Bernie Madoff asks, ‘Am I a sociopath?’

New York Magazine scored an interview with Bernie Madoff, who talked to a reporter from federal prison.

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Here’s the comment that I posted about the story:

To answer the question in the article’s headline, “Am I a sociopath?,” yes, he is.

I almost choked at the quote that Madoff’s therapist said he wasn’t a sociopath, he had morals. There are only two explanations for this statement. Either Madoff was lying, and the therapist never said it, or the therapist is clueless. Both explanations are highly possible.

Nearly 2,400 people have contacted my Lovefraud website to tell me their stories of being conned by sociopaths. The stories are just like this one – the only difference is the scale of the swindle.

Lying, manipulation, blaming others – these are all classic signs or sociopathic behavior. And his tears? Most sociopaths are great at turning on the faucets when they want to. They’re not tears of remorse. They’re tears of getting caught.

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“Behind Blue Eyes, good for you for standing up like that. Ever since the regulating agencies have been co-opted by big biz, it has been a free for all out there, in terms of corruption. Hope you make ’em pay and that you are able to enjoy life with a nice big settlement.”


I am actually not seeking something in settlement that I could retire on. My goal really is to first get what they owe given there were unpaid bonuses and their retaliations against me will effect future earnings capacity. Also, I am looking for back pay effective from the day I was illegally terminated until the day of the mediation hearing, including bonuses which to be honest on a yearly basis are not enormous by Wall Street standards. No damages, pain and suffering or punative award is sought.

The sum total is not over a million in demand, and that will most likely get negotiated down a bit more. I do know they are looking to off-load some of the award to an insurance carrier so there is an appearence that they are sincerely looking to put this behind them.

I hope whatever I get is enough to make them think twice about what they did and how they affect peoples lives.

Here is a snippet of how evil Wall Street can be.

First, my group of roughly 100 employees was terminated just prior to Christmas, between a large “voluntary” layoff in the preceeding summer and before another much larger non-voluntary layoff the following May. My layoff was at a time when the company was not under any large pressures as this was before the big crash.

Of the 100 employees, 80 were over 40 at the time. Workforce demographics were such 50/50 right around the age of 40, so that my layoff shows a clear bias for age.

Of the 20 under 40, myself included, at least two where known to have serious health problems, my cardiac problems and a women under treatment for cancer.

We were all run of the mill home office employees, not traders or senior managers. Yes, we all made a good living but we were all far from millionaires.

My former employer pays bonuses in February. By terminating my group just before Christmas, they saved themselves having to pay that bonus.

Thus, for most of this group, their “severence” was merely what they would have recieved in a bonus about 6 weeks later. Effectively, those terminated the following May found themselves in a much better financial position, having recieved their bonus in February plus a severence in May.

My former employer is a large, non-American, multinational corporation employing over 50,000 inndividuals world-wide. You all know who they are because they have been at the center of every Financial Services industry scandal since World War 2.

The fact that such a deep-pocketed company would terminate just 100 individuals right before Christmas just to save paying what to them was a meager amount in bonuses six weeks later shows not only that they are heartless, but act like they can do anything they want with impunity.

Part of my strong evidence against them is a legally made recording of a conversation I had with my former manager right after I was terminated.

In that conversation, he told me that prior to my termination he was approached by senior management to give me a poor review because I had just returned from short-term disability and they needed something to cover their tracks. He refused.

I knew that at that level of a swindle there must have been MANY others who wer e”in the know” on it. There is NO way one man could have managed to keep so many secrets. IMPOSSIBLE.

Glad that another one went down. Hope this is not the last of them to be brought to justice.

Donna, thank you for posting the update on Peter Madoff. UGH.

OxD, absolutely there is a literal HERD of enablers and fence-sitters in such a scam as this. When someone “knows” or even suspects that someone is doing something that is not only “wrong,” but illegal, and they sit the fence or enable these types of crimes to be committed, THEY are just as culpable for not Doing Something. I think the legal term is “Accessory.”

Brightest blessings

Strict aside and Off-Topic: Oh, MY GOD…….I would hate to be a female employee in Iowa….

A dental hygenist was “fired” for being “irresistable” to her employer of 10 years – she was a “threat” to his marriage and didn’t even know this. The Supreme Court ruled that it was perfectly LEGAL for this dentist to preserve his marriage by firing his hygenist of 10 years, and this puts a WHOLE new spin on it being a “Man’s World.”

I almost blew coffee out of my nostrils when this aired on the news, this morning. Just thought I’d share…..

Brightest blessings
(and….yeah….I’m outraged)

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