Brainwashing, fraud and murder

A young Pakistani mother, Nazish Noorani, was shot and killed while pushing her three-year-old son in a stroller last week in Boonton, New Jersey. Her husband, Kashif Parvaiz, was wounded.

But authorities have charged Parvaiz and his mistress, Antionette “Soni” Stephen, in the killing. Stephen allegedly fired the shots, wounding Parvaiz to make it look like a terrorist attack.

For years prior, Parvaiz had been defrauding an elderly gay man. The day before the killing, Parvaiz was due to come into millions of dollars because of a real estate deal on the man’s property. The New York Post reported:

The monster cut a $2 million real-estate deal just hours before his wife’s murder — courtesy of his elderly sugar daddy.

Less than two years ago, handsome alleged killer Kashif Parvaiz, 26, had persuaded a frail, older gay man to sign over to him his share of a Queens apartment building that is now about to be sold for more than $9 million, The Post has learned.

The contract for the sale was signed Tuesday — only hours before Parvaiz’s beautiful wife, Nazish Noorani, was blown away, allegedly by the hubby’s secret lover, in what cops say was a heinous plot cooked up by the both of them.

Read in the New York Post:

Hubby hired mistress to kill wife in carefully orchestrated plot: cops

NJ hubby got $2M share of apt. building before wife’s murder

Mistress conned, says sis

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I am not sure if it is true or not, but I heard on TV last night that HIS family have taken custody of the children after the shooting.


No doubt that the assassin was a duped, brainwashed idiot. Unfortunately, that excuse won’t bring back the dead wife and it won’t let her off the hook for murder. What is most interesting to me, is this paragraph:

“He brainwashed her! He kept saying his child had sickle-cell anemia and how his wife was a bad mother,” said Stephen’s seething sis, Sandra. “He said his wife wanted money to go out and buy new stuff. She didn’t care that the kid was sick.”

I often wonder how my spath can get so many people to hate me. What could he possible say about me to make so many people despise me. Now I know: it could be anything. He probably tells everyone that I aborted all his children and ate them. These creatures have no limits. And the lies are so preposterous that nobody would doubt them, because, WHO WOULD SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT?

I’ve been following this story and my mouth just hangs open at HOW PSYCHOPATHIC this guy is, how many people he manipulated and used and abused.

I really don’t doubt the sister of the “mistress” that he used this woman as the weapon to kill his wife, that he manipulated her to “do the deed” and that if she was as “needy” as the sister says, and he was as good at lies as he apparently was, then she fell into that trap and let go of her own moral compass to do such a thing.

It is not the rare exception when the psychopaths con others into doing things that normally they would not do….but they fall under the spell of the psychopath and are willing to do things that they know are “wrong” but excuse those actions under the hypnosis of the psychopathic FOG.

Funny thing, if he had not tried to KILL the wife, and had simply divorced her, he might have gotten away with the cash from the old man…(head shaking here) makes me think about my Daughter-in-law and the money she stole from my egg donor, if she hadn’t tried to kill my son C, and make it look like “self defense” she actually could have gotten away SCOT FREE with the money and there was nothing anyone could have done. That RAGE that some of the psychopaths seem to have, that need to control even at the risk of murder, and seeming to think that they are soooooo smart they will get away with it (some do get away with it) just boggles my mind. I just think though how many people who murder someone do it in such a way that any 3 year old would figure out who the “bad guy” was. LOL They leave a trail of text messages like BREADCRUMBS through the forest.

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