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Bobbi Ann Finley seduces and swindles 14 husbands

She specialized in seducing soldiers through a mixture of hard-luck stories and assurance that she was about to receive a windfall inheritance. It was a scam, but she managed to marry at least 14 men, including multiple servicemen, and had at least nine children with almost as many fathers.

Last week, the ABC News show 20/20 profiled Bobbi Ann Finley, the “Bigamist Bride. Read the story and watch the show on ABCNews.com.

Men allegedly scammed by so-called military mistress speak out

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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45 Comments on "Bobbi Ann Finley seduces and swindles 14 husbands"

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I read an article about this woman on an News site on the internet a while back and I thought she was as bad as JAMES MONTGOMERY. In fact, this woman reminded me of the stories told by Donna in her book and here about James.

The having of nine children with as many father and then handing them off to WHO? I didn’t see the 20/20 show, but wish I had. This woman is a one-woman tidal wave of evil!

AMAZING! is all I can add to this story! When you think you have “seen it all” someone pops up and makes you realize you haven’t!

I saw this show last week. She is a calous sick biatch!
The poor soldiers looked like really nice guys,vulnerable beings…..ripe picken for her to exploit!
In the end of the show, after stating she never married any man she loved…..she wrote a letter to one of them….I think her last victim……saying how she loved him yadayada…..
She contradicted herself over and over…..and blamed her childhood.
Poor, poor, poor me.
So tell me…..HOW does what you did not qualify as abusive?
And then…….the children. *Sigh*

How duped these guys felt…..all sitting there…..some looking at their ‘love’ of their life…..or so they thougth.
She looked HAGGARD in her mug shot……and some of the guys laughed……

It’s so sad. People, just trying to be loved while fighting for our country and maintain a life at home…..
I just dont’ get why these sociopaths do what they do…..what is the reward to marrying 14 men? Is it the prize……

She’ll get what she’s owed!

I just watched the show on the web. She shows no remorse, with the exception of the last one she was with and I think that’s only because she hadn’t had a chance yet. He was too smart AND had children already.
She is indeed a sociopath, turning the story around and trying to say they married her because they had something to gain…what? A tarnished financial record? A pain in the heart? A ruined career with the government? Oh, please…..! She tries to be adept at changing this, but it doesn’t work.
She is crafty and evil. There even letters from her grandmother that in which her grandmother calls her behavior “evil”.
And of course she has the bad childhood with the mother who’s a monster, etc….And she’s such a good mother she refuses to tell some of these men where their biological children are?
She IS evil, and sad to say, she isn’t going to get any REAL time out of what she’s done and all parts of the law have pretty much said as much…Pathetic.

NINE KIDS???? How on earth did she have TIME to have these kids and marry all these guys in about 20 years? She must have liked being preg more than I did to crank out 9 kids!

Well, if she had a bad childhood it was probably because her mother/father was a psychopath TOO. But that doesn’t excuse HER bad behavior.

It would be interesting to see what happened to those kids. Did she SELL them? I believe there is probably a pretty good “underground market” for infants, especially white ones…like the girl who took her baby and ran, told the father she killed it, but apparently she may have sold or given it away in an “underground adopting” situation as apparently the motel she stayed at in Texas is “known” for being a meeting place for this type of arrangement, that and 6 FLAGS—if the cops know this, why can’t the shut it down? The article said that they meet at 6 Flags as it is enclosed and has good security.

Could they charge her with kidnapping for taking the children away from their fathers and giving them away or selling them? Maybe in order to get her to own up to where the kids are?

There is no telling what this woman was capable of.

EVIL doesn’t cover it in my book…but I don’t know a word that would.

Looking at the video that is NOT a human being. She is more like a demon or a reptilian or something. The evil coming off her being is like a toxic tsunami.

Some of them guy are not bad looking either and she is repulsive.


Thanks for adding this to your articles. It’s an important piece of information to those wanting to see inside the mind of a sociopath.

Last Friday, I posted the link to ABC’s 20/20 story on Finley here on LF because I was so APPALLED at this woman. She even says here in in the interview that her mother calls her a sociopath. You think?

Aside from the “marriages” to these guys, what also gives it away is that she also DELETED all 9 of her kids!! Sick and very sad for the kiddos.

Another amazing piece of film is the documentary on Sam Vankin. It is also an incredible study on just how these people are wired, or not wired for that matter. I even hesitate to call them people. Sometimes I refer to them as zombies.

When I think that these individuals will just poof into dust when they die and not have had any merit in their lives other than the havoc they caused, it makes me feel deeply saddened that I am not able to even PRAY for their souls.

I think what saddens me the most, is that I feel helpless in helping the one in my circle of friends. He is beyond, prayer, hope, redemption, light. Everything that I have to wish for the people in my life, does not apply to him and that is sad not because I am in love with him or have kids from him etc. but because I am a caring, warm human being and it defies logic that these “people” are not.

I agree with EB. I just can’t get my head around it. Sad, sad, sad. What we can do is pray for the victims.

Have a great day everyone. Thanks for what you do!!!


The woman just has these evil eyes!!! Chillingly frightening”. brrrr!

Bobbi Ann Finley is definitely a psychopath, a person who needs to be permanently behind bars (sadly this won’t happen). Her kids are scattered around the country (I imagine this to be the case), possibly, some of them growing up to be psychopaths too. What a mess. That’s the hallmark of these disordered folks – they leave huge messes.

They repeated this show on 20/20 tonight and I caught most of it. One of the mothers of one of her victims started “stalking” this woman and tracked down 8 o r 9 of the husbands and boy friends she scammed…..and when the show was aired Bobbi Ann was in prison for bad checks, but the NCIS who was supposed to be helping the military victims basicly said “nada we can do”—the woman looks like the scum she is, fat and bloated and with little piggy eyes….like “Miss Piggy” only NOT cute. Blamed it all on having to survive since age 13, said she didn’t love any of the guys except the last one that she was married to for 5 months before he was warned who he had married.

LIE!!!!!!! lie in the face of evidence. “NO I’m not a con” LOL

I would like to know if any of the fathers were able to connect with their kids, some of them wanted to…still wonder how many will turn out to be like mama. She sure ruined a lot of folks’ lives.

20/20 – I watched ’Bobbi Ann & her male harem’ and I’m still LMAO!! 14 white military boys duped (we got married after 2 weeks; after 3 months, she took my money, BOO HOO). Trans ”“ she came on to me, the sex was great, I AM SUCH A FOOL!!. Bobbi (who is very smart!) was wrong in what she did, but a FOOL (s) and HIS money are soon parted ”“ hope these Bozos weren’t in Military Intelligence??? DOH!!! LMAO!!

20/20 ”“ Bobbi Ann #2 ”“ While stationed in Nam, I (we) used to go to town (Pleiku) for ’relief’. One day I approached a young lady and offered her the usual 5 Pi (500 Piastres). She said ”“ “Me no boom boom with Black GI”. When I asked why not, she said – “White GI gives me 20 Pi (2000 Piastres) for boom boom”. As I laughingly walked away, I said ”“ “Go on girl” Nothing is new under the sun!!!! Still LMAO ”“ “Go on Bobbi Ann”

You obviously know nothing about the affects of being duped! And your second post….

You have no business being here. Take your garbage mouth somewhere else.

Or start a garden…

Thank you, Ana. Yes of course. These days better at self-expression and ridding evil. I better go get busy potting, before I get “Boinked”.


Yea, gardening is good for the soul! Keeps you from stubbing your toe on a gray rock as well. I do my gardening in potting plants, I just love potted plants, they are so calming.

Me as well, Ox. I love pots, and I have a collection consisting of various colors. But I do understand fully, what it is that you mean about gardening being “good for the soul!” And the calming affects of potted plants. Thank you, both, and have a wonderful afternoon!


jeez the crap that comes out of the compost some days.

I put some old cracked pots out with the trash this weekend. I need to get some nice gray rocks for my backyard. Ya’ll should see my backyard-totally overgrown. Tomorrow I may need to get out in the heat and weed all that crap out. If I ever get a job then I am planning to build a ground level deck and surround it with plants in the ground.

Does anyone know what kinds of plants/flowers I can put in that will grown well in the south but in a shady area. There is a big tree in my neighbors yard that hangs over into mine and more than half the yard is shaded in the summer. I would love to put a fire pit and some deck furniture out there too.


quacked pot’s ? oh my….Lizzy would spath plants grow well in your garden? They are a dime a dozen.


ligularias, hostas, ferns are my faves.

hey 1steprs – I was thinking hosta’s and elephant ears, maybe some gardinias and azaeleas, i bet they would do good in lizzys climate…I am going to have to redo my yard to something that is more suited to desert climate, we hit a record high of 113 and has been over 100 for 20 days in a row and no rain in sight – my place is burning up, trying my best to keep things alive but about to the point where I just dont care….Hey 1step I have a lunch date tomorrow with a guy I am kinda excited about, cross your fingers for me…How are things going with you? have you moved? still have db for a neighbor? how is your veggie garden?

Hens-they might cuz they probably don’t need sunlight

Onestep-thanks, I’ll have to research them because I never heard of the first two things you said.

Hens-congratulations and I am sending positive thoughts you’re way. I hope he’s very normal. And azaleas and gardinias and jasmine grow here well but I don’t know what kind of light they need.

Hens-btw the dude in the Rally’s drive thru asked me out tonite-and he was serious!

morning sun – filtered light……if this place iyour talking about is shady – get you some big pots and plant shade perenials, they come back every year…..thanks Lizzy….

well lizzy you dont need a dood, you need a doodette — is he cute?

no-maybe 21 or 22 light skinned black guy with a little go-tee. He doesn’t even look old enough to shave. If I was going to date a guy he would be older than me-like my exspath.

I did get three emails from women on match.com but I haven’t had the nerve to deal with that yet. Plus one of them is a NO because she looks like a dude. The other two are definite maybes but I have to deal with my current feelings for someone now-or figure out how to get rid of them. Still am trying to come out to her but haven’t had the chance.




a date hens! lovely. 🙂


my veggie garden is 1/4 sunflowers this year and THAT makes me very happy saw a plant to day that i just fell in love with, but i have no space at my place for it:sauronatum venosum. loved the leaves and then i picked one up and looked under it at the stems – they are spotted!

db has calmed a bit sicne the crazy boy frightened him – he’s actually gone this weekend. so nice. he’s still a db. i am projecting his moving. I might have a roommate coming in september. from ireland. which given the details of my spath story, is really funny.

if i can avoid it, i am not moving until i can get out of the city, and until i have more $. my contract goes to the fall, so i still don’t want to plan for a move. I am trying to pay down my debt. I have a considerable chunk to get rid of.

let us know how it goes, and i like lizzy’s wish for you: normal!

Yea, my yard is fast becoming a sand dune! What doesn’t blow away like the dust bowl is gonna be eaten by the plague of grasshoppers. Over 100 again today! Last 8 weeks has had total of 1 1/2 inch of rain….grass is dead or eaten by grasshoppers or both.

Lizzy, if your neighbor sees you stepping out with another lady (like from Match.com), she will get the message. No conversation necessary. Just an option.

Hens, a date? Woohoo? I can’t wait to read about it.

I am going back out to the salsa club tonight to practice my new dance moves. I have a dinner date tomorrow night, but it’s the guy I have to “have a conversation with.” I think it’s always better to have those conversations face to face over dinner.


Ya’ll I just went down to another neighbor’s house for a glass of sangria. He got me off my front steps and met some really nice people, two of which live in my neighborhood. It was cool to be around other people.

Hens-so excited for you. And yes, I am going to tell her as soon as I can. I have been practicing what I’m going to say and how. I found out some info tonight that makes me think that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in this situation. She trusted me enough to reveal something personal and I am concerned. Once I tell her and the “cat is out of the bag”, even if she is interested, I may have to carefully consider that. I think she needs some therapy.

Star-I am going to consider what you said about the match.com thing. I had actually thought about that before you even said it and it may be a good idea.

Liz, you could always give her the link to LoveFraud and tell her to read the last few months of posts. JUST KIDDING! lol I actually think it sounds good for you to date a few people and not put all your eggs in one very shaky basket.

Star-LOL, she does NOT need to read what I have been writing about her on here. I am a little bit apprehensive now about it anyway. She revealed something personal to me tonite and I just think that things could be a little problematic.

If she is revealing secrets why arent you?

She was very short on time because she was working and I interrupted her. I already knew that she was a major insomniac due to work stress. She is the executive director or one of the chambers of commerce here and she is the only one in her office. She is totally overworked.

She also revealed to me that she can’t sleep over fear. I asked her about it and she has a very deep fear of someone breaking into her apartment or being a victim of violence, since we do live in a dangerous city. But we are in the safest neighborhood around. She knows I have the gun and I told her that I would protect her but she is still really scared. She is supposed to go see a sleep doctor but I think she needs to talke to someone instead because that kind of fear is unhealthy and it makes me think that I would have a hard time being intimate with someone who is that fearful. I guess that is why she lived with her mother for years before Katrina.

Hens-how did this date come about?

bless her heart, she sounds very troubled to me..I hope you are not trying to rescue her…but having a friend to talk to when your feelin down and stressed is a major boost sometimes when you need a little push over that hump of dispair…maybe you can come out to her and still just be a friend with out the burden of being rejected…

Hens-that is so cool. I am excited for you and I can’t wait to hear about it.

I haven’t felt like I’ve been trying to rescue her but I do really care for her and feel like I want to take care of her. I am very protective of her. I treat her like a lady-and way better than the last guy she dated. Apparently just my being her friend I treat her better than he did. I want to be able to come out to her without rejection because I don’t want to lose the friendship. I just kinda feel like even if we were together that she would have trust and intimacy issues. My low self esteem is enough to deal with without adding those to things to it. I feel like it would be a lot of work. When she told me about this fear tonite, at first I felt really really sad-it was a very heavy thing to hear and it wasn’t easy for her to tell me. Now it makes me feel still sad but more cautious. I just can’t relate to being fearful because it is the opposite of me-except in regards to coming out to her. In most things I’m kinda fearless.

ok well I am off to bed

g’nite Hens-good talkin to ya

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