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Birthday wish: his wife killed

Jorge Victorino-Vazquez of Las Vegas, Nevada, wanted to get rid of his wife, so he hired someone to kill her —on his birthday. The plan was foiled by police.

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Quote: “Vazquez explained he wanted his wife killed because she was cheating on him, took his money, took his vehicles, wouldn’t sign papers for him, and always threatened to call INS to have him deported.”

Sounds as if this SOB had no right to be here in the first place! (Haven’t we already got more than enough home-grown killers of our own?)


Hmmm, his accusations about his wife sound like a spath projecting, no? relieved this plan was spoiled though.

Ox Drover

How about the neighbor’s comment

“I think the police were called several times” but I assumed it was just one big happy family really,” Deamin said.

Police called but ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY…..????? WTF???

Yep and he will get 3-4 at most years in the pen and then be out, maybe deported but probably not…if he is he will be right back.

$2,000 ??? She wasn’t worth very much now was she? I would have figured it would have taken say $2,001 or $2,002 at least to get someone knocked off.


The pity ploy – I only wanted to kill her because look at all the things she did to me.

Oxy, I read a comment in our local paper a few years back from a man excusing the illegal behavior of a politician’s son because, “we all have a few family members who have done some time in jail.”

Not me. I don’t. Not yet. Oh, wait, I guess I do if you want to call my P’s sister’s new son-in-law my relative. He’s an ex con. He’s not my relative, though, is he?

Ox Drover

With the number of people in jail, on parole, probation etc. approaching 7 MILLION right now, I think he’s right…most families are being touched by criminals in their midst. Patrick is the first of my relatives to go to jail but not the first one who SHOULD HAVE gone to prison or been hung. My P sperm donor actually did murder 2 people that I am sure of. Though he claims to have murdered in the low hundreds. I can tell you one thing though, he shot them all in the BACK, he was a complete coward and would only hit or attack people he thought he had the drop on or were incapable of fighting back.

There are things worse than murder, in MHO, and rape and torture are among those things. What was done to jaycee dugard and Elizabeth Smart is worse than murder in my mind, and those people should never see the light of day outside prison again.

I lost my little dog last week and don’t know where he is, if he’s dead or alive, but I can’t even imagine wondering if your kid is dead or alive, tortured or what is happening to them. I get some idea when I worried about Patrick in prison, was he being raped? beaten? at least I knew he was alive though. I could go visit him. those parents must have the worst nightmares imaginable. There was a time though when I wished I could have traded places with Jessica’s parents, knowing he as dead would have bee better for me than knowing he was a killer.

I’ve come back to that point now, but for a different reason. I just want the last shoe to drop.


I agree with you, Oxy. I think the death penalty is the easy way out for criminals. I think it is far worse to have to sit in prison wondering what each day will bring.

How will Jaycee Dugard ever have a normal life? Elizabeth Smart just got married, but she’s scarred for life.

What do you mean that you want the last shoe to drop?

Ox Drover

G1S, the old saying “waiting for the other shoe to drop” means that you hear someone who lives above you take off one shoe and drop it on the floor and it wakes up you, you lie there waiting to go back to sleep but you know he has TWO shoes so you wait for the other one that you know MUST come to fall. I am so tired of waiting for the “other shoe” (the next attack) to fall that if I found out that he was dead I would be relieved to hear of his death.

Prison is a dangerous environment but he has managed to survive for over 20 years, and for a small white man who is not gang related that is pretty remarkable, though he has had some severe beatings through the years.

Jaycee’s daughters are also victims as well. Old enough to have memories of him, plus the DNA. God bless them all.


The story wouldn’t load, dangit. But, I get from the gist of the responses that this guy was a real piece of work.

When people involved with spaths fear for their lives, it’s based upon the spath insanity. What they do, how they behave, and what’s “at stake” makes one believe that they will do ANYthing to have things work out “their way.”

I truly believe that, given the exspath’s behaviors (especially, after the end of the marriage), he would have either kicked me to the curb within 10 months, OR I would have met with an untimely end – being sick and all of that, you know. “Yes, she probably overdosed on her pain medications. She’d been in SO much pain . Oh, thank goodness I took out that insurance policy on her at work.”

Boy, am I glad to be out even if it’s a challenge to get back on my feet.


Oxy, I know what the expression means.

I was wondering where you thought that “shoe” would be coming from.

Based on what’s happened in your life, it’s sounds like you have so many possibilities.

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