Australian prime minister once involved with con man

Yes, anyone can get conned. As a young lawyer, Julia Gillard, now prime minister of Australia, fell in love with a union official who turned out to be a con man.

Read this article from 2007, Julia Gillard: Conman broke my heart on

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well I read the first one, now I guess I have to read the second one! Wouldn’t want to miss out on that kind of info!


sky, it’s a very short book.

Well, we’re getting rain then snow tonight and I had appointments in town tomorrow, but am NOT going out with snow on top of ice on the roads—let the other fools play bumper cars on the bridges and hills…D and I will just stay hunkered down here in Booneyville til the spring thaw if that’s what it takes….no one is bleeding to death and we’ve got enough food and water to last a while. My sewing machine is still out so I will start on the next tent or on the quilted leg warmers for D and his friend G.

Sky, I did a little looking on the internet for some percentages (these are probably not all that accurate but might give you an idea:

There are supposedly (as of 2006) 6 million adults with bi-polar, or 2.6% of the adult population. Many of these people live Fairly “normal” productive lives with medication and treatment. Others are highly dangerous. Many psychopaths are also bi-polar,

Psychopaths are estimated at 1-4% of the over 18 age

People with depression (of various levels) are 5% of the populations

2.5% of the adult population has a criminal record (these are the folks on the OUTSIDE that are off parole, and 5.6 million were in prioson in 2001.

Schizophrenia is 2.2 million in the US –1.8% of adults over 18

9.5% of adults have a mood disorder of one kind or another, anxiety disorder over 18 years of age is 18.1% and many of those people have more than One disorder.

Obscessive compulsive is 1% or 2.2 million

PTSD is estimatedat 3.5% of adults and that is 7.7 million

Generalized anxiety is 3.1% and social phobia is 6.8% or 15 mijllion

ADHD in adults is 4.1%

Autism is less than 1 %

ASPD is 1%

And avoidant personality disorder is 5.25% of adults.

So if you factor in the people who are drug addicts, alcoholics, etc there are a lot of people who are NOT FUNCTIONAL.

Then there are lots of others who are not so much mentally ill as they are just not much of a moral compass, poor social skills, mentally slow and grew up without learning how to function in a compassionate and nurturing atmosphere.

FActor in the kids who have been born retarded or mentally messed up by fetal alcohol syndrome or born crank or crack babies.

Yea, Katy I think the little darling wanted us to shoot him when I got6 done working him over I turned him over too his mother who worked him over again. Actually he turned out to be a pretty good man, but he was a rap-scallion when he was a young teen.

O.M.G. I think I peed my pants. No scrotum… !!! I have not laughed that hard, that deeply, that long since before the spath! For those who might think they lost their humor, that just might be the return ticket.

I did notice when you listed the people who are not functional, you omitted those with pms/or menopause.

Oxy, I was not a good teen, not for want, but for lack of knowing what to do. I would have accepted someone working me over too, I know b/c those who took the time got my respect and I did want to improve. Good for you. Rescue one kid and only God knows how many people you’ve saved.

One Joy,
you kill me! OK, I’ll read it and write a review: life sucks!
LOL!!! I didn’t even bother to read it, just wrote the review.

Oxy, thanks for the research. I know lots of us are dysfunctional. I just want to know how many actually ENJOY OTHER PEOPLES’ PAIN.

If ASPD is less than 1% then how come I know so many of them?

Well I think I am over my user-name changes..I think I was getting manic cabin fever itis, you gals get raunchy late at nite….oh my…Ox I thot you kept your scrotum in the freezer?

I’m liking your old name, Hens, the best. It’s just easier to remember and really unpretentious, not an affectation and just YOU!

People like you are what is lacking in the world. Be happy and proud that you are who you are. Anyone who doesn’t respect that is just sad.

Ummm….I think you are going to get bonked real hard for that last comment to Oxy, DUCK! QUICK!

You asked, “If ASPD is less than 1% then how come I know so many of them?” I got an answer for ya.

Ever buy a new car? Before, it was like maybe you noticed one or two. but not long after driving your new car, you start to see them and soon they are EVERYWHERE.

Before my spath husband, only his brother stood out as ASPD. Now… there’s a whole nest of them and their whole facebook friends page is filled with them.

hens, welcome back! LOL
I remember that conversation about the bull scrotum in the freezer,
it makes a nice handbag!! LMAO!!

Does every thread eventually turn to penis talk? Lol…too funny.

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