Bernie Madoff asks, ‘Am I a sociopath?’

New York Magazine scored an interview with Bernie Madoff, who talked to a reporter from federal prison.

Read Am I a sociopath? on NYMag.com.

Here’s the comment that I posted about the story:

To answer the question in the article’s headline, “Am I a sociopath?,” yes, he is.

I almost choked at the quote that Madoff’s therapist said he wasn’t a sociopath, he had morals. There are only two explanations for this statement. Either Madoff was lying, and the therapist never said it, or the therapist is clueless. Both explanations are highly possible.

Nearly 2,400 people have contacted my Lovefraud website to tell me their stories of being conned by sociopaths. The stories are just like this one – the only difference is the scale of the swindle.

Lying, manipulation, blaming others – these are all classic signs or sociopathic behavior. And his tears? Most sociopaths are great at turning on the faucets when they want to. They’re not tears of remorse. They’re tears of getting caught.

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