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Boy sentenced for killing teacher when he was 13

Brian Wonsom, 15, of Maryland was sentenced to 85 years in prison for killing and sexually assaulting his teacher. He was 13 at the time of the crimes. Wonsom was diagnosed as a sociopath. According to Fox News:

Prosecutors say doctors who examined the teen found him to be sane, but wicked.

“Oh yeah, completely without being mentally ill,” Prosecutor Wes Adams said. “He exhibited no remorse, childhood onset anti-social personality disorder. That’s not criminally insane, that’s dangerous.”

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Ravenless Tower

I just finished reading “We need to talk about Kevin” a story of a mother recollecting her decision to have a child and subsequently raise a psychpath, powerless as it unfolds before her, no one believing the evil. I pity the mothers who raised the spaths ive encountered. Didthey know? Were they clueless or powerless?

Ravenless Tower STANDING


My first husband was a sociopath and tragically it was triggered at age 3 by the trauma of his father forcing his mother to go to another state for a 3 month holiday with her husband because he was jealous of the time she spent doting on her firstborn child.
He was their only child at the time.
He was left with his grandparents who lived a few houses down the same street.
His Grandmother told me that he would stand clinging to the wire gate all day and wlooking up the street to his parents house to see if his mother was coming.
he would not talk.
She had to remove him off the gate to get him to come inside to eat a meal, and when it was bedtime.
He refused to talk like a normal child and would only grunt a reply to anything his mother said to him from that day onward.
He appeared normal when away from his home, like at school etc, but at home he would not communicate properly with his mother.
When he was in his late teens, his father who was an alcoholic, threw him out of the family home because he was sick of coming home and finding his wife in tears because of the way the boy treated his mother.
This behaviour used to cause arguments between the wife and husband as the father would attack the boy verbally and physically and the mother would fly to his =defence and then the two parents would be arguing all night over the situation.
When i met him, he appeared normal and behaved normal until we married and then he transposed his hatred of his mother on to me and began to emotionally/verbally punish me, which escalated into physical abuse as well.
I tried to cope for 9 years till I could no longer take the game playing on/off I love you/I hate you behaviour.
I sought help from a Psychiatrist who assessed both of us and informed me that he was a full blown sociopath and he knew he was doing wrong but he did not care as he enjoyed my pain.
Eventually I left and never went back despite all the 14 years or so of mindgames he played with my friends and family, the stalking, phjysical and verbal abuse during visitation handovers, and the Law Courts (Custody battles and character assassination) to try to guilt trip and threaten me.
Now that 37 years have passed I have got the situation well under control as I tret him and his new partner with the emotionless disassociated attitude they deserve.
That is, I ignore them, if I am in a situation where I have to be at a social event that they are attending, like a family funeral, family gathering with my sons etc.
I found to my surporise that this attitude seems to throw them off balance and they are uncomfortable around me.
I just get on with my life and enjoy my Grandchildren and chat to the people I know and do not even bother to acknowwledge or greet the ex or his partner who used to gloat and enjoy watching him abusing me whenever they collected my children on visitation times in the past.
I advise any other women I meet who have similar sociopathic behaving ex husbands, that ignoring them and giving them no information whatever of your personal life, or your feelings, is the best way to deal with them.
Somehow it seems to totally defuse them and leaves them floundering.

Ox Drover

Dear Ravenless tower, STANDING, I can relate to raising a psychopath because I raised one….though I really only had ONE episode of a problem with him before he reached puberty and he MORPHED into the monster….but no one else understood what I was dealing with until his crimes started and the cops did (but of course didn’t care what my emotional state was iin dealing with my child becoming a monster) Nor did the therapist He and Ii saw realize what was happening or give me any support nor when he killed a girl and finally wound up in prison, no one cared what his mother was dealing with (and if that sounds like a pity plea I guess it is) But no one showed up at my home with a casserole dish to say how sorry they were that I had lost my son when he went to prison for killing the girl…her family got the comforts of the casserole dishes and the public damning of my son, and me by extension because look at what a monster I raised, therefore I must also be a monster.

I realize that the parents of the victims, the innocent victims who did not deserve to die DESERVE to be comforted, but for every parent of every victim there is a parent of the victimIZER who is also a victim of the victimIZER because we too lose a “child” we love.

Unfortunately, too many parents of the abusers, the criminals are not willing to “let go” or “give up hope” for what their child has become. “I know that God does miracles” was the plaintive plea given to me recently by a woman who has a son who is a criminal who is a repeat repeat repeat offender who will not stop stealing. I knew this man when he was 8-10 years old and he was a “good kid” but his mom won’t let go of her FANTASY that dusty is going to clean himself up and quit stealing.

I know that I may sound “harsh” to others when talking about my son, and people still say to me “How can you give up on your son, he is your sooooooooon?” Well, I MUST give up on my son. I MUST face reality because it is the only way I CAN LIVE. I can no longer live in a fantasy world where he is going to reform. He is a psychopath and he has no remorse for what he has done, and has plans for what he WILL do.

Ox Drover


I would think that the psychopathic father’s genes being in the boy had more to do with him becoming a psychopath than simply ONE instance of the mother going off on vacation when the child was 3 and leaving him with his grandparents though I know that might have been somewhat traumatic.

The fact that he grew up with his abusive father and also had the abusive father’s genetic make up as well.

It takes more than one instance of even massive abuse to “make” a psychopath.


Here’s another incidence of this same kind of thing:



“Sane, but wicked”! Who needs jawbreaker words? That diagnosis was right on the nose!

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