Buzzfeed reports R&B star R. Kelly keeps a “cult” of women

R. Kelly in a photo posted on his website,

R. Kelly, a music superstar who has won multiple Grammy awards and sold more than 40 million records, allegedly keeps six women living in his properties in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs, according to a report on Buzzfeed.

The mother of one of the women, a 21-year-old aspiring singer, says her daughter is “being held against her will” in a “cult.” The daughter says she’s doing fine.

Buzzfeed writes:

Three former members of Kelly’s inner circle — Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — provided details supporting the parents’ worst fears. They said six women live in properties rented by Kelly in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs, and he controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters that he records.

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R. Kelly is holding women against their will in a “cult,” parents told police, on

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Such an incredibly scary situation for these victims who have no idea they are being mind controlled by him & so so scary their parents/family to sit on the side lines helpless.

It’s not shocking that this guy has gotten away with all his hellish evilness to women for years.

Everyone thinks that the Church of Scientology is the biggest “cult” in Hollywood. But it is NOT. The biggest “cult” in Hollywood is the secret cult called the Illuminati Cult. Illuminati Cult members include most of Hollywood (actors, directors, music etc) & most of our world politicians including Presidents, Prime Misters, most Billionaires & Kings/Queens!!!!!! The music industry has been sucked into this cult, The biggest singers are members, I’m guessing without even knowing they are involved in a cult.

Had someone told me this prior to crawling out of hell from my ex h, a sociopath, I would never have believe that our world is controlled by a evil sinister cult leaders and their cult called the Illuminati and other cults that are intertwined with the Illuminati cult, like Free Masons, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Billderberg Group. (google each of these with the word “you tube” and read up on the history of each. George Bush Sr & Jr are members of the Skull & bones & Illuminati, Clintons are members of Freemason & Billderberg & illuminati, Ronald Reagon Bohemian Illuminati etc. Look up each politician.

if you are willing to see the truth, the Illuminati cult has been right there in front of everyones eyes around the world, but none of us have been educated on how to spot a cult and for this cult, the media does not tell us how to spot the Illuminati cult because most of the media (if not all) is controlled by the Illuminati cult members including magazines, tv, newspaper, music industry etc. The Illuminati symbols are EVERYWHERE and all of these pelicans, world leaders, singers, media stars etc ALL use the Illuminati hand signals!!!

These secret “society” cults have really destroyed humanity.

If you google these quoted below words, you will see the real world for the first time. Just like you did when you came to LF and learned about who you were dating or married to = a sociopath. Cult leaders are ALL Sociopaths or psychopath. it does not matter if it’s one cult member type (domestic abuse) or 1 billion follower cult etc they all use mind control & brain washing to control everyone. This is Why our governments never seem to fix anything, why politicians will just say what ever they want to get elected, then do the opposite after they get into office. But most importantly why corrupt politicians rarely go to prison. They are all members of this cult.

I know it sounds far fetched. But dig a little and you will see the truth.


“Illuminati hand gesters & symbols” (then with the word “you tube” to watch videos)

“Illuminati celeberties hand symbols you tube”

This guy that the article is about!!!!!!!!! “R Kelly Illuminati” (he is believed to be a member of this cult!!!)

“Rapper music industry Illuminati”

“Nike Illuminati” (then with the words You tube)

“Adidas Illuminati” (then with the words you tube to watch videos)

“Illuminati hollywood movies you tube” (then with the words tv)

“Kardashian Illuminati you tube” (J-Z, Beyonce, Madonna…all the biggest stars in hollywood). Read the lyrics of these top singers & you will see they even use the world Illuminti (i.e. J-Z’s songs) and they also say they “sold their soul to the devil” this is the illuminati cult even Kate Perry has stated this in an interview!!!

Most large corporations are members of this cult!!! And their products have illuminati symbols on their merchandise that they sell to clueless consumers and corporate emblem also have Illuminati symptoms.

SO SO CRAZY when you start to see what your ex sociopath did to you on a grand scale world wide. OPEN YOUR EYES and you will see the hell that these sociopaths spread world wide right before your eyes.

I’m glad this mother knows that this guy has brain washed & has her daughter under his mind control this will help when the daughter finally breaks her mind free. Hope this mother reads the book Freedom of Mind by Steven Hassan (he is a cult expert his site is Freedom of mind resource center).

I know this all sounds far fetch. It was for me to when I started to search this out during last November election but you will see this cult is every where embedded in rap music etc etc.

Do I think this guy is a sociopath? YES!! more like HELL YES!! But I also think he is in the Illuminati cult…I believe a lot of sociopaths flock to Hollywood and end up in the illuminati cult simply because birds of a feather flock together.

Praying for these women so escape this evil mans grips.

Thank you for posting this story Donna.


Conspiracy theories are fascinating, unfortunate mostly based on assumptions and no evidence. I watched the Nike and Adidas Illuminati videos, they are just click bait.

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