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Brave schoolgirl catches paedophile

John Fisher, of Lowestoft, Suffolk, in the United Kingdom, inappropriately touched a young girl. The girl told her mother, but nothing was done. So when he tried it again, the girl took his picture with her game console.

Read Quick-thinking girl, 10, traps paedophile by using her games console to take picture of him molesting her, on

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In some cases all the advances in technology have exposed us all to more risk for identity theft, and electronic stalking. But, there is a flip side; cell phones capture pictures for proof of our reports to Police and authorities, web cams and monitored security cameras provide a little more safety than was available to us only a few years back. Technology has made the predators hidden life a little more difficult to keep hidden. I hope technology will keep growing and improving in this way.


My son and I were driving home last fall on a side street when we encountered two vehicles coming towards us stopped in the road. The street was about three car-widths wide.

One vehicle was a good-size, private pickup truck with fire department insignas on it. It was completely in the road as if the driver had just stopped in its place. The driver’s door was opened. Given the appearance of the driver and with the fire department insignas, I assumed that the man was a firefighter of some sort.

The other vehicle was a sedan and had pulled off the road somewhat (to our right.) The driver was holding onto the steering wheel with both hands and somewhat hunched over appearing embarrassed.

Because of how the truck was parked and with its door open and with the sedan over to the side, we couldn’t get by.

The truck’s driver was walking across the road saying something to the driver of the sedan, who looked very sheepish while listening. Neither one of them noticed us.

I gave a few short beeps on our horn to alert the pickup driver that we wanted to get by. He didn’t respond at first. He was obviously angry and was focused entirely on the other driver.

I kept beeping our horn. Finally, the pickup driver noticed us, shrugged his shoulders, and mouthed, “What?” I motioned that I couldn’t get by. He was angry and motioned me to move. Again, I motioned that I couldn’t move, at which time he turned around and looked.

He realized what the problem was. He shot a dirty look at the sedan, but got back into his pickup and closed the door. At that point, I drove past them.

I told my son that of we ever encounter something like this again, next time I want him to get out of the car with his cell phone and start video recording what was going on. I’d get out and tell the guy to move. Even if he can’t get his phone to record, act like it is recording.

We both felt that our arrival and actions spared the sedan’s driver from a possible assault.

Of course, the pickup driver could have had a gun, but since we saw none, we assumed there wasn’t one present.

I wonder how somebody would react if he or she thought there were multiple cell phone cameras trained on them?

I made a mental note that if I ever got into some sort of confrontation like that to make a big display as if I were taking pictures with my cell phone including announcing that I am recording the whole incident on my phone. I suspect that would throw most people off.

I saw “as if” because it takes me a few minutes to figure out how to turn the camera on. In an emergency situation, I’d just pretend. The other person would have no way of knowing the camera wasn’t on. I don’t even know if my phone can record videos. It can snap stills.

Regarding the article, it was telling that the perp pointed out that he freely admitted to molesting girls. And that means what?


Just had another thought. Imagine if Zimmerman (assuming he’s incapable of following instructions to stay in his car) had approached Trayvon with a camera. He could have snapped photos instead of shooting the kid.

I don’t think my first reaction would be to use a camera. I’d be much more inclined to see what is going on.

Ox Drover

I am curious WHY the first report wasn’t acted on. Was the mom not pushing it or believing it? Why was the man left alone with this girl in the first place? What was the relationship to her? Why was she left alone with him AGAIN a year later?

To me there are more questions than answers in this article.

I do applaud the little girl though. Good for her!

Three eyars in prison? Not enough in my book.


Yes, Oxy, I thought it was odd that it wasn’t mentioned either, but since it was an English paper making the report, I was wondering if that’s how they write stories over there.

Smart girl.

Ox Drover

I read that paper almost every day, I actually get more US news than here in US papers. LOL

It is a tabloid and some stories are kind of like the National Enquirer. LOL But over all some interesting news both UK, world and US news.


The news last night reported a huge chid porn sting in New Jersey – even a City Official was involved. One of the men arrested was living above a daycare center.

Kids have enough to deal with in their efforts to grow up! HOW is it that this is still so rampant and prevalent?! I would think that, given the ability to track technological activities, this would be dwindling, but it seems that it’s getting to be so frequent an interest/activity that there’s just no more shock or horror, anymore.

Does anyone else find this to be true for them? That people just don’t express an appropriate level of shock or horror when these things are reported or discussed? It almost seems as if we have become such a desensitized society that even a child’s ruin or heroism is swept aside for the next discussion of “Jersey Shore.” Sorry for the rant….



I think technology is contributing to the spread. First of all, it’s very easy to create porn with the technology that is available. On top of that, porn is so easy to access on the Internet and people can do it anonymously.

I don’t know what these are called, but .xxx has been added to all the suffixes like .com, .net, and .org (or at least they were talking about it the last I knew) because porn is so widespread on the Internet and there is so much of it.

There was a news program on cable a few months ago about young married couples earning their living via home-made porn. The economy was so bad, they were out of work, and they had no education. They also had two little kids that they needed to support. All it took was a web cam and their mattress.

There are nations and cultures that promote pornography and child prostitution. Over 20 years ago, I’d travel to Thailand on business. Some of the big ads that were up in the Bangkok airport, which in the US would be about legitimate businesses or tourism, were obviously promoting child prostitution. They were half naked male teens in provocative poses with come on expressions on their faces.

I think we are numb. There is always somebody who wants to push the boundaries. There is always sombody who wants to make money and they don’t care what they do in order to get that. Our cultures promote wealth and the accumulation of things even at the expense of people.

There is so much to sort out.

A person doesn’t need to be a P to lie about somebody else in an attempt to ruin that person’s reputation.

We know that people lie so when somebody does tell the truth, we are unsure what we’re dealing with.

It gets so emotionally taxing and draining to have to deal with these things. It is much easier to let it be somebody else’s problem or dismiss it because it already happened and nothing will change that now.

People want to believe that their world is safe. It seems to me that it has become increasingly unsafe. Most of us can’t do a thing about that so what do a lot of people do? They shut things off. They shut down.

I think we’re overwhelmed. It doesn’t make ignoring these things right at all, but I think that is what is going on.


G1S, your response makes total sense. I will never forget the childlike glee (cannot think of another appropriate description!) that the first exspath exhibited when he said, “C’mere and look at THIS!” and he clicked the computer and hard-core porn popped up on the screen. This was back when personal computers were JUST beginning to make their way into people’s homes. The exspath’s discovery that pornographic imagery was available at the simple touch of a mouse was tantamount to his having discovered life on Mars – it was EUREKA!!! for him.

Since that time, I have developed a very strong personal opinion about pornography and its effect upon the human psyche with relation to intimacy. I do not have a problem with erotica – erotic isn’t always pornographic. But, I do have a serious problem with porn, and I do not – DO NOT – believe that “porn is normal.” Most pornography depicts unhealthy, risky, sexual activity that is frequently painful, objectifying, degrading, dehumanizing, and violent. I mean, how does three men using one woman go from “Stop, NO!” to “Don’t stop! YES!” Abberant messages, to be sure.

What in the HELL is wrong with this girl’s mother?!?!??!?!


Maybe denial that her child was hurt this way. She can’t cope with the idea?

It could also be that she’s afraid being accused of bad mothering because she raised a child who was sexually abused.

Somehow, she might believe that it was her fault or that people will think she’s to be faulted for some reason. We don’t know what kind of upbringing the mother had or the stupid messages that people gave her.



I’ve used a pretend trick once in my car at a traffic light and some guys in a car behind me had been driving hazardlously close. They were making signs at me and one of them was at the point to get out and do I don’t know what… UNTIL he saw me take my cell phone. I pretended to put in some numbers and put it to my ear. He stepped right back into the car and they waited patiently behind me until it became green and I turned left into another street.

Ox Drover

Darwin’s mom,

A cell phone is nice. A gun is nicer! You don’t even have to point it at them, just show’em you have it!



Lol… I guess I think a cell phone falling in the wrong hands will be less likely to be capable of hurting me 🙂


Oxy, I’m going to start calling you Annie Oakley.

Ox Drover

Yea, you are probably right there, but I don’t intend for it to fall into the wrong hands. LOL Over the nearly 40 years I’ve had my little “friend” she has saved my life I think 3 times, mostly just by them knowing I had it.

Ox Drover

G1S have you ever seen a picture of Annie Oakley? Oh, my gosh, I look bad but not that bad, I dont’ shoot as well as she reportedly did though either. And with my foot in a cast it’s pretty hard to ride the asses. LOL


Oxy – If you think Annie Oakley was a looker, have you ever seen Belle Starr? You have a hard time telling which one is the horse in her pictures. I hate to admit it, but I am related to that outlaw. Talk about gene pool !!!

How’s the pink cast working for ya? How long does it have to stay on? Can’t believe you will be layed up with a second injury, geeze. I think bubble wrap might be in order. lol (I know, it’s not a laughing matter)

Ox Drover

Milo, the cast is black now, I had to ahve it redone. There was something in there (probably a wad of cotton) that was bothering me like a stone in teh shoe.

Well, we may be “kissin’ cousins” then because my step grandmother was related to Belle Starr. Yea, she was ugly. If I had a dog that ugly I’d shave it’s butt and teach it to walk backwards.

Well, actually I’m just going with the flow on the cast, and yea, it is a laughing matter. I’ve been clumbsy my entire life and had more sprains and broken bones, but this is the first leg cast, or even a “hard” cast (non-removeable) I’ve ever had to wear.

I grew up taking a bath in a galvanized tub (we didn’t get indoor plumbing at the farm til I was 12) so I know how to take a bath with only part of your body in the tub at a time so I’ll survive!

I won a bet once that I could bathe and wash my hair in a QUART of water….at the living history encampments where we have to haul our drinking and bathing water from a pretty good distance you learn to improvise and I learned to wet one wash rag with soap and one without soap and bathe and rinse off with those, then you use about a cup of water to wet your hair lather it up, and use what’s left to rinse your hair. Bathing with a leg cast is a pain but not too much of one. Gimping around is the worst part, my muscles are sore from the unnatural gait.


Oxy – from what I have read about Belle Starr, I think it is safe to say she was a P. I think the story goes that she killed several boyfriends/husbands.

It sure is amazing what you can do when you have to, you can come up with all sorts of ways to get things done and get around. Except for a broken elbow, and that I did in the shower, all my horsey related injuries were to my head. Can you tell? Maybe that swiss cheese brain isn’t all from stress.

You take care and try to stay out of trouble….

Ox Drover

It is interesting in studying history, and especially the history of the US the pioneers were the risk takers, the ones high in P traits I think. The rich aristocrats were narcissistic but generally not too psychopathic (some great exceptions to that rule though) Thomas Jefferson had some nephews who killed a slave name George with an ax and buried his body in a chimney that was being built. The earthquake of 1811 knocked over the chimney exposing the body and the book “Jefferson’s Nephews” tells the story of these men and the Jefferson family, but never once does it call them psychopaths but that’s exactly what they were.

I’m reading a huge book (700+ pages) now of the Union versus the Mine owners trial in 1906-7 Idaho where 3 union big shots were tried for hiring a guy named Harry orchard to murder the former governor which he did by blowing him up with a bomb.
The governors of Colorado and Idaho conspired to spirt these three union men out of the state illegally so they could be tried in Idaho where the crime actually took place.

The book tells about the crooked politicians and the crooked mine owners and the crooked union men and the socialists and anarchists and newspaper people of the time and how they operated. TALK ABOUT PSYCHOPATHS! Sheesh,. these people make today’s crooked politicians and business owners look like saints. LOL

It is interesting to read history and look at someone and say “that guy is a psychopath if ever there was one” and “here is how he stands up to Hare’s list….”

I started that book so I could read something besides psychology and about psychopaths and darned if the book wasn’t filled with psychopaths! I see them every where I look!

But the risk takers, the rough necks, those were the ones that “went west young man” and went to the gold fields and the cattle drives. If you think about it, one of the qualities of a psychopath is that most of them are big RISK TAKERS….the very thing it takes to make an adventurer or a pioneer.



I don’t think you must be a spath to be an adventurer… but pioneering in the sense of Cortez and his ilk, definitely!

Ox Drover


No not all adventurers are spaths but they must be high in risk taking behavior which is one of the traits of an Spath…but many of the adventurers were Spaths and outlaws, hard drinkers, hard fighters, irresponsible toward lovers/wives/children.

I’ve known many high risk takers in my own travels across the world in the past, and many of them were very high in P traits as well. I’ve known others who were high risk takers but were in their relationships very stable and caring. Being a risk taker is only one of the things that Ps are usually high in, but even with Ps, not all of them are high risk takers.

I saw the description of your friend in San Diego, and the only thing I can say about that relationship is that because it has essentially been LONG DISTANCE with very little time actually spent together, I would go VERY slow on it…even if he moves to your country or you move to San diego. Long distance relationships tend to be a lot of FANTASY and we tend to “fill in the blanks” with what we want to be true. I’m not trying to throw cold water on it, or even say he is a P, because he could be a great guy, but just not really the greatest guy for YOU.


Oxy, I think it’s almost impossible to succeed. He’d first have to move and work in Belgium by himself to DATE me, and there’s no guarantees with that either. Visiting ain’t dating, and from such a long distance, you don’t visit for a weekend either, and it’s too expensive to do it regularly enough. And I know that if we don’t date and do longer-than-a-weekend visits he’s gonna get triggered into his “I need to get away” real quickly. Right now, I’m a cat in a tree watching.


On the other hand, he’s the sole one I would dare to date at this moment, because I know him enough to trust him not to abuse me in any way. And I am also trying to allow myself to enjoy this new realization in him as well as admitting it. At the very least he can give me enough confidence to open up to a man, while I may be meaningful to him as an idea of the future to help him find his way in his own life.

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