned. As a young lawyer, Julia Gillard, now prime minister of Australia, fell in love with a union official who turned out to be a con man.

Read this article from 2007, Julia Gillard: Conman broke my heart on

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Wow thanks Donna I never had read about this before. I found it so distressing innocently getting caught up unknowingly in my husband’s cons and then him telling all sorts of malicious lies and stories about me to make himself look like the victim. It was one of the reason’s I had a break down at the time. I had always been an honest giving person and the person he was making me out to be was just horrible. Looking back he should be an Author his ability for story telling was second to non.

I am just an ordinary person not like Julia Gillard and to have had a spath in her live could have quite possibly derailed her career, dreams and goals.
I am not a huge fan of hers but I truly feel for her having that in the background and how people would perceive her and her actions at the time when knowing what we know she thought she was just doing her job and loving a normal person.

What ever happened to him, I wonder? Did he go to prison or jail, or have to pay back any of the money he stole?

She must have been either very clean or very corrupt to withstand this public Attachment to a con man, and assuming she was innocent in it, I can definitely feel for her.

Dani, I think we have most of us had “breakdowns” of one level or another—that’s what the psychopaths intend, is to break us down. You’re a survivor now though, and MUCH wiser I suspect! (((hugs)))

Just shows, it can happen to anybody. Also makes Julia that much more human 🙂

So – I have spent the past half hour “googling” Bruce Wilson (her con man) but the only info I can find on him at all is related to the article already quoted, i.e: telling the story about how Julia was conned by him.

Most mysterious – not even mentioned in the union sites’ records I looked up.

Almost like he just “disappeared”…

Gee – wouldn’t THAT be unusual for a spath???? LOL

Oxy~ oh yer so much wiser, I infact wrote those very word today. My mother ran into someone that I was friends with but chose to believe the spath and not me. He told my mother that he and his partner worked out a long time ago that the spath was evil and felt so ashamed and guilty for siding with him that he could not bring himself to contact me. So I sent him a little note through face book saying that I was ok and no hard feelings and I am a whole lot wiser for it. I know all too well about being conned and the embarrassment that follows that! And Oxy we break down because we are human with real human emotions, there is only so much the psyche can take. x

Aussie girl ~ Wow I am so not surprised though, mine did a miraculous disappearing act- hard for him to con the next single mother when you have 3 children to 3 different ripped off mothers in your wake and all the rest that didn’t bare him a child but still left penniless.

you know, Dani’s comment about the guy who believed the Spath and then found out the truth but was “too ashamed” to come forward and say “I’m so sorry I believed him”—

Well, I’ve kind of been thinking about that “person” because I know there must be hundreds of that kind of person connected to “us” here. (Though I am also sure there are hundreds that still believe the s-path too) but for those that DO see the truth, WHY don’t they have the cojones and backbone to fix their “ashamed” in some way but HIDING?


It makes me wonder if these are the same people in Germany after the war who were saying “Oh, I was just following orders, I never believed in or voted for Hitler. Besides I didn’t actually kill anyone, I just kept the lists of people to be sent to the camps, and oh, I didn’t really know they were killing them there anyway, I thought it was JUST FORCED SLAVE LABOR for the good of the country. I was just doing my job. But I know the truth now so let’s JUST PRETEND NONE OF THAT HAPPENED.”

I realize that theh psychopaths can lie, and I realize that just about anyone can fall for their lies and believe them—I FELL FOR THE LIES AND I BELIEVED THEM— but to participate in the abuse because you believe the lie, but then when you KNOW THE TRUTH and realize you have participated in abusing someone and to NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR REMORSE for it, puts you in my book somewhere below psychopath cheet, which is somewhere below whale cheet at the bottom of the ocean.

Yet, in a way, part of me wants to COMFORT these dupes, and feel sorry for them for being fooled, but another jpart says “hey, he’s about as bad as a psychopath himself and he may FEEL regret or remorse but he DOESN’T ACT ON IT.” Which is worse, to know and feel and DO NOTHING (the dupe) or to know and NOT feel and do nothing? (the psychopath) I’m really not sure, I have to ponder on this philosophical slant for a while.

very well said Oxy. you are one smart and wise woman. maybe we can call these “dupes” enablers to some extent. I am sure these Ps and Ns are surrounded by enablers and so they can thrive – all they need is enablers and victims and life is great for them.

OX Drover,

Good post about people being quiet enablers, not having the guts (at times) to stand up for what right, or just not caring enough to do anything about what they know (and see) is wrong. I posted something earlier about my in-law’s, deleting it because I think at heart they’re good people who are human beings, having faults just like anybody else, needing forgiveness too. I do have a grudge against them at this time, wanting to be free of it.

that reminds me of my BF’s encounter with a female psychopath that had several men all competing with each other during the course of a year. He realized what was happening after about a year and he warned 2 of them. One of them, Chris, didn’t believe him. About a year after, he ran into him at a party. Chris was walking toward him looking pretty ragged, he just said, “You were right…” and kept walking. LOL. That was it.
The other man involved was the actual target because he was the millionaire. BF warned him as well, and he thanked him, but it’s hard to say if the P didn’t worm her way back, since there was so much money involved.

So there are different layers of denial.
One layer, is really not seeing, the next is seeing but not believing.
Then we have seeing and believing but not caring because you don’t think it’s hurting you. And then there is the people who see, know and actively participate.

YOu know you bring up a good point, Blue Jay, The “grudge” against people who have been duped and therefore abuse us or stand by while someone else abuses us—but you know, while I don’t in any way think that carrying bitterness, or a “grudge”, against these people for the rest of our lives, benefits US—in fact, I think carrying bitterness and/or grudges and not resolving those hateful/harmful (to us) feelings is a really BAD thing for ourselves—however, At the same time, I think we can get rid of the bitterness toward those people (i.e. “forgive” them) and yet NOT TRUST THEM or “feel warmly” toward them either.

Looking back at the many times my son C FAILED to protect me from his brother, knowing his brother was doing wrong—clear back to the time that they were teenagers when his brother was driving my car in the middle of the night to commit crimes and son C did NOT stand up, because he wanted to be “accepted” by his thieving brother more than he wanted to DO RIGHT.

Then the times that he knew that the Trojan HOrse P and his brother and my egg donor were TRYING TO FORCE ME TO LEAVE MY HOME (he didn’t know I don’t think about the planned murder—but I’m not sure he would have warned me if he HAD KNOWN THEY INTENDED TO MURDER ME.) He later did come back to me and say a general “Oh, you were so right about them, mom, you were a prophet.” But when the apology came to a “let’s discuss this about the SPECIFICS of what you did” and I asked hiim why he didn’t DO something when he knew the TH-P was remotely controlling my cell phone account and credit card accounts and running up hundreds of dollars of expenses and problems—his answer was a sort of timid whine of “well, I told him NOT to do that.” WTF??????? I “told him not to do that.”????

Okay, so lets say son C wanted to believe and DID BELIEVE I was evil and mistreating poor P son and poor grandma and poor him and poor his wife, and I DESERVED to be run out of my house by any means, and even though he said “Oh,, mom, you were such a prophet” when the rubber met the road, he was not willing to own up to the ABUSE HE HAD WITNESSED AND BEEN A PASSIVE PART OF IT….doing nothing himself, but watching others do it.

Sort of like the guy on the play ground who doesn’t kick the victim with the bullies but he doesn’t call the teacher either. When he is asked WHY he didn’t at least run for help, he says “well, I told them not to hit her.”

I realize I have always seemed to be so “forgiving” (pretending it did not happen) when others either actively or passively abused me, and that is my DEFAULT feeling in dealing with these PASSIVE abusers, or dupes, but at the same time, now, I am also seeing that these people are ALSO not people who can be trusted unless they MAKE FULL ACCOUNTABILITY AND TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT THEY DID OR FAILED TO DO IN SOME CASES.

Hiding behind “I was ashamed to come forward and tell her I was sorry” may be a truthful statement, but I am coming to the conclusion that IS NOT ENOUGH of a “change of heart” or a change of behavior…and sure enough not a valid EXCUSE.

Now, I understand why people who are not really connected with you, just “acquaintances,” would react this way at least in “small” instances of abuse, but for people who have stood by while others were dragged off to concentration camps, or stood by while a child was abused—like those people in NC that didn’t report that they saw evidence that that little girl Zara was being beaten etc.—or the people who stood by while that Kitty Genovesse (spelling?) was stabbed to death over a half hour and screamed for her life didn’t at least call the cops.

I am starting to look at the way my son C behaved REPEATEDLY and see that there is a PATTERN THERE, of him denying my value even as a human being. Him “going along” with whatever his brother and (or others) wanted to do to me—but not seeing any really sincere change of heart in his “remorse”—I do know he has a conscience, but at the same time he is able to beat it to a pulp and still do what he WANTS to do even if he knows it is wrong.

He has learned the family game of “let’s just pretend I didn’t stab you in the back and be friends again until the next time I decide to stab you or remain silent while someone else does.”

He doesn’t get the fact that he objects to and is NC with his grandmother because SHE LIED TO HIM, but it somehow is OK for him to lie to me????

I don’t hate him, I don’t want to go burn his house or slash his tires, and I would be upset if I found out he had a terminal illness, or something else bad–he isn’t a psychopath, but at the same time, he is not someone that I can “excuse” for his lack of moral compass because “he is a follower.”

Funny thing is that if he saw someone being attacked on the street, he would jump in to try to save them, he would call 911 AND jump in physically. He would give his last dollar to a friend without any hope of getting it back—he works hard, is a good employee, and tries to be a good citizen, volunteer fire department etc. yet, he is NOT someone I can trust, or that others can trust too, as I know he has betrayed his own friends in the past as well as me. While I don’t hate him or think he really set out like his P-brother did to “let’s make mom as miserable as possible” he sure didn’t say, “you know these people are abusing this woman and doing illegal and immoral things to her that I am aware of, I can’t be any part of this and I have to warn her so she doesn’t get hurt worse.”

BECAUSE he did not do that, did not choose to ACT on what he knew as bad behavior on the part of others, I cannot ever trust him again, and I can’t excuse that either because I see NO REAL SIGN OF TRUE REMORSE. He recognizes he did wrong, hej even actually cares somewhat that he did poorly, but mainly he JUST EXCUSES HIMSELF. Not the same as deep remorse, not the same as deep feeling of taking and accepting responsibility for our behavior. Not the same at all.

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