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Bernie Madoff asks, ‘Am I a sociopath?’

New York Magazine scored an interview with Bernie Madoff, who talked to a reporter from federal prison.

Read Am I a sociopath? on

Here’s the comment that I posted about the story:

To answer the question in the article’s headline, “Am I a sociopath?,” yes, he is.

I almost choked at the quote that Madoff’s therapist said he wasn’t a sociopath, he had morals. There are only two explanations for this statement. Either Madoff was lying, and the therapist never said it, or the therapist is clueless. Both explanations are highly possible.

Nearly 2,400 people have contacted my Lovefraud website to tell me their stories of being conned by sociopaths. The stories are just like this one – the only difference is the scale of the swindle.

Lying, manipulation, blaming others – these are all classic signs or sociopathic behavior. And his tears? Most sociopaths are great at turning on the faucets when they want to. They’re not tears of remorse. They’re tears of getting caught.

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Ox Drover

Bernie said in the following article “I’m a good person.” LOL ROTFLMAO CHOKE, SNORT SNARF LOL

So typical with the excuses of he only cheated greedy people and that no one is living out of a dumpster because of him…..well, even if that’s so, doesn’t make him any better.

lesson learned


I read this all the way through and how tragic is this for his SONS. Sounds to me as if they knew NOTHING of the deception and were perhaps deceived on a far deeper level being CHILDREN of this creep. One having committed suicide here recently. And he had no problem using his sons as a cover. Interesting that neither one was speaking to their mother and the one left is not still.

The whole thing is just heartbreaking. Just goes to show ya how a spath can create a horrible domino affect on ALL the lives around them, and leave it as trash left behind.



Ox Drover

Bernie’s attitude of I wasn’t all criminal, I had a “legitimate business” before I turned to crime and now they are making me out to be some kind of crook, but “I’m a good guy,” is SOOOOOOO narcissistic and psychopathic! The investors were “greedy” they “should have known” and so on—-flipping the blame back on the victims. UGH!

Well, he is in prison for the rest of his miserable life and that’s about as much as can be done for him, just sorry he is in a federal country club instead of down in the swamps of Louisiana sharing a plate with the 4-legged RATS or in the Arkansas or Mississippi prisons where the conditions are not quite so plush with “therapy” to make him feel better. UGH! PARDON ME WHILE I PUKE!



Classic to the T Socio. And yet another therapist gets taken in (according to Bernie) by the socio’s snottin’ and bawlin’ fake contrition and remorse. Spare us. Sadly his comments about how everyone is acting crimminally on Wall St., and the Gov’t being a Ponzi scheme ( Federal Reserve etc) is close to the mark.

But for Bernie, in classic P style to find his victimhood by claiming to be only being a small time crook, vs,. all the big boys..well so predictable.

Bothering with therapy is just another grab for “supply” – and his comments about being a celebrity in jail just smack of the same. Anyone with real “morals” and “remorse” would be a broken shell- totally debilitated by guilt- especially after after his son’s suicide, directly related to the fathers actions.

Instead Bernie makes a collect call to the NY Times. Disgusting. He is probably enjoying the press right now. Let him rot.

Amazing how they still want to cling to the FAKE persona they have created, even when being unequivicably caught red-handed. They somehow believe that their fake self deserves to be accepted at face value- regardless the evidence that they are NOT that person.

Kind of like Ghaddaffi right now, telling Christiana Amanpour in an interview that the people of Libya love him and would die for him and that there are no demonstrations against him- and even if there were it would be because the demonstrators are on hallucinogenic drugs. If it wasn’t so tragic it would make one laugh.

Peace, A


It just goes to show ya! No matter what you do to a sociopath, they think they are smelling like a rose. Martha Stewart was the same way. Prison? Doesn’t mean a thing….and hey, did you notice how impressed the inmates are with me?

Oh yes, he didn’t forget the pity play….ABOUT HIM, of course, not his victims. The poor man, how he suffered all those years. Here we thought he was having a ball with all that money!

And the blame game. It was all their fault, the victims, of course.

Well I say being greedy, wanting desperately to be loved, etc. all these are normal human failings that don’t usually cause life destroying problems until an EXPLOITER comes along. Sure, the “victims” had the ability to defend themselves against him, theoretically, but if it weren’t for him….THEY WOULDN’T HAVE HAD TO DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST EVIL!

Ox Drover

Yea, and the thing is too that the governments have cozied up to Ghaddaffi and released the bomber —old Bernie is right, I think many, if not most, of the politicians are just as big of crooks as he is, or bigger…they found 7 men under Ghaddaffi’s house, concreted into (sealed into) a big cell left to die….big surprise, right? I don’t see a darned thing different between Bernie and most of the political and financial crooks on Wall street and the ones in the governor’s offices, Prime ministers, dictators, and Presidents, etc. except a lot of the 3rd world guys like Ghaddaffi cann order someone SHOT and old Bernie didn’t have that kind of political power.

Never again is right, if it wasn’t for people like Bernie we wouldn’t have to “defend” ourselves.

A lot of attention is being turned to Women’s rights in many of the “newly freed” countries, and that is a big concern for many countries.


Well, I finally have a date for my mediation session against the evil Wall Street sociopaths.

I will tell you this, with your money they are as cavalier as cavalier can get. When it is their money, and real money, not paper gains and losses, its like trying to get blood from a stone.

If I went to court with my case, in today’s climate I could be awarded millions. However, on advice of my doctors, I actually do want a fair settlement, out of court, so I can end the stress and move on with my life.

What I have offered them is fair and I hope they are wise to settle. In addition, I am going as far as to challenge my former employer’s legal team regarding their firm.

If they are truly concerned about their company and not just their company’s public image, they should sit down and talk with me seperate of the mediation, not only to learn how management ignores workplace discrimination laws and compnay policy, but the various forms of illegal activities I saw regarding recruiting and contract awarding.

On other good thing, I have decided upon my new career once this is all over. Partly inspired by here, I am going to be an advocate/consultant against workplace discrimination, be it for age, health (as in my case) or gender.


it’s never black and white. spaths attack spaths to try to look good.

good luck, I hope all goes perfectly for you. We need a win for the good guys!



Thanks. I have not been talking much about my other Sociopath/Narcissist “relationship,” that with my former employer. Funny, I was illegally terminated by them while I as dating my x-spath!

My case is strong as I was well-prepared because I sought legal counsel six months before being terminated, actually to be a whistle-blower regarding various improper/illegal activities I had both witnessed and been subject too.

Given that there is dirt that my former employer would not like made public, including multi-million dollar contracts being awarded to former employees, hiring of consultants through firms owned by an employee’s relative (multiple cases) and setting up the termination of protected class individuals (over 50, women, handicap or ill) by giving bad reviews, I think they would wisely settle.

However, part of me is convinced that agreeing to mediation is simply part of their stalling tactics.


Great comment!

As if this story isn’t depressing enough already, Harry Markopolos (the financial fraud investigator who reported Madoff to various authorities numerous times over many years) feels that Madoff is still ‘gaming’ the system. He theorises in this interview ( that Madoff chose to give himself up in order to go to prison to protect himself, because his ponzi had grown so large that significant mob money (Russian mob) was involved, and that federal prison was the only place left in the entire world where he could be protected.

He also points out that the U.S. banking and financial systems knew what was going on and looked the other way: none of the major banks were exposed to losses from Madoff’s investments which, for anyone who is familiar with the financial services industry, is saying something very big indeed.

I hope you get more traffic to your site from business people. The business community – particularly the financial community – needs to get the message about sociopaths just as much as the general dating public. And I hope we’ll soon see a ‘sister site’ to LF concentrating on sociopaths in business and politics (although it would have to be v-e-r-r-y careful in its choice of coverage).


Mediation is binding usually – isn’t it?
Good for you for being saavy and heads up.
And great future plans!

“Break a leg”



Of course the U.S> banking system knew what was going on. Madoff and a couple of others, namely Lehman, are merely red herrings to keep people from questioning why so few have been prosecuted and how most are back to business as usual, including record bonuses while 10% of workers are still unemployed.



I believe there are a lot of people who’d be interested in your expose – after you settle of course…

I know I have long wondered why more are not in prison!



This mediation in non-binding but between us here, as I said above, anything “reasonable” from my perspective I will accept, because I need to heed the advice of my doctors.

I can already feel the stress building. I am not the hypocondriac type but given I am not yet one yet from open-heart surgery, you can imagine what goes through my mind when I feel chest tightness from anxiety!

This is the reason why I sincerely want to settle.



Most likely I will not be able to publically name them. Also, since I am not a lawyer, I cannot give legal advice. However, I can talk about my experience, talk about the process, talk about the things lawyers won’t tell you…

I can also talk about why there are so few court cases involving discriminaion against big businesses and also be a voice against discrimination.

Ox Drover

Psychopaths are in every corner of society and every level of society….they are “every wo/man.” Bernie is the tip of the iceberg and Bloggo is the tip of the iceberg and Nixon was the tip of the iceberg and so on. That has been the way things are since mankind first came out of the caves…the psychopaths become the leaders and rulers and kings and dictators and Wall Street bankers and “good ole boys” and that is just the way mankind is. The rest of us are simply cannon fodder, slaves, serfs, the working classes, the underclasses, to support the elite of this world who are entitled to the power and the money and the spotlight! Oh, well, I wasn’t born to the silver spoon in my mouth group, and I didn’t figure out how to climb the corporate ladder up to that high penthouse either—but I did realize that money, power and fame doesn’t bring any real lasting happiness or satisfaction. I think Bernie’s “pity ploy” is pathetic and maybe he is hiding out from the Russian mob in prison, and it probably IS THE ONLY SAFE PLACE ON THE PLANET for him…and at his age, he will probably have as good a ride there as anywhere else as well. LOL He’s considered “elite” among the other cons because of his fame it isn’t exactly like Devil’s island or Tucker Prison farm in Arkansas…it’s clean and air conditioned and he only has one room mate….LOL Yea, Bernie has it pretty doggone good in the Federal Retirement Village…poor baby has to iron his own clothes though. LOL



“The psychopaths become the leaders and rulers and kings and dictators and Wall Street bankers and “good ole boys” and that is just the way mankind is…”

Too bad we can’t get that added to the DSM-V criteria.

Let me add to the list religious leaders and sports figures.

To the latter, Lance Armstrong being a “shining” example.


That has been the way things are since mankind first came out of the caves”the psychopaths become the leaders and rulers and kings and dictators and Wall Street bankers and “good ole boys” and that is just the way mankind is. The rest of us are simply cannon fodder, slaves, serfs, the working classes, the underclasses, to support the elite of this world who are entitled to the power and the money and the spotlight!”

BBE “Too bad we can’t get that added to the DSM-V criteria.” I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, I think the DSM-V (and at least one or two previous iterations) has been largely influenced by those self-same “leaders and rulers, etc…” Oxy was mentioning.


“…and at his age, he will probably have as good a ride there as anywhere else as well…”

I would like to think that Madoff is in otherise good health and that give him past jet-set lifestyle, that being locked up, even in a “posh” federal prison, is driving him crazy.

Moreover, being a control freak, Madoff must be very frustrated being in a position where he does not have any control.

Thanks for sharing this article. It was fascinating to see how this all unfolded.

Madoff’ seems to want sympathy for suffering the presure of living in a web of deceit of his own making. Someone with real remorse would not want to spread the word about his own suffering, but would reflect on the way he hurt others. It’s not just about the money — it’s that he lived a secret life that made true intimacy with his loved ones impossible.
For me, the most unforgiveable aspect is that he forced his sons to turn him in. That shows the extreme cowardice and the lack of empathy for the family he professed to love. No wonder his remaining son wonders whether he really loved him!

Real love requires courage. I think Madoff’s love for his family was built on cowardice, ego and greed.


“Madoff’ seems to want sympathy for suffering the presure of living in a web of deceit of his own making…”

Seems is the operative word. Those without knowledge of sociopathic behavior would view this as indication that Madoff was not completely evil.

I translate his words into meaning that he his “pressures” were more do to being caught and that he might lose “possession” of his family, think in terms of Michael Corleone.

Ox Drover

I always wondered why he “confessed” to his sons—and I always wondered as well who else was involved because at the LEVEL of money he was working with, there was NO WAY that the auditors and CPAs etc could NOT have known.

I do not have any doubt that others were heavily involved and KNEW what was going on. It would have been physically impossible for him to do all that business by himself.

We know he didn’t get an attack of conscience which made him confess, don’t we kids? LOL So the poster Above who said that they thought maybe his life was in danger from the Russian mob (or the American mob or whoever) might just be the KEY to WHY he confessed. I think in any case, his CONFESSION WAS SELF SERVING at the very least. He knew he would go to prison, and he knew his kingdom would come crashing down, but even then he and Ruth tried some sly moves like “giving away” the diamonds they sent out of the pent house and other things to hang on to some of the ill-gotten gains. I don’t think she was as naive as it was put across she was either. Speaking of greedy, they tried to smuggle out as many assets as they could get by with they thought—but got caught, both of them.

He talks about the “greedy” investors aren’t living in dumpsters, but then neither are his wife and son and friends. I do feel very sorry for his son who was in such pain that he killed himself…and for the widow and the child he left behind.

The man who is in charge of trying to recover some of the 50 billion losses for some of the “investors” is apparently doing a pretty good job and is recovering some of it from those “early investors” who put in $100 bucks and got out $300 so that the $200 “profit” they got, which wasn’t really profit, can go to the people who put in $300 and got out NOTHING. If that means that Madoff’s friends and wife, and even his innocent son have to give up their lavish lifestyles, so be it.

Madoff’s life in a low level federal prison isn’t “great” but at the same time, it is not Cummins or Tucker prison farm either, and he doesn’t have to have “Bubba the bandit” or “Tyrone the gang member” for a cellie either. He is at least SAFE inside his “room” and air conditioned and comfortable. He will have top of the line medical and dental care and while the donuts may be stale and he may have to iron his own clothes, he won’t be digging ditches or hoeing cotton either, and if he has enough commissary money he CAN even hire his clothes ironed by other inmates. It doesn’t take a lot of cash to be “rich” in prison. About $150 a month is all it takes to be FLUSH in prison. I’m sure Ruth can find a way to send him that much, or he can get some reporter to send a few bucks to his account for a story. The man makes me want to PUKE!


Madoff, the Lockerbie bomber and my X have the same doctors I think for their terminal prostate cancer.


I felt bad for the son that wanted to leave the business but good old dad made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. The son is now doing the charity work that he always wanted to do.

Just a little side note about spaths, have you all been watching the news about Charlie Sheen? He totally reminds me of my soon to be ex! His mannerisms and his seductive way of talking. Lordy! How can that guy think he’s normal? He’s a FREAK and a spath to boot.


No Madoff, you’re not a sociopath. Your son off’d himself b/c you are father of the year.

Ox Drover

Hey, Hope4,

Aren’t you glad you are away!!!! That he is not in the house any more? WOW!!!!! You’re on your way, GF!!! I’m so proud of and proud for you!!! (((hugs))))



You always brighten my spirits! Super big girlfriend hug to you!

He tried to pull some spathy stuff at the bank today, I said I’ll have to call my lawyer and make sure it’s ok to do that transaction. Then he says, oh, just forget it. Then it’s something else (and he’s quick about it), again, I’ll call my lawyer because I don’t believe it’s in our mediation agreement. Then he drops it. Sheeesh.

We opened a joint account for the kids’ expenses and he said something to the effect that it was only going to be temporary. Not sure what he meant. Hopefully it’s not about moving to Costa Rica or Belize because he was looking at property on the internet. I was thinking he’d take the money and run and I haven’t let him have access to two bank accounts. (since he never went to the bank to sign the slips when I told him to, it’s his fault) He has asked for access many times and in mediation the mediator told him it wasn’t necessary. Spath said he didn’t trust me with the money and the mediator told him that I wouldn’t do anything with it because I agreed not to.

At the bank again today he told the teller to get the forms and he will sign them since we’re here. How many times does he have to try this stuff? Once the assets are divided, he can have his freaking half.

In mediation he acted like he can’t wait to get away from me and then I see him when dropping off son and he wants a hug and says he misses me and doesn’t like it here (his new place). He also told the mediator that he was forced to move, was told that he had to get out and played the victim. The mediator told me in private that he told spath to stop acting like a victim.

Anyway, I’m going on and on. I commented on a different thread about spaths seemingly having a split personality, I see it all the time.

Thanks Oxy, for everything and so much more. I have healed so much by the goodness of the people here on Lovefraud and especially from your frank, kind, support. TOWANDA!

Love the idea of a sister site for stories of the “successful” spaths. If we could only educate enough around this issue, they would not be kings, or “masters of the universe”..we would not treat them with respect on national television. We would shun them and cut off their supply.

In many ways this speaks to the great “awakening”, political and spiritual, that we seem to be seeing the beginning of.

Well, at least with Bernie in jail that is one down and what, about 240 million to go? But hey, it’s a start.

Behind Blue Eyes, good for you for standing up like that. Ever since the regulating agencies have been co-opted by big biz, it has been a free for all out there, in terms of corruption. Hope you make ’em pay and that you are able to enjoy life with a nice big settlement.

Peace, A



“Love the idea of a sister site for stories of the “successful” spaths. If we could only educate enough around this issue, they would not be kings, or “masters of the universe”..we would not treat them with respect on national television. We would shun them and cut off their supply.”

One thing we can do is mention names with the word “sociopath” and web crawlers will paick them up.

For example, Goggle Charlie Sheen and sociopath gets 260,000 hits. Lance Armstrong sociopath, 97,600 hits.

Regarding Lance Amstrong, look at his mask’s effectiveness, given that I am certain Lance Amstrong is a sociopath, whilst Charlie Sheen may *only* be a major league (no pun) jerk.

With Newt Gingrich, we may soon have another sociopath running for President.

Wherever else you post, keep up the name association with sociopath!


“Behind Blue Eyes, good for you for standing up like that. Ever since the regulating agencies have been co-opted by big biz, it has been a free for all out there, in terms of corruption. Hope you make ’em pay and that you are able to enjoy life with a nice big settlement.”


I am actually not seeking something in settlement that I could retire on. My goal really is to first get what they owe given there were unpaid bonuses and their retaliations against me will effect future earnings capacity. Also, I am looking for back pay effective from the day I was illegally terminated until the day of the mediation hearing, including bonuses which to be honest on a yearly basis are not enormous by Wall Street standards. No damages, pain and suffering or punative award is sought.

The sum total is not over a million in demand, and that will most likely get negotiated down a bit more. I do know they are looking to off-load some of the award to an insurance carrier so there is an appearence that they are sincerely looking to put this behind them.

I hope whatever I get is enough to make them think twice about what they did and how they affect peoples lives.


Here is a snippet of how evil Wall Street can be.

First, my group of roughly 100 employees was terminated just prior to Christmas, between a large “voluntary” layoff in the preceeding summer and before another much larger non-voluntary layoff the following May. My layoff was at a time when the company was not under any large pressures as this was before the big crash.

Of the 100 employees, 80 were over 40 at the time. Workforce demographics were such 50/50 right around the age of 40, so that my layoff shows a clear bias for age.

Of the 20 under 40, myself included, at least two where known to have serious health problems, my cardiac problems and a women under treatment for cancer.

We were all run of the mill home office employees, not traders or senior managers. Yes, we all made a good living but we were all far from millionaires.

My former employer pays bonuses in February. By terminating my group just before Christmas, they saved themselves having to pay that bonus.

Thus, for most of this group, their “severence” was merely what they would have recieved in a bonus about 6 weeks later. Effectively, those terminated the following May found themselves in a much better financial position, having recieved their bonus in February plus a severence in May.

My former employer is a large, non-American, multinational corporation employing over 50,000 inndividuals world-wide. You all know who they are because they have been at the center of every Financial Services industry scandal since World War 2.

The fact that such a deep-pocketed company would terminate just 100 individuals right before Christmas just to save paying what to them was a meager amount in bonuses six weeks later shows not only that they are heartless, but act like they can do anything they want with impunity.

Part of my strong evidence against them is a legally made recording of a conversation I had with my former manager right after I was terminated.

In that conversation, he told me that prior to my termination he was approached by senior management to give me a poor review because I had just returned from short-term disability and they needed something to cover their tracks. He refused.

Ox Drover

I knew that at that level of a swindle there must have been MANY others who wer e”in the know” on it. There is NO way one man could have managed to keep so many secrets. IMPOSSIBLE.

Glad that another one went down. Hope this is not the last of them to be brought to justice.


Donna, thank you for posting the update on Peter Madoff. UGH.

OxD, absolutely there is a literal HERD of enablers and fence-sitters in such a scam as this. When someone “knows” or even suspects that someone is doing something that is not only “wrong,” but illegal, and they sit the fence or enable these types of crimes to be committed, THEY are just as culpable for not Doing Something. I think the legal term is “Accessory.”

Brightest blessings


Strict aside and Off-Topic: Oh, MY GOD…….I would hate to be a female employee in Iowa….

A dental hygenist was “fired” for being “irresistable” to her employer of 10 years – she was a “threat” to his marriage and didn’t even know this. The Supreme Court ruled that it was perfectly LEGAL for this dentist to preserve his marriage by firing his hygenist of 10 years, and this puts a WHOLE new spin on it being a “Man’s World.”

I almost blew coffee out of my nostrils when this aired on the news, this morning. Just thought I’d share…..

Brightest blessings
(and….yeah….I’m outraged)

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