Bachelor Number One was a serial killer

Back in the 70s, Rodney Alcala was a contestant on The Dating Game. He won, but the woman who chose him refused to go out with him. It was probably a good thing, because in February Alcala was found guilty of murdering four women and a child.

Read Convicted serial killer won on “Dating Game” on CNN.com.

Link submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

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I read the article, watched the clips, and read a few comments. Comment #3 calls him “dreamy”.
The way he looks now, with the long wavy gray hair and plastic rimmed glasses…looks like my X husband, before he cut his hair a few years ago. Yikes.

Very interesting, how he showed one side to the men he was competing against, another side on the show.

and the typical arrogance, defending himself. Trying to focus attention on one thing, while ignoring all the other evidence against him.

The more I learn, the more I think this is a very dangerous type of emotional retardation and it will take a LOT of education to get the public to see this. We need definitive brain tests for this and then to tattoo their foreheads!

Right now, CHARM and FLIRTING are huge red flags to me. HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My connection was too slow today to watch the clips, but I read the written piece. Did they not do any kind of background criminal checks? Guess not! UGH!!!!

Glad he is finally off the street! Wonder how many others he attacked and/or murdered that they don’t know about?

The analysis of hhis “acting” on screen and not “acting” in the green room I thought was pretty good.

At least they called him a psychopath. Too bad a person has to be identified as a murderer before they are publicly called out. I look forward to the day we make some headway with the public recognizing this pathology in nonviolent offenders!

He sat there having already raped an 8 year old girl. A violent sexual predator wanting to win a gameshow. That is terrifying.

Bullet, Yoo many of these guys are showing up on reality shows, in the media…It fits the narcissistic profile, though, the super-ego, wanting the lime-light. What amazes me is that they manage to get these gigs with their backgrounds. Doesn’t anybody check?


Truth is in deed “stranger than fiction” and this is one of those things that as Liane said, “made shivers go down my spine”—we used to have a poster here whose screen name was “dodged a bullet” and I think, Liane, YOU DODGED A BIG ONE, and from the time line, between the time he had killed one woman and the time he killed his next victim, IF NOT FOR YOUR GOOD FORTUNE, GUARDIAN ANGEL, or whatever saved you, maybe the fact that his mother had seen your face in her home? You would have been another STATISTIC!

I wonder how many different “bullets” we have all collectively DODGED, though I am sure it isn’t likely that any of the rest of us will wind up seeing our pictures at age 17 on CNN. All I can do is to shake my head and thank God, Liane. Close call! ((((hugs)))))

OMG this is unbelievable isn’t it? My gawd, each and everyone of us could be a victim of a killer. Chances we have taken, the trust we have so easily given. Frightening.

I wish the news cast would have mentioned that Dr. Leedom is an authority trying to educate the public on psychopathy…isn’t that ironic….maybe it’s all meant to be.

I’m still sitting here SHAKING MY HEAD, I wonder if those old photos will actually turn up other young women or men who have been murdered by this creep? I imagine there are literally HUNDREDS if not thousands of young women/boys he photographed. What are the ODDS??? Heck, it wasn’t even me, and I feel VIOLATED! I can’t even imagine how Liane must feel. The old “shot at and missed, chit at and hit” feeling of Post-adrenaline-overload.

Well…….ya just NEVER know!!!!

So….I say Liane take the bull by the balls and capture this opportunity to go on a media blitz…..talking about this experience…and taking the conversation to CLUSTER B’s and her work currently!!!!
Nancy Grace LOVES specialists with a story!!!


Use what ‘couldabeen’ as WHAT IS!


“So”.I say Liane take the bull by the balls and capture this opportunity to go on a media blitz”

I thought it was ‘bull by the horns’? LOL!

ALWAYS grab this sort of bull by the BALLS!

Actually, ErinB, if you grab them by the BALLS they will kick you to death, if you grab them by the horns or the nose, you have control of them and they actually have much less chance of hurting YOU.

Think about how the ENGLISH BULL DOG could over come a BULL. They grabbed it by the nose and HELD ON, and the bull was powerless to get rid of it.

While It SOUNDS great to grab them by the cojones there’s a reason nature put those babies where they could be PROTECTED with the back legs easily enough.

And personally, I think I would rather be holding on to the back end of a bad Spanish fighting bull than be on Nancy Grace’s show, that woman SCARES ME. She’s too much of a self-promoter for my money! I think she could maker Mother Theresa look bad.

Yeah…..but Nancy’s guests are always seen on other venues…..and she has viewers…..it wasn’t about Nancy G….it was the opportunity to be on air…..having the opportunity to talk about Sociopaths…..she’s used the word….her other psych uses it…..so I don’t think liane would be censored there……
I agree…I’m not much of a NG ‘fan’……just an uncesored opportunity to be heard…..and she always has repeat ‘guests’…..

Oh, and OXY…..thanks for the bull education…..I’ll aim for the NOSE next time!


EB –

that’s why we ring the noses and not the scrotums.

(farm girls are EVERYWHERE)

When you want them to do the bunking bronco thing….don’t you rope up the cojoles?

I didn’t want liane to control the bull….I want her to ride it widly though the media, exposing SOCIOPATHS to the world…..

But….i’m not a farmgal…..I’m a mountain girl……I know my bears……



no, no testes are harmed in bull riding. the flank strap wraps around the bulls body – just in front of the back legs.

i once saw a dried bear’s dick. notice i didn’t say, i once ‘held a dried bear’s dick.’ the one holding the dick was my city slicker girl freind Skye. ( i make it a habit not to touch things I wouldn’t eat.)



well, at least no BULL testes are damaged.

hi hens…i toned that one down a bit.

hi 1step – since we are on the subject has anyone ever seen those balls hangin from tailgates of trucks? I think they r disgusting and the guys driving the trucks are prolly narcisisst with tiny marbles for brains…


i’ve seen them…after living with my parent’ s doxies (who have HUGE ones, relatively speaking) i always think of the doxies.

now, i am reviewing that viewpoint…guys in big trucks ( inadequacy/ grandiosity paradigm) with balls hanging (repeat: inadequacy/ grandiosity paradigm).

okay, this is a form of false advertising.

Girl……Dried bear wanky…..NO WONDER your a lesbian! πŸ™‚

Hens….I’ve heard about that…..WHAT”S UP WITH dragging balls behind a truck?

Geeze…..the things people do…..

lol 1 step my doxie Harley had big ones – he has never forgiven me…


EB – no, that’s the reason i was smart enough not to touch it! LMAO!!

and i LOVE the word ‘wanky’

I agree…..inadequacy…….


hens, you shoulda saved them for him! one of the thing si notice about the doxies is: they LOVE their stuff…collars, life jackets (they are sailors), etc.

a nice little harness, with his balls – maaaan, he would have been the cock of the walk.

I was picturing them on hens rear view mirror……but cock of the walk is much better!!
You guys are cracken me up!

1step you are twisted.

and so are you miss erin


why thank you hens…it comes naturally. πŸ™‚

i am in a cafe…and am snorting aloud…


…and pawing the floor….


…and if WE are twisted, are you the str8 point of reference???

hell no I ain’t ….but i mite as well be…

I’ve never been so politely insulted…..
But I will accept graciously and with honor!




EB – that was neither polite, nor an insult…


hens – i am getting prepared to be alone for the rest of my life – but deeply in like with me.

i turn 50 next week.

This is how I became the ‘celebate lesbian’…..

I’m gonna run out and take Ms Holly Golly in the yard to play ball…..(NO NOT BULL BALLS)….but I gotta keep her away from my bear living in the pipe on the edge of my property……I’m also gonna go cruise the yard for any signs of movement of rocks or earth……the S was in town ya know…….
It’s almost EB paint can unearthing time……oooohhhhhh!
I’ll be back!

You know if you guys don’t knock it off, DONNA is gonna have us banned to some “doctor” Sam Vakin site for nut jobs!–

you know what happens to old ladies over “a certain age” when they get to laughing too hard! Now you guys just knock it off. Gosh, the crazy things we laugh about!

Hey, I fell off my diet today, but I’m still nicotine free! Life is getting better after all! (((hugs))))


oxy – fortunately we do this late at night…..no one around to offend..well, it’s late where I am…EB does this kinda stuff RIGHT AFTER DINNER!! harlot!

…where are my depends??

Dear One,

That DEPENDS (a little pun there!)

I bought the last package they had at Wal-Mart yesterday! You’ll just have to put a towel on your chair! ROTFLMAO

Yeah….speak for yourselves yeoldones……
I’m a ‘baby’…..still fighten fit and can make it the the lou.
No depends here….

Good job of the cig freedom! I bet it feels great…..you could probably keep up with oh my golly holly these days…..I could throw some bull balls for ya. Wanna try?

didn’t find anything disturbed in my yard….(well, except me ofcourse)…..so….it’s almost time for the metal detector eb to go into gear….

Correction…..EB does this kinda stuff ALL THE TIME!!!!


i gotta run and catch the last bus home. night all!


I’ve got a really huge bull scrotum in my freezer that I had the butcher save so i can make a bag out of it for my living history out fit…also got a cow bladder to make a water bag out of. Haven’t gotten around to fixing them up yet, but will one of these days! They’ll keep in the freezer. Actually got lots of really COOL (hey, that’s a pun, guys!) stuff in there that I want to do something with one of these days.

Some of the guys who do the Revolutionary re-enactments gave me the idea and told me how to do it. They carry everything they use on their backs which a lot of the explorers did actually or the soldiers.

You know, before I took off the hide I had a lot of stuff that I thought was “necessary” to life as I knew it in the days “before the chaos” but I am coming to the conclusion that LESS IS MORE and am declutteriing my life.

I have all these “family heirlooms” that I used to think were sacred, but am realizing now that they are NOT anything “holy” because some psychopathic ancestor of mine owned them, or prescious because some psychopathic offspring of mine covets them, either.

Some people I know lost their house the other week, and I had them come by here and I loaded them up with stuff I am nhot using, wearing or eating and told them when they need more to come get it, and am working on getting down to “fighting weight” with the amount of STUFF I have to carry around or take care of—sell it, trash it or give it away! Onward and upward!

There is damn little outside my skin that I NEED and a fair amount of stuff INSIDE IT I don’t need (like a few pounds of adipose tissue) that’s FAT to you non-medical folks!

It is amazing what learning about what is REALLY IMPORTANT in this life will do to the way you look at stuff.

Oh gosh…..I so agree….
In the past few years I have cleaned out routinely…..go from one closet to another, then the garage, back to the house….
That’s what I did on the graveyard shift last night…..cleaned out the garage…..
Over the weekend, I cleaned out a few closets inside and came across 2boxs of those ‘family’ heirlooms……I asked myslef…..now…the kids hate their father, and the rest of the family has alienated the kids….and WHY am I keeping this crap? The 100 year old great grandmothers table linens, the grandmothers certificates……then I came across the S’s junior and high school yearbooks and certificates……
I left them in a pile and had a tinge of guilt come over me…..of disposing of them……so I left them in the piles overnight…..had to leave in the morning and left OMG Holly in the house for a few hours……she’s not a chewer (normally), but guess what…..I don’t think she likes the s or his family…..she chewed up and shredded the whole pile!
So….decision made…..thanks to the girly!
I thought this was pretty funny…..and ofcourse my guilt had left me by then……

But ya know…..there really is so very little we need…..the rest bogs us down.
Free the mind and declutter!

Ox dont feel bad about falling off your diet, just now on the news a woman jumped through the mcdonals drive up window because they were taking to long to give her her food – they say she was under the influence of marajuana – that was a bad case of the munchies~!

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