British documentary tells the story of a rabbi with 7 wives

Last night, Channel 5 in the UK featured a documentary called The Girl with Seven Mums. The show told the story of the “Rampant Rabbi,” Philip Sharp, who has one legal wife, seven other “wives” and 17 children. He claims that God told him he was a king from the Old Testament and should have seven wives.

Two of the women have left, including Tracey Sharp, who stayed in the polygamous family for 10 years. She left two years ago, and told her story to Closer magazine.

Why I’ve left the Rampant Rabbi ”¦ plus his six other ‘wives’ and 12 children on the farm, on

Girl with Seven Mums and ‘Rampant Rabbi’ father Philip Sharp, on

Watch ‘The Girl with 7 Mums’ full episode on, which is available to UK audiences. If any Lovefraud readers in the UK see the show, let us know what you think.

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I find it very interesting that the “rabbi” accused his wife who left of “wanting to be the top dog.” He said she was asked to leave the “family” because she was so “angry and nasty.” Can anyone say smear campaign?

He, in the meantime, was told by God that he was a king. Sounds like an egocentric sociopath to me.


The documentary reveals the manipulative and controlling nature of this man. He has absolute control over his ‘wives’. You can’t help but feel sorry for the 10 year old child. He even refuses to send the children to school, obviously doesn’t want to lose control.

What a grandiose sense of entitlement this man has!Oh my!I wonder how many sociopaths will read this article and think about doing the same thing?!!

The “rabbi” (how religious could he have really been?!;if he really wanted to live by Bible morals he sure strayed!)didn’t even bother to legalize his unions.He should be banned from the synogogue!And what will this do to the children?!! As I looked at Ellie’s face,I wondered what her chances are of not ending up in a relationship with a sociopath?!

lost everything

The latespath posted that he saw himself as ‘polygamous by nature and then changed the word to polyamorous’.

After all he was legally married to me and refused to get a divorce. Shared a 9 to 5 apartment with EscortM, paid for with stolen money, Had several favorite escorts, he saw whenever he could. Saw as many other escorts as he desired. Many times included EscortM in these trysts. And even broke EscortM’s beautician into the escort business. Occasionally having the audacity to post that he ‘loved the wife’, yep he loved having snared the perfect mark.

Ewwww! What is it with all of these men who want to be polygamous?!

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