Barbara Bentley story in the media

Barbara Bentley wrote a book about her marriage to a psychopath. Her husband, “Admiral” John Perry—who of course, was not an admiral—wiped her out financially and attempted to murder her. Then, when Barbara tried to divorce the predator, she learned that according to California’s no-fault law, he was still entitled to part of her assets. She mounted an effort to get the law changed, and succeeded.

For more about her story, read Book Review: A Dance with the Devil on the Lovefraud Blog.

Tomorrow, June 4, 2009, Barbara is appearing on the Barbara Davitt Show on WATR Radio in Waterbury, CT at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time. You can listen live on the Internet—scroll down on the webpage for information.

And on Sunday, June 7, her story will be on Dateline NBC. Check your local TV listings for the NBC affiliate and time.

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“That is the one reason I can’t wait for him to contact me”“he will be so shocked that I finally wised up.”
Do you really think he WILL contact you?

When you say, “That is the one reason I can’t wait for him to contact me”“he will be so shocked that I finally wised up.”
Do you REALLY think he WILL contact you?


I used to pray for my P-son, “please God don’t let him be guilty of murder.” But of course the answer I got from that prayer was the TRUTH–he IS GUILTY. Then I prayed fo rhim to not get a long sentence–he got 15 to life. then I prayed for him to “reform” and “see the light” and of course, we know whate the result of that was….he tried to have me killed.

But the last few years I have taken a different look at how I pray. I no longer pray, for example, like “dear god let me get THIS JOB” I pray instead for, Father I know you are aware I need a job, help me find the one that YOU KNOW is BEST, because I cannot know what is best for the long haul.”

One of the most comforting chapters for me in the Bible was teh story of King David and King Saul in I and II Samuel, where Saul was trying to kill David and David hid out in caves for years. I believe God could have stopped Saul trying to kill David and then David would not have had to hidden out, but I also see NOW that there was SOME LESSON that David needed to learn by hiding out for so long.

David actually got several chances to kill Saul during teh time he was hiding, and he refrained from revenge and let God take care of Saul in God’s own time.

Looking back now, I can see in retrospect (always 20:20 visiion) that there were lessons I needed to learn too. I was trying to “play God myself” by trying to FIX the un fixable. I had a skewed visiion of it all, and now I trust GOD t o take care of it all because He promises that “all things work ktogether for GOOD to those that Love the Lord” and Imight add too, “and that don’t try to play God themselves and tell God how to run the universe.”

Humility and patience have never been my “long suits” and in my own arrogance and rushing, I have not slowed down enough to see that my judgment is not God’s jusgment and wisdom. “Tribulation worketh patience” and I’m had my shares of tribulation because I was NOT willing to accept the lesson of “be patient and trust God.”

I believe we must work like it all depended on us, and pray like it all depends on God (which it does) because no matter how hard we “work” to try to fix these people, we are “casting our pearls before swine.”

I read Barbara’s book awhile back and thought it was good and I thought the show last night did a good job, including saying that in Barbara’s opinion her ex husband was a “psychopath”–so at least the word was put out there to plant the seed in the public’s mind that this type of behavior could be linked to psychopathy– and also having that other couple on to sort of back up that Barbara wasn’t the only one duped by the guy. She also has a website, blog, and twitter page.


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