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Canadian con man and his history of lies

Tim Drummond, 67, from British Columbia, faces two counts of fraud over $5,000 in Newfoundland and Labrador.  According to court documents, those charges are related to allegations that he defrauded a property management company that was acting on behalf of Trina and John Curtis for the rental of their home in Australia.

Drummond started lying for money many years ago. Over the years, the B.C. court has heard stories about overseas family trusts that did not appear to exist, dead relatives that were still very much alive, and a trail of Drummond’s business associates who say they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Paul Williamson said that Drummond is “a con man and a compulsive liar.” Drummond acknowledged that most of his stories were lies. The judge said: “He justified them by testifying that his motive was ”˜to buy some time’ or to achieve ”˜flexibility.’ The judge noted that Drummond did offer “an apology of sorts, and admitted he had been wrong. But he appeared unconcerned about the fact that he had repeatedly lied, and uncomprehending about the havoc he has wreaked in many people’s lives.”

The link to this story was supplied by a Lovefraud reader whose wife is involved with Tim Drummond, the con man.

B.C. ‘con man’ facing fraud charges in N.L., from CBC News

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It doesn’t get more perfect than that! Stealing from the Boy Scouts Christmas Tree Fund!!!

Note that in the early years, he probably looked like a businessman interested in sustainability and an all-around good guy. A more cynical interpretation of that early copper mine deal might be that in order to avoid recognizing the coming cost of and paying remediation, companies need to keep operating at least to some degree. Someone has to run that scaled-down show…

Later, he did not look so good. A string of failed business projects is another common warning sign. I totally experienced this last with my ex H N/P. And I have heard from others whose ex Ns and Ps did the same.


WOW, someone lost their WIFE to this scum?? Thats the story here, for me. Will she see it? Will she get out? Ever?
Will her husband wait for her to surface out of the slime she’s enmired in? Will they be able to reconcile? Or is another family torn apart by disordered personalities? (the husband & wife obviously has issues themselves…)
These are the things I ponder. The scumbag…who cares? Let him rot somewhere. ICK

James Timothy Drummond claimed to be too sick to stand trial on charges against him. In the meantime, new fraud charges were filed.

B.C. ‘con man’ trial delayed due to medical reasons as new charges filed

Story supplied by a Lovefraud reader

In the know

My husband and I know the couple that split up because of this scum. The husband works a well paying job which he had to travel away from home for weeks at a time to bring home the big bucks which paid for their comfortable lifestyle. The wife worked a menial job where she met the scum while he was trying to scam some others. She is less than half the scums age and she believed the scums stories of castles he owned in England, islands in the sun and the Drummond trust funds. She already had it made but figured she struck gold with the scum. So now she has 5 kids with 3 different men including one with the scum. She is a piece of work let me tell you. I was happy to see this gold digger slam face first into a dirt pile but I feel sorry for the kids and her (ex)husband. One day she will have to explain to her children why she left a loving father (who provided for ALL her kids) for an old con man who could be her grandfather….yuk. Good luck with that !



Timothy Drummond – B.C. Con-man pleas guilty to fraud. Faces sentencing and yet more fraud charges:



Timothy Drummond ”“ B.C. Con-man uses children, illness and old age a as defense for fraud :



Timothy Drummond ”“ 69 year old B.C. Con-man sentenced for fraud jail time and supervised probation.

His lawyer said he didn’t want to go to jail because he wanted to spend time with his 3 year old son and he might miss his drugs…

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