Buddhist monk who amasses $33 million charged with fraud

Yes, sociopaths can infiltrate all religions. Wirapol Sukphol, a Buddhist monk, is the center of the biggest religious scandal Thailand has seen in years. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. Charges include statutory rape, embezzlement and online fraud in seeking donations. He is believed to have fled to the United States.

Jet-setting Thai monk on run from police, on TheStar.com.

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Just proves that sociopaths can infiltrate and take advantage of any religion.

I agree. High-functioning, intelligent, ambitious psychopaths /sociopaths gravitate to positions of power.

Being in a position of authority and trust makes it easier for them to trick and exploit other people. For spaths its all just a game, and they’re in it to “win” no matter what it takes, even murder. Tricking and using other people *and getting away with it* is a “win” for the psychopath.

So, anything, ANY position of responsibility and trust that offers them power/authority draws them like a magnet: the world of politics, the corporate/business world, the financial world, the entertainment world, charity organizations, religious organizations, police forces, the medical profession, the military, the family, a love relationship… pretty much ANY organization or group, or individual: anyone or any organization can be riddled with spaths.

Spaths are intra-species predators, and any disguise that will help them be a more effective predator is fair game, even a clerical collar (or other religious symbol of trust and responsibility, such as a yellow robe, etc.)

There is a happy medium between being too trusting (the innocence and gullibility of a child) and being a cynical, jaundiced hermit who trusts no one.

Its really HARD to tread the middle path of having an open, loving heart that is guided by a rational, rather skeptical mindset.

Wow, you don’t hear about too many Buddhist monks being sociopaths, though some are notorious womanizers. Letting go of attachment to material things is the very heart of the Buddhist philosophy. It would be very odd to hear of a Buddhist monk who had amassed such an obscene amount of money. Most of the Buddhist friends I have (myself included) are poor and not really motivated by money. Their lifelong spiritual quest is very genuine.

I’m sure I read somewhere that the Dalai Lama wears Gucci loafers.

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