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Canadian Adam Buttigieg leaves a trail of defrauded women and landlords

When Adam Buttigieg, 36, of Toronto, needed of a place to live, he would find a woman with an online dating profile, form a relationship, and then move in with her, promising to split the rent. The woman may have had hopes of marriage, but instead was left in financial and emotional ruin.

Buttigieg has left a trail of defrauded women and landlords, but now talks about “rehabilitation.” He has also admitted that his file should come with a “big red flag.”

This story was sent to Lovefraud by a reader whose relative was also targeted by Adam Buttigieg.

Bad tenant, bad boyfriend reveals his methods, says ”˜I should have a big red flag’, from

Bad tenant gets house arrest for fraud, forgery and bad cheques, from


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“I love you—give me money!”

It would have been interesting to hear from this guy’s wife, who presumably divorced him…

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