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Beauty, money and accusations of theft

Renata Shamrakova, a Russian-born beauty, is accused of swindling $1 million from a flamboyant hedge-fund manager who was temporarily married to Nicky Hilton. Prosecutors in Manhattan say she also juggled a string of paramours. Shamrakova claims one of them was the hedge fund manager. Read coverage in the New York Post:

Beauty’s beau-zos—Hedge ‘scam’ juggler

‘Cheat’ heart’s defense—Beauty hints at romance with tycoon

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Ox Drover

You can read all these super-dooper swindles in the newspapers all the time, someone that is stealing hundreds of thousands of bucks from a church or a business or some charity….and these high rollers who hire young, beautiful women as their “assistants” and then the young beautiful woman turns out to be a con artist or essentially a thief or a high priced whore…It amazes me that no older POOR guys have these young good looking girl friends. (NOT! LOL) Do these guys really think these young women are attracted to their double chins? Or thinning hair? Or their need for Cialis? LOL

I think this woman’s name is a “tell” SHAM-RAK(e) U-Over
Ohhhh, bad Oxy! BOINK!!!!

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