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Authorities say Florida man had his wife murdered to collect insurance money

Teresa and Mark Sievers

Teresa Sievers, center, was murdered. Authorities say her husband, Mark Sievers, top, was involved. (Facebook)

Teresa Sievers, a doctor from Bonita Springs, Florida, was found dead in her home on June 28, 2015. Her head had been bashed in with a blunt instrument, later identified as a hammer.

Two murder suspects have been arrested in the case. But authorities just released a probable cause document stating that the victim’s husband, Mark Sievers, was involved in planning the murder so he could collect insurance money. He had five life insurance policies on his wife, totaling $4.433 million.

DCF aware of Sievers accusations, on



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Rosie Jackson

This is why we need a national database so that people who believe that their spouses have taken out a life insurance policy on them or their children without their knowledge (and this is a very easy thing to do!) can find out before something very nefarious happens and the murderer “cashes in”. Checking to see if someone has a life insurance policy on you SHOULD be a very simple thing to do. It is not. A national database of all life insurance policies could save lives. Why there isn’t already one in place is beyond me!


Once again….Florida. Also the twins and there mother and her father.


When I was married my husband got his nurse pregnant. I did not know into years later but it was the same time he took out 2 policies each worth one million on me. I was a stay at home mother for a long time and was not worth that much! He started to insist, despite not being that natural health conscious, to make protein shakes. I had vision problems with my periphery and floaters, I grew weaker and weaker and at one point begged to go to the hospital from extreme abdominal pain and the most violent vomiting and diarrhea imaginable. He kept insisting he could take care of me and the worst was over. Once I got better he would nurse me back to health with more protein shakes and I was sick moderately to severely for 6 weeks, weight from 115 to 90. I called the doctor and she said I needed an IV. My husband called her and said he would do it himself. He insisted I had samanella from when he used a knife for raw chicken on a brownie he cut for me. After 8 weeks, I emailed an old shake who was a dietician. She said it was not salmonella and I should be checked for poisoning. I should it to my husband. Not long after, I began to recover. Years later when I finally discovers his secret life, the attorney pointed out the unusual amount of life insurance on me. It was the tile period prior to my mysterious illness. Also shortly after his baby was born to his mistress. He also took a $300,000 home equity line of credit on our home at that time. He took my license and had a friend who was a notary. I asked him why my license was missing and he said he must have left it in his pocket when we went through security at the airport. I recalled retrieving it but sociopaths have a way of making us question our judgement. I think he is capable 8 years after the divorce of murdering me. He thought I would marry and give up my home and support. Even my attorney suggested me settling for less so that he was less likely to do something to m because he’s being squeezed to tight. I did and continue to look over my shoulder when I am alone. There’s nothing I can do. He is an affluent and respected person. It’s especially scary because he is an alcoholic and prescription pill abuser which further blunts his conscience. If he has one at all. Life insurance is a red flag and I think there should be a way to be informed.

Just Jan

Thank God you are not married to this man anymore. If you live in Florida please visit our FB page: First Wives Advocacy Group & Child Custody Laws. Currently there are 3 bills which have been filed regarding alimony and child custody. There is a 50/50 Child Custody presumption upon divorce. Current law states, what’s in the best interest of the children.

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