British woman commits bigamy twice in seven months

Patricia Penrose, 51, apparently got bored of her long-term marriage. So she met two other men through lonely hearts advertisements and married them as well. Penrose managed to keep the charade going for four years.

Read Woman who married three husbands at once ”¦ and explained her absences by claiming she had cancer on

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It’ll happen…’ll happen.
One day when he’s all nice and cocky…..he’ll get busted AND with his rightful punishment by the strictest standards of the law.
Or….maybe the IRS will come a knockin….and there will be NO wiggle room then!

So this woman had THREE husbands? Doesn’t that make her a trigamist?


Too bad you aren’t in law enforcement where you could nab criminals, getting them behind bars, making “it stick” (where they would actually pay for their crimes, having a stint in the “big house”). I think you would make a great detective or private investigator.

Dear BJ, I have said the same thing to EB multiple times! Either that or Law school, and she’s not interested! Maybe WARDEN would be nice too….how about that EB?


If you’re still reading this page, I have to agree with you that for abuse-related groups IN GENERAL, sexism and misandry are a widespread problem, and a serious one. The dynamics that drive this problem can be highly detrimental even to public policy. And you and “whatevs” are right that hostility of that kind does keep men away from MANY forums dealing with abuse.

However, forums do vary widely, and I can’t say I’ve seen any particular sexism or man-hating on THIS site of Donna’s.

Now maybe you’ve seen something here that I haven’t. I can’t say whether you have or not.

But when I look at the EXAMPLE of supposed “man hating” you’re offering on this page, it turns out to be nothing of the kind!

OK, so there’s a female who’s been exploiting men by marrying them under false pretenses. Oxy remarks that this perpetrator must have gone to an awful lot of work and trouble to take advantage of these men. But what’s “wrong” with Oxy’s remark?

Nothing. She’s not expressing approval of what this woman did. She’s making an observation with more general validity. Namely, that a lot of wrongdoers make great sacrifices and even end up punishing themselves in various ways, all for very little gain. That applies all the way down the scale, from the killer down to the petty thief.

For instance, one notorious psychopath murdered six people on different occasions over the years so that he could live on the money he made out of them. The pathologist who proved the identity of his last victim and helped bring him to justice remarked that for as much profit as it brought this killer, he could have made more money at just about any honest occupation. Instead he was executed.

At the other end of the scale, we regale ourselves with funny stories about stupid burglars who try to get into buildings down the chimney and end up stuck there. In the end, the laugh is on THEM. That’s what’s amusing about this bigamist woman too. She must have gone to SO much trouble to avoid being found out, that in a way the laugh is on her.

FAILURE to make harshly acrimonious remarks about a female miscreant is NOT evidence of “man hating.” The two issues are completely separate.

All right, I’m not missing the point. I know what you’re really claiming–that “IF [the perpetrator] had been a man – THEN [you] think the response would have been significantly harsher and acrimonious.” That’s what you THINK–but is that true?

Well, just a few weeks ago there was another report of bigamy on here, that time by a man. Here it is:

Man marries two women in one week

What did Oxy have to say about that guy?

The answer is… NOTHING! Nothing at all! Far from venting any special animosity because the offender happened to be a man, I gather Oxy wasn’t sufficiently moved even to comment on this guy. She made a remark about bigamy in general, and chatted about other things, but not about this bigamist himself. Check it out for yourself.

Furthermore, dipping into other recent stories on this site, I next glanced at this one:

Bobbi Ann Finley seduces and swindles 14 husbands

Oxy was the first poster to comment. What did she write?

“I thought she was as bad as JAMES MONTGOMERY. […] This woman is a one-woman tidal wave of evil! […] When you think you have “seen it all” someone pops up and makes you realize you haven’t!”

Then I looked at this one about another female swindler:

Con woman ordered to repay male victim

Here again, Oxy was the first poster to comment, and her post ended with the words:

“I hope this con artist ROTS!”

There’s no way I’m going to spend all day looking at things like this, but what I’ve seen up until now doesn’t come close to supporting your assumption of “man hating” in any way.

Now I noticed you’ve had a bad personal experience of your own with a woman you identified as “sociopathic,” though all I could find about it was on this page:

Soapers’ story

So have you also had bad experiences in the past where you told your story somewhere and it was dismissed? Or worse, where someone tried to put the blame on you for it instead? If you have, then I’m afraid that does happen in some places, unfair as it is. I’ve seen it happen myself on numerous occasions.

But even if you have, it won’t help you one bit if you go around EXPECTING sex bias, or EXPECTING this kind of rejection everywhere. If you do, you’re likely to fall into the trap of “seeing” what you expect to see! The trap of imagining you see sex bias where it isn’t. Or anyway of exaggerating what little there may be, and making a mountain out of a molehill.

Then if you THINK you see anti-male hostility and come back with remarks about people being “off their meds”… well naturally, people are going to make rude remarks to you in return! Then you’re going to point a finger at them and say “SEE? I TOLD you so! You’re being rude to me! I KNEW you hated men all the time!”

That’s called a self fulfilling prophecy!

very good research and analysis.
I do wish more men would post on this site, just because I’d like to learn more about their perspective. I imagine that sociopaths must come in both sexes, so why don’t more men post here?

Dear Redwald,

A very interesting post above in response to Soapers’ previous posts. I had not seen the Soaper’s Story over on the Lovefraud the BOOK blog.

The concept you so nicely described of the self-fulfilling prophecy is so important for us all I think.

The Bible says it as “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” but is basically the same thing. If we think we are a failure, we will quit and we will fail, if we think we can succeed then we work until we succeed.

If I think you are GOING to be rude to me I will be rude to you first and then when you are hostile back, my prophecy is fulfilled!

It really is amazing to me sometimes just how HARD THE PSYCHOPATH WORKS to get their dishonest dollar when the same amount of work focused toward honest toil would net them more! My P-son would rather steal $1 in an hour’s work than work for an honest 100$ in that same hour. It wasn’t just for the money, it was for the THRILL of getting away with something dishonest.

“a further problem with our beliefs….is the irrational loyalty that we show toward them. Once acquired, even the most erroneous beliefs enjoy an undeserved degree of protection from rejection and revision. So what with our proclivity toward seeking evidence that supports whichever hypothesis we happen to be entertaining, our penchant for simply inventing supporting evidence, and our pigheaded retention of beliefs, it is easy to see how our unsound scientific strategies can have an unhappy consequences.” ( Quoted from “A Mind of Its Own, How your Brain Distorts and Deceives,” by Dr. Cordella Fine, PhD, page 89.)

This is quite an interesting book BTW, showing how we deceive ourselves with our brain’s help, in order to stabilize “reality” into a more predictable (therefore less scary) scenario.

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