Bachelor Number One was a serial killer

Back in the 70s, Rodney Alcala was a contestant on The Dating Game. He won, but the woman who chose him refused to go out with him. It was probably a good thing, because in February Alcala was found guilty of murdering four women and a child.

Read Convicted serial killer won on “Dating Game” on CNN.com.

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Oxy and TB ,As Oxy knows my older daughter wasa liar and manipulater from Puberty. She had top grades in every subject but was DESPERATE to join a Punk group. They wouldnt admit her to their clan unless she stopped studying, so she stopped overnight. All her grades plummeted. Then she left school against our better judgement, and ran away from home. She ended up on the doorstep of this woman, witha garbage bag of clothes in each hand, hair plastered to her head with rain.{The woman told me later on.} She told the woman she was homeless and destitute, and her parents mistreated her. What lies! She even had her own flat under the house, wed carpeted it and furnished it for her, and her dad,{my ex,} even promised he r a small allowance if she stayed on at school.Her Dad was Head of the parent teacher Assoc., and had been sober for almost 10 years.She and her sister had a great childhood, they did Jazz ballet, horse riding, scool trips, girl guides, Sunday school, they were bright, giggly happy little girls. Until the older one hit Puberty and she canged almost overnight! Drinking, sex, escaping out the window and running off into the night, swearing at me,violence,
possibly drugs as well, she went on the birth control pill,{prob. a good idea, but I was horrified as she was so young,} Nothing I did met her approval. The nicer and more understanding I was, the more she seemed to hate me. I dont buy that she and her sister,{also a spath,} were deprived children.Ther idad and I loved them and did all we could to ensure they hada happy but disciplined childhood. We never smacked them, they didnt need it. people who knew me a nd my ex knew none of this was our fault. Of course, with the strain of all this, my ex started to drink again, and within 3 months he was as bad as ever.Coming in at 2 in the morning, so drunk he could hardly stand. It all ended with me being bashed unconscious by him, in 1980, but it took me 2 years to leave him. he and both the girls used to sneer and jeer at me, I felt like I was in hell. No-one on my side, and what few friends I had left, had no idea what I was going through.D has been a compunsive liar since Puberty, she sees herself asa victim, she blames me for everything, and has nota shred of guilt, remorse,kindness or empathy, she wont even admit to the terrible things she has done, so Ill never get closure, much les an apology from her.She will be 46 in a few months, and her life is unravelling fast, no husband, no kids except at weekends, no Mum any more lost her true friends who are sick of being used, no home, canr afford to renta flat, currently flat sitting fora friend, no secure job,{she embezzled A$62,000 from a former employer.} I think bad news has travelled fast and now no-one wants to employ her. She is very clever, but has nil common sense. No savings, up to her eyes in debt, what will become of her? I shudder to think. But she has CHOSEN to be like this, she had every advantage, and has thrown everything away.I think she is severely disturbed, but she considers herself to be a superior being.I wont be baling her out ever again.I am FINALLY having a happy life without my 2 spath daughters, my REAL daughter,Roya, treats me with love, kindness, fun,affection & respect Love, Gem.XXRoya and Abbas came over yesterday for Davids 77th Birthday. What a great day we had!
Roya had a dozen cream roses for David, a present, a lovely card, a home made cake, even a gift and card for Bobby the poodle, who was 9 on the 17th!Many hugs and kisses for D .and myself, from both our loving new kids.”Happy Birthday, Dad” they both said. In 26 years, my 2 girls NEVER treated him like this, he is likea dog with 2 tails! How lucky we are to now have adult kids who TRULY love, need, and appreciate us!Your Happy MamaGem.XXDs card said, “To the BEST DAD in the whole of the wide world, from your children, Abbas, and Roya. We will love you forever!’XXXXOOOOXXXX

Love and Family is where you find it! Enjoy those that love you, and love them back! ((((Hugs))))



The above link from CNN says he is going to be tried for more murders in NY even though he is on death row in California. I hope this will give some closure to the families of the victims, even at this late date. God rest their souls.

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