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Bobbi Ann Finley seduces and swindles 14 husbands

She specialized in seducing soldiers through a mixture of hard-luck stories and assurance that she was about to receive a windfall inheritance. It was a scam, but she managed to marry at least 14 men, including multiple servicemen, and had at least nine children with almost as many fathers.

Last week, the ABC News show 20/20 profiled Bobbi Ann Finley, the “Bigamist Bride. Read the story and watch the show on ABCNews.com.

Men allegedly scammed by so-called military mistress speak out

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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45 Comments on "Bobbi Ann Finley seduces and swindles 14 husbands"

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Liz, you could always give her the link to LoveFraud and tell her to read the last few months of posts. JUST KIDDING! lol I actually think it sounds good for you to date a few people and not put all your eggs in one very shaky basket.

Star-LOL, she does NOT need to read what I have been writing about her on here. I am a little bit apprehensive now about it anyway. She revealed something personal to me tonite and I just think that things could be a little problematic.

If she is revealing secrets why arent you?

She was very short on time because she was working and I interrupted her. I already knew that she was a major insomniac due to work stress. She is the executive director or one of the chambers of commerce here and she is the only one in her office. She is totally overworked.

She also revealed to me that she can’t sleep over fear. I asked her about it and she has a very deep fear of someone breaking into her apartment or being a victim of violence, since we do live in a dangerous city. But we are in the safest neighborhood around. She knows I have the gun and I told her that I would protect her but she is still really scared. She is supposed to go see a sleep doctor but I think she needs to talke to someone instead because that kind of fear is unhealthy and it makes me think that I would have a hard time being intimate with someone who is that fearful. I guess that is why she lived with her mother for years before Katrina.

Hens-how did this date come about?

bless her heart, she sounds very troubled to me..I hope you are not trying to rescue her…but having a friend to talk to when your feelin down and stressed is a major boost sometimes when you need a little push over that hump of dispair…maybe you can come out to her and still just be a friend with out the burden of being rejected…

Hens-that is so cool. I am excited for you and I can’t wait to hear about it.

I haven’t felt like I’ve been trying to rescue her but I do really care for her and feel like I want to take care of her. I am very protective of her. I treat her like a lady-and way better than the last guy she dated. Apparently just my being her friend I treat her better than he did. I want to be able to come out to her without rejection because I don’t want to lose the friendship. I just kinda feel like even if we were together that she would have trust and intimacy issues. My low self esteem is enough to deal with without adding those to things to it. I feel like it would be a lot of work. When she told me about this fear tonite, at first I felt really really sad-it was a very heavy thing to hear and it wasn’t easy for her to tell me. Now it makes me feel still sad but more cautious. I just can’t relate to being fearful because it is the opposite of me-except in regards to coming out to her. In most things I’m kinda fearless.

ok well I am off to bed

g’nite Hens-good talkin to ya

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