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British woman commits bigamy twice in seven months

Patricia Penrose, 51, apparently got bored of her long-term marriage. So she met two other men through lonely hearts advertisements and married them as well. Penrose managed to keep the charade going for four years.

Read Woman who married three husbands at once ”¦ and explained her absences by claiming she had cancer on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

Wow, how unusual for a woman to be caught in this “multiple lives” thing! Reminds me somewhat of that woman in the article a while back that married 14 guys in as many years and had 9 kids and palmed them off to who knows where! BUSY little life she had there!

Keeping it all going for four years, like juggling I guess, is amazing to me! I guess it is what psychopaths would consider fun and excitement, but way too much work for me!


it’s interesting observation to me as a man, the difference in response from Ox Drover to a woman sociopath committing these crimes as opposed to a man committing these crimes.

If this had been a man – then I think the response would have been significantly harsher and acrimonious – but a woman doing this – well it;s just amusing.

If it had been a man marrying 14 times in 14 years and fathering 9 children – then again in my observation, the attacks from female members of this site would have been overwhelming and vicious!

I have commented before on the man hating aspect of this web site and I think this is a perfect example of it!

I welcome your comments!

Peace and Blessings


soapers – are you patriot dad?


have to say sopaers – i am a spath hating machine. were it not true, it would be better. my spath is a woman. she’s every much a piece of crap as any other spath.

Some people have both male AND female spaths – I don’t see any difference in the harshness of the acrimony in the posts about them. and btw have you EVER read oxy’s posts about her ‘egg donor’? guess not.

There are a lot of women here, and a lot of male spaths represented as um, the site is called, lovefraud, and most woman have ‘love relationships’ with men. So yes, statistically there would be more mud slung at males here, and perhaps it is that disproportion that you see as ‘man hating’.

Any group that is dominated by a certain factor (in this case gender) will have a particular feel to them. – i am sure a group of men spathed might come off as looking woman hating, too. and i do sometimes see, albeit very very rarely, an ‘all men are shit bias’. very rarely. i let it slide. i would let it slide if it were about women too. people here have stuff to work through – and gender roles and social expectations be they PC or not, are really not the tip of the iceberg for most of us.

have you been spathed? by a man, a woman? you ever said anything that didn’t fit someones idea of PC? or r u just here to stir crap?

Ox Drover

Dear One-step,


How is the gardening going? Things are so dry here that there’s just nothing flourishing now. I think I will take up bird watching. It’s been so hot and dry here though that the birds are wearing pot holders to take hold of the worms! I did see a buzzard circling though. I think he is so impatient that he may be actually looking to kill something though! LOL I used to have a tee shirt that said that!


gardening is brilliant. i pick the worms up out of the dust and set them some place safe, before i use the flame thrower on the weeds. outdoors is SO much better than indoors. 🙂

Ox Drover

Dear One,

I caught part of a Robin Williams film (I just LOVE his acting) called The Night Listener, I had never heard of it. I only saw part of the show but looked it up, and found it was from a novel by the same name about a situation with sock puppets similar to yours.

The line that Williams used in the film was “How could I miss someone who never existed”? I ordered the novel from Amazon and I am very interested in reading it. The Asian gal who plays a surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy was in the williams film and she was describing the psychological situation and it made so much sense…she told William’s character that it was like Munchousen’s (sp?) by proxy, WITHOUT the CHILD–and I thought HOW RIGHT! William’s asked her “do they know what they are doing, or do they think the child is real?” She told him, “yes, they know, but their need for attention is so acute they keep on.”

You know, as “crazy” as your situation is/was (from the aspect of what “KIND OF PERSON WOULD DO SOMETHING SO BIZARRE?”) What the movie said I think answers that question somewhat, “their need for ATTENTION is so acute…”

I think it also answers the other questions I’ve had about the psychopaths and the things they do that don’t make ANY SENSE to “normal” people (as a motive for what they do) it is FOR ATTENTION. Like a 2 year old when mommie gets on the phone, they will do ANYTHING to get attention, positive or negative, as long as mommie gets off the phone and pays ATTENTION to them. Psychopaths are like that kind in the “terrible twos” who will do anything to get attention and to prove that no one can “boss him around.” The only differences in a psychopath and a two year old, is the two year old will grow out of those narcissistic tendencies, but the psychopath is STUCK THERE FOREVER! (well, two year olds are CUTE too, and the Ps aren’t!)

I got the book off Amazon for 1 cent plus $3.99 shipping! I’ll let you know if it gives me any more insights into anything! I had ordered 3 other books and was watching the mail box for them to arrive. When I went to Amazon today I realized why they hadn’t arrived, I hadn’t “gone to check out” and they were still waiting in my shopping cart! DUH! LOL


oxy – munchausen’s by proxy is one of the first ways i described the whole thing before i knew she was a spath.

have you heard of the new movie ‘Catfish.’ – look it up! some great video on 20/20 about it.

i’ll get the listener movie. my effing back is out – even have to type laying down – so it’s lots of movies for me!

Ox Drover

Dear One_step,

20/20 was on the other night about the Catfish thing and I saw the promo but didn’t watch it as there was something else I watched. I will catch it in re-run. I don’t have cable just 4 channels of broadcast TV and can’t get on-line vids as am limited in speed and amount of stuff I down load. I LOVE Robin Williams and was flipping channels today when I was on couch on back with swollen feet up in the air when I saw Williams and the movie was nearly over but I watched what was left then saw the credits saying about the book and about the story being about a “real” situation like that and I thought about you.

I worked with an RNP once that several of us thought was a Munchausen by proxy mother—she eventually got fired by the hospital after she was caught breaking into the clinic where we had worked together (and she no longer did) at night…eventually lost her license as well. I think she was doing drugs herself as well, or maybe giving them to her kid…just gave me the willies, but I wasn’t the only one who felt that way about her. Looking back now, I think she was probably a psychopath as well…but ATTENTION SEEKING.

Just because a person is a psychopath doesn’t mean they don’t have “OTHER ISSUES” or mental illnesses or problems. Many of them are depressed, have bi-polar, ADHD, and who knows what else, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Statistically more of them are also left handed, which I thought was odd as well. I wish I could be around in another 100 years to see what they have learned about the brain and personality by then!

Sorry about your back! feel better!


Dang I’m totally wrecked but I can’t quit reading!!

I watched Catfish on 20/20 last night and the guy that was duped, Nev, looks so much like my older son I was stunned. Wow, like twins. Can’t decide who is more spath-the woman who conned him or him!!

When he realized that he was being “conned” (he was on youtube making comparisons to the “virtual” gf and a professional singer) he was joking and laughing that “they” are PSYCHOPATHS!! I would have been visibly upset and disturbed, NOT laughing about it.

And when he asked the woman who “conned” him to pretend one more time that she was the “virtual” gf, he seemed pleased to hear her use the voice she scammed him with. Dang, I wudda slammed her or at least looked saddened to hear a “voice” that did not exist. He supposedly was deeply in love with the “gf”.

According to 20/20, there are critics who say the makers of Catfish staged the whole thing. If so, what a spath thing to do. The real victim was the model whose picture was lifted from the internet to be used as the “virtual” gf!! She was totally unaware that her image was used in that manner. SCARY.

To me the whole thing smells of users. UGH!!! The physical resemblance to my son ends there. He ( my son) is a very kind young man and would not even think of producing such a film not even for money, fame whatever.



adamsrib – i haven’t looked at catfish closely enough to know if the damn thing is a scam – all i know is the scam it smells a lot like my spath’s m.o. it isn’t, but it sure smells like her.

Ox Drover

Didn’?t see it but will try to catch a rerun of it.

My late husband had his business conned out from under him in the early 1970s and it was nothing but CON MEN who set out to TARGET his multimillion dollar business “legally” and then once they had their hands on the paperwork keep him busy with R&D and out of the office while they skimmed all the assets and he eventually came home to an empty factory! One of the men went to prison for 4 years on another fraud, but the rest of them skated with my husband’s money, leaving him dead broke! And the civil law helped them. My husband kept a grudge about that for the rest of his life….he finally “won” in court but all all he recovered were boxes of company papers—everything else was gone. He and I sat and went through the papers and we saw how they did it but there was nothing left to sue them for, and he had no money to sue them anyway, and the cops don’t want to get into civil fraud so the psychopaths won that round.

Letting go of those losses we can’t control, whether it is the loss of someone, or something large or small, is in the end, letting go of our dreams and plans for the future. Sometimes letting go of that is more powerful and painful than letting go of something already a bird in the hand.

It seems to be that the things we have imagined have more grasp on our minds and emotions than the things that are real.

Right now, I am looking at making plans for the future—deciding what I want to do or be in the 5 years after the parole hearing.

There are still a lot of unknown things about life that can influence what path I will take or what my goals will be. I’m trying to sort them down 1 or 2 a day to make a little progress.

Baby steps.


Very interesting comments on this thread..
What stands out the most is the acknowledgement that they are like infants. If we look at EVERYTHING that they do from that perspective, it is so much less confusing. They are only capable of infant reaction regardless of their IQ.
Except for a few things:
the lefthandedness. I’ve noticed it too. not sure why it seems true. Also, majority of our presidents have been left handed. Not so much at the beginning, but the last century it dominates. Before the last century, left handed children were punished and forced to learn right handedness, so possibly it was a “hidden” trait?
Misogyny. this is another thing I don’t get. I think it has something to do with their attraction to authority. Most authorities are traditionally male. But misogyny is not just a male behavior, there are many misogynist women out there. My misogynist BF hates the word because there is not the equivalent word for a man-hater, so I came up with one for him: Misterogyny!
Lastly, I’ve noticed many have high IQ’s. This could be related – but then, it doens’t explain my stupid sister.
Someone mentioned that head injuries may be part of it.
Both my brother and sister (sociopaths) had head injuries as babies. Maybe it was because they were more precocious already – as future spaths – and had more accidents, or maybe it caused the problem. Both were extremely adorable at birth (according to my N-mother) and they looked more alike than my older sister and myself.
Just stuff I ruminate on as I try to see the connections….

Ox Drover

Dear CA mom,

You are right, we could all write a book, I think the problem is that we would all be describing the same person—and mostly the same plot.

P-lies, hooks victim, P abuses victim, victim catches on, victim tosses P, victim suffers, victim recovers, P goes on to find new victim.There are of course a few plot twists we can put in, of the couple having children and the P physically or emotionally abusing the children as well, or trying to control them.

Not a great deal of plot variation…just details, but the same toxic creeps, just with different faces, like different actors playing the same Role in a play. Pretty predictable when you think about it. Pretty obvious when you look at in in hind sight. It is only when we are involved int he play (thinking it is life) that it seems so real and so painful, but once we are out, and off the state, and realize it was all a toxic play, we can look back without the pain at the memory of those horrible times.

We are free now. Free to be legitimate. Free to be real. Free to be honest. Free to be OURSELVES in peace and joy! LIFE IS GRAND!



yeah, they seem to all have that odor of falsity that at first can smell like Polo, or Giorgio Armani (or Este Lauder) etc but then as you get into the second act of the play (thanks Ox for that metaphor) it begins to smell faintly like a rotting something that you can’t put your finger on but it wafts in and out of your psyche playing on your false sense of romance. By Act III, it is a full on frontal attack of the naris by the smell of SULFUR because it is coming from the bowels of HELL!…..

🙂 that felt good….


Well guys, I was just checking on Dancing Warrior. I am hoping she is doing better this morning, What a precious girleen she is.

I am off to have a life today. Whether I want to or not.

Blessings to youse all!!


Ox Drover

Dear Adamsrib,

Yea, their “perfume” does sort of start to smell like sulfur–rotten eggs—before the third act is done! But they try to tell us it is really the smell of ROSES—hey, the “sulfur by any other name, STINKS THE SAME!!! (I need to boink myself for that low pun! LOL) But it is your fault, you gave me the idea! LOL (how is that for projection!?!) LOL


you are too much gurl hahahaha 🙂


soapers, I agree… the comments here really detract from what could otherwise be an excellent resource. It’s a shame that it keeps people from participating.


soapers and whatevs,
for what its worth both men and women who have a bunch of kids that they don’t raise are equally disgusting. Here’s the funny part when a woman does it: IT’S A LOT OF WORK! BEING PREGNANT TAKES 9 MONTHS! Even if you leave right after childbirth, your body is left recuperating for months, if not years and it takes an enormous toll on your health. So for a woman to do this is just STUPID! For a man to do this, it take maybe 5 minutes and he may even forget that he did it.
So, you see, that’s what Oxy found amusing. A stupid sociopath is kinda funny even tho tragic too (for her children and victims)
Feel better?


Soapers and whatevs…..why don’t you offer solution based comments and ADD something to the discussion that YOU would like to entertain?

I used to tell my spath…..If you have nothing to say…..say nothing!

Ox Drover

I agree with ErinB, soapers and whatevs, if you have any comments besides very vague criticisms of others posts, please share them with us so that we may be enlightened and you(?) and others might want to participate. It actually seems that there is very good participation here on this site from the points of view of those of us here who do participate.

EB, I saw some plants I want to put in the garden today. They are quite nice..I’m putting up a decorative stone formation made out of gray rocks and stones. Should be a quiet and peaceful place to stay for watching birds. Maybe with a little chair to sit there and watch for the birds to come enjoy the rocks and plants. What does that sound like to you?

kim frederick

Oh my. Your peaceful, meditative garden space sounds lovely, Oxy.

And such a beautiful time of year, to sit and contemplate nature, the changing of the seasons, and just breathe.

I had a nice, peaceful week-end. I did some cooking, and knitting, and meditating. I went shopping and bought 2 pairs of flannel pajamas, and a pizza-stone!

Had no computer access, so missed my friends, here.
Hope you all had a pleasant week-end, as well.

Don’t let the garden gnomes get to ya…Plant a bunch of Mums around them.

Ox Drover

Dear Kimmie,

Darling I think MUMs would be the BEST thing to plant around them! How Brilliant you are!!! Glad you had a peacefu8l and good weekend! I am so happy for you! What a wonderful way to spend the first weekend of the rest of your life! ((((hugs)))))


I also agree…..I love purple Mums. Purple mums amongst grey rocks in the garden add such a fabulocity contrast.
The colors, the atmosphere…….makes for a peaceful retreat indeed!
I’m gonna look for a plastic owl to keep the rats from eating my Mums. Maybe a pink flamingo or two!

I picked up (at the thrift store), 6 awesome English pub stools. They are only 18 inches high with wrought iron legs and a little paddled cushion on top…..I have some in the garden and one by the fireplace and a few in the garage room the kids use for movie night and games.
I think I will put one in my MUM garden too!

Kimmie…your weekend sounded wonderful and relaxing…..yes…indeed, a great way to start the first weekend of the rest of your life!

Gonna go get those Mums now…..

Ox Drover

Ah yes, the LoveFraud and Gardening and bird watching blog! LOL

Cloudy here this morning, but probably won’t rain! More wildfires in the state, one with a plume of smoke seen over 100 miles away. Gosh it is DRY here. We are 20 inches under normal for this time of year ( >50%) and what little rain we got all came at once in the early spring…I sit here in the woods with 6 inches of leaf fall on the ground, at the top of a hill and hope to heck the drilling rigs to the south of me don’t spark a fire of some kind to blow up the hill!

With no psychopaths to worry about I get to think about all the OTHER things in the world that could happen! LOL

Well, got 4 more books on the way now (instead of sitting in my cart on Amazon) including the one Dr. Leedom wrote about, Reid Meloy’s book she wrote about in her last article. I will give him one more shot at reading his books….many of them are way too much “word salad” that I think is his attempt at sounding “scholarly” at the expense of clarity. I did tend to lose a bit of respect for his opinions on psychopathy though when he testified that the “violent” pictures a young man drew meant he was drawing the murder—the young man was exonerated by DNA after 10 years of prison for a murder he did NOT commit, or draw pictures of. I realize that anyone can make a misjudgment, but after seeing the documentary, which included Meloy’s testimony, and the drawings, and the evidence about the murder, I think Meloy was so WAY OFF it wasn’t even close, but it helped put that young man in prison as there was no real evidence to do so.

In fact, it was later proven that the detective actually WITHHELD evidence that would have proven the kid innocent at the time of the trial. I think the detective was/is a psychopath intent on WINNING and “looking good” for the murder.

I’m interested in reading This book but it will be my last if it isn’t more clearly written than the others. That’s the great thing about Bob Hare, is he writes where anyone who can read can understand his points.


I wish more books came out on CD. I’m not much of a sit still ‘reader’ type…..I will listen to CD’s as I multitask….clean bathrooms, drive……but not much time to just ‘sit’.


Ox Drover

I’ve got a bunch of novels on tapes and used to play them in my car to and from work, beat the radio most of the time and I enjoyed it. I still have some I haven’t listened to and may get them out. I can usually pick them up at junk stores for 1-2 bucks each.

I love to read, and love to hold a book, so I can mark it up, and keep a pink and yellow highlighter on hand as I read to mark places. GOOD books and references I keep and reread. Problem is I’m a book-a-holic and my son D is too…husband was as well, so it is hard not to overload the house on books to point I can’t walk! But I am getting more selective. Well…..a BIT more selective….well,l a LITTLE BIT more selective….a TINY little bit more selective of the ones i keep! LOL


The only ‘Sociopathic’ info book I have is ……The Sociopath next door…..listened to it several times.

I’ve not been able to find Dr’ Hares or any other educational book on the topic on CD.


Ox Drover

EB, you lazy thing, GET IT AND READ!!!! LOL My step dad used to say the “laziest man he knew about tried to find a pregnant woman to marry so he wouldn’t have to make a baby!” LOL If you can READ here you can hold a freaking book! LOL (head shaking here!) ROTFLMAO I think you are cracking me up but I needed the laugh so that’s fine! LOL


Well I find this story amusing, and I am not a woman. A red- haired middle aged mother of 3, pleasantly plump too. I guess she needed one for the kids, one for companionship and one for sex. The lies are outrageous. I like the part where it says she was being held at the Dumphries sheriffs office. Everyone involved with this woman is feeling a little dumb, just like the psychopath had in mind. I bet there is no shame involved either.

Ox Drover

Dear Teacher, “Dumphries sheriff’s office” I MISSED THAT, THANKS FOR THE CHUCKLE!


Oxy….I’m too busy reading legal docs and researching to sit down…….
My gf jokes and says…..”oh, let me guess, you found that information on pg. 789994 of the legal handbook”……we laugh…..
She knows I will research whatever is going on in my life…..AND my friends if they want or I am curious. The web is much more effective….
I probably spend most of my day reading…..JUST NOT HOLDING A DANG BOOK!
Ya bookworm you!!!!

I can’t tell you how many books I have……just never read them. 🙂

I even got rid of all my cookbooks……(SPATHS TOO!)….I dont follow recipes either.

I’m weird like that.

Ox Drover

Dear EB,

Some of the best meals I have made have been some experiments of some of this and some of that! Only thing I don’t read is recipie books! (well, once in a while< but not often!)

Gosh I'm hungry!!!!! WHINE!!!!! but no cheese and no wine!!!!


I read Donna’s book!

Ox Drover

Dear EB, I stayed up all night reading Donna’s book! I couldn’t put it down!


Epilepsy is a very interesting clue. My S-sister has a mild form, called Auras. Got it after a head injury in a car accident. But also interesting is that epilepsy is an electrical problem in the brain and I’ve read that sociopaths have different types of brain waves. Don’t remember all the details, butI thought I read that many have heart arrhythmias and muscle spasms. It could be that they just take too many stimulants. But Maybe some electroshock therapy is in order?

Ox Drover

Sky, Good idea!

“electroshock therapy”— like plugging their finger into a 220 socket with their feet in water! Might work! Maybe we could get a few of them to try it and see how it helps…now I think most states use some other method of execution, lethal injection mostly, but I think Utah can still use a firing squad.

Recently (this is a laugh, but TRUE!) several states had to delay executions because the DRUGS THEY USE WERE OUT DATED—what???? did they think the outdated drugs might be DANGEROUS???


(flings hand in air and waves it madley) OH! OH! OH! i have a volunteer…jest let me get her off the roofrack. (fallis a good time to hunt in the northern Us.S…it isn’t like there is a TRUE season on them or anything).

stillll mondoly messed up on the drugs they gave me. could not coud not function today…eeee.

Ox Drover

Dear One_step,

“Blackpowder” season opens for deer here in the next few days, (muzzle loaded guns) and I asked about TAGS for psychopaths, but they said that the only season open for them was TURKEY season! LOL BUT, if they had horns at least 6 inches long there was an exception! So, I don’t know….I’ve driven them off the farm so I’d have to go somewhere else to hunt, and the deer don’t shoot back, but you never know about the psychopaths!

Sorry you are under the weather still…drugs make me puke or sleep so hope you are doing the sleeping not the puking. I can see they aren’t helping your spelling any! 🙂 ((((Hugs)))) Get better soon!


hehe…open game iniloisy spaths!!!



OH MY – I needed a smile..Open ‘paint ball gun’ season on sociopath’s ..


ah yes, Oxy! hunting season. for the P’s! I like it! why do we need a permit?

super chic

Those paint ball hits sting like a bee !!! Yeah!
Make a bullseye on their ass
and let the muzzle loaded gun games begin!!!

kim frederick

We could sentence them to wearing deer costumes and living in the woods….

Ox Drover

How come it is when we get silly we get to imagining violence on the psychopaths!?? I think EB and I am rubbing off on you guys! I guess I need to BOINK EB and ME (hey that rhymes!) And after all of the forgiveness I preach—oh, well a little imaginary paint ball probably won’t kill us—it is less violent than a lot of things I imagined. LOL

Yea, I DO like the target on the butt and open season with paint ball guns, but those are like machine guns, not muzzle loaders! ouch ouch OUCH! LOL


one step still here-stillwhipedout on muscle relaxants and pain killers,and stillready, once abele to take aim at her spathy butt…


line that psychopath butt up…..I have a bucket full paint and a cannon to shoot it forth with….may every psychoapthic evil person be paintballed to death in a public celebration….we will call Ex factor…..take aim….. one step take aim …..and FIRE!!!!!!


Eh…as you um can see….I have not really recovered much…but I’m trying and I have got 12 months no contact



I NEVER said a word!

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