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If you’d like to share your experience, observations or insights concerning sociopaths people who could be diagnosed with an exploitative personality disorder please feel free to write an article for Lovefraud!

Your topic can be anything related to sociopaths. However, if you are describing your personal entanglement, or a case involving someone you know, please do not include any identifying information. We especially like stories about healing and recovery. We cannot publish articles along the lines of “John Smith is a sociopath.”

You must be a registered Lovefraud user to submit an article, and your user name will be the byline. The article length can be 300 to 3000 words. Please write your article in a text editing program first, and then copy it into the box below. You don’t want to lose your work if there is a submission error.

You may also upload an image again, if you are describing your personal situation it should not be identifiable.

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