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Brainless prison officials release child rapist

What is going on in the California prison system? Lawrence Brown raped two young girls at knifepoint in 1983. The Orange County District Attorney objected to his parole. For a year, state psychiatrists refused to determine whether he was a sexually violent predator. The California Department of Corrections placed a hold on Brown’s release, but the Deputy Warden Richard Alvarado of Chino State prison let the guy go anyway. Luckily, he was re-arrested.

Read California warden ignores DA, releases rapist early on

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Ox Drover

Notice, He “left prison with his girlfriend.” They re-arrested him because his parole conditions were that he would NOT BE IN THE VEHICLE WITH A FEMALE, and he DROVE OFF FROM THE PRISON with one. So how long did he “honor” his parole conditions? 15 minutes before he broke parole conditions?

He had been in prison for nearly 25 years (almost half his 49 year sentence) for sexual assault of two babies (7 & 8 yrs old) and he has a GIRLFRIEND? Who is willing to drive him home to her house to live?????? WTF?????

At least PART of the justice departments of California are trying to keep this MONSTER behind bars where he cannot re-offend in a meaningful way, but why this warden wanted him released doesn’t make any LOGICAL sense to me. Having the warden decide that a “hold” wasn’t good enough for him sounds pretty highly narcissistic to me.

How DARE the Department of Corrections tell a warden what to do? He showed them!!!!


He’s a psychopath… he broke the rules because he could. For most of us, society’s rules are a safety net. We do know the difference between right and wrong and we learn to make appropriate choices and we know what awaits us should we make the wrong one. A psychopath has moral cognition but doesn’t care about the rules and the only rules he follows are the ones that benefit him. I’m not a trained psychological professional but I could tell from the story this guy was likely to re-offend. Why was he released? Its a question only California prison officials can answer.

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