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Australians lose $90 million to online love fraud scams

In 2013, Australians lost about $90 million to internet romance scammers. Detective Superintendent Brian Hay from the Queensland Police Service says “the impact of internet romance scams on the Australian economy is mind boggling.”

Statistics show that about 75% of those caught up in online romance scams don’t believe they got ripped off. The Queensland Police Service has teamed up with is Griffith University to find new ways to help Australians understand that the glimmer of romantic hope they see is nothing more  than internet love fraud.

Online love fraud victims ignoring police warnings, on abc online

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Just staggering what these con artist are capable of, the scary thing this is only one country estimated amount of loss, what is the worldwide damage amount both financially & emotionally for all victims?

Donna have you thought about putting together a business plan for the Australian police to use your expertise (say educational videos, educational commercials both in TV ad & magazine articles etc) to educate their countrymen? I think it would be a great business team combo to spread the truth about these evil people not only in Australia but around the world. It’s would be a win win for everyone the Aussie Police would have a great way to spread the truth while you get paid for your business plan. Just a thought.

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