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Barrister allegedly lied her way to the top

In England, Barrister Constance Briscoe’s history of alleged lying is starting to officially catch up with her.

Briscoe, 56, has been found guilty of misleading police about her role in a political scandal, and then tampering with documents to cover up her deception.

With the guilty verdict, police also revealed that they were investigating allegations that Briscoe  tampered with documents used to win her libel suit against her mother in 2008. For years, Briscoe’s family has been warning authorities that she had “lied and falsified documents on her path to legal success.”

Briscoe the author of a bestselling memoir of her unhappy childhood, which her mother claimed is full of lies. Briscoe is likely to be the first judge to be jailed for nearly two decades.

Constance Briscoe guilty: High-flying barrister faces jail for lying in Chris Huhne speeding casefrom The Independent.

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That is what they learn in law school. It is a great playground for psychopaths. “No morals, lying is fair game, power and winning are all that matter” and it is called justice. Ha!

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