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Bride pushes new husband off a cliff

Jordan Linn Graham, 22, has been charged with murder for pushing her husband of eight days, Cody Johnson, off of a cliff in Montana. One of Johnson’s friends believed Graham was “trouble,” and tried to talk him out of marrying her.

Newlywed cliff death: Victim’s friend was suspicious of Jordan Linn Graham, on

Here’s the FBI report:

Jordan Linn Graham affidavit, on

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I’m a Montanan, and there was a different article about this in our paper this morning. One of the officers that interviewed her regarding her husband’s death noted her shallow affect-that she really didn’t seem emotional over the death, even after admitting she had done it.

I didn’t get to read the FBI report or the article from the Montana paper since they didn’t come up for me.But it was clear to me that she was a sociopath when she texted her friend that if she didn’t hear back from her that night,something had happened.Also clear from the fact that Johnson’s friend recognized things were wrong before they ever married.Since they were still in honeymoon period,there’s no reason that an argument should escalate to pushing one’s spouse off a cliff;I believe it was planned all along.

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