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Bernie Madoff’s daughter-in-law speaks out

In 2008, Bernie Madoff was accused of orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, in which some $50 billion was lost. Although Madoff’s sons, Mark and Andy, worked at the company, they were never charged with any crimes. Mark Madoff was particularly distressed by everything that happened, and on the second anniversary of his father’s arrest, committed suicide. Mark’s wife, Stephanie Madoff Mack, has just come out with a book telling what she saw and experienced. It’s called, The End of Normal.

Last Friday, Stephanie Madoff Mack was interviewed on the ABC News show, 20/20. Story and videos:

‘Like a Mafia don’: Bernie Madoff’s boastful letter to angry daughter-in-law.

Full episode: Madoff widow breaks silence

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Ox Drover

I will be anxious to read this woman’s book—-to see it from HER point of view—to see if she really gets what Bernie is.

I think this woman has had the BIG WHAMMY by losing her social Position, by losing her husband, by losing her reputation and by the fact that because of her association with Madoff she is TARRED with the SAME BRUSH as Bernie….people slime her “because she SHOULD have known.”

At the same time, since her husband did take 66 million dollars from Bernie…MONEY THAT WAS STOLEN….I think Mark’s ASSETS should go to the OTHER VICTIMS of Madoff’s cons, not just to his wife and kids. And yes, that will make life harder on her than it would be if she had those assets, but fair is fair, I think, so I do not think she should benefit unduly just because mark UNKNOWINGLY took 66 million in stolen money.


I just got done reading this book. I totally resonated with this woman. Her wonderful, beautiful life got blindsided by a sociopath! Indirectly as well because she wasn’t married to one, wasn’t a blood relative to one, or even friends with one. Her life got turned upside down because her father-in-law, Bernie Madoff, the patriarch of their family was/is a sociopath. I so just wanted to reach out to her to tell her about this website. LoveFraud spells everything out in black & white. I can tell in the way she writes that she is confused, trying to find answers to why all of this happened. She even said she has a hard time reconciling between the doting grandfather Bernie was as opposed to the financial schemer he was. There’s a picture of him holding his brand new grandaughter- he stopped in the middle of a busy work day to feed his newborn grandchild- while in the same time he was defrauding his friends, family, and clients. Stephanie, Bernie’s daughter-in-law, mentions that he could be a sociopath. She mentioned that her therapist said he could have some other personality disorders as well. She has no clear cut answers to what her fater-in-law is. She just knows that she hates him for what he has done. I cried when her husband, Mark, Bernie’s son, died in the book. He honestly had no clue his father was such a monster. His life as he knew it was a complete fraud. If anybody has a chance to read this book I would highly reccomend it. It really shows how a sociopath can just completely demolish hopes & dreams & lives!! Sorry this comment is a little poorly written but I’m typing from my BlackBerry on a break from work. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Ox Drover


That was kind of the picture I got from what I have heard on the interview and the articles about the book, is she didn’t quite know “what” Bernie was but knew it was evil and mean.

Thanks for the information about the book.

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