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British TV show tells the frightening Will Jordan story

Of all of our True Lovefraud Stories, I’ve always felt that the case of William Allen Jordan was the most frightening. This man used his Internet and hacking skills to monitor and brainwash his targets. A British TV show called Evil Up Close has just profiled Jordan. The show is available on YouTube.

The show mentions at the end that Jordan was convicted, served time and was then deported to the United States, because he was originally from New Jersey. It didn’t stop him. I personally spoke with two other women who became his victims after his return.


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Donna, oh, brother…… horrible as it may sound, after reading about the idiot that threw his infant off of a bridge and this guy, maybe some people just need a bullet. Just take them out of the Human Equation.


Donna, seriously……this is pretty frightening because these people (spaths & predators) are virtually given the “green light” to just go to another part of the world to continue perpetrating their sins and crimes against humanity without facing ANY consequences.



What a documentary! And yeah, as if being in the US will stop him from conning women. Sheesh


Chilling to watch…and to see that beautiful little baby in the middle of such lies and deceit…and realize He had 10 of them!!!

conning women and children to get money is as low as it gets…it’s beyond evil, it’s evil Genius…how lucrative it is for him, how He gets away with it again and again…like a zombie He keeps ripping apart the innocents on a mission to get control of the power and money…all for himself and the delight of duping

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