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Canadian con man’s death ruled a homicide

Timothy Szabolcsi

Timothy Szabolcsi

Timothy Szabolcsi, 52, was found shot dead inside his Surrey, British Columbia home on Friday morning, according to Surrey RCMP. It appeared to be a targeted attack, and someone called police from inside the home. Investigators are treating his death as a homicide. No arrests have been made at this time.

Szabolcsi had been known to use  multiple identities to scam companies and deceive women across North America. Last year, the CBC News I-Team uncovered that Szabolcsi had formerly presented himself as a doctor, a NASCAR driver, a pilot, a youth pastor and a professional hockey player.

Con man Timothy Szabolcsi shot dead in Surrey, B.C., from CBC News.

Szabolsci was previously married to a Lovefraud reader, Sheri Brown, also of British Columbia. Brown told her story on the Dr. Phil Show.

Lovefraud reader’s case on Dr. Phil Monday

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I remember seeing this on Dr. Phil, this guy is a total psychopath, he was so cocky and arrogant, Dr. Phil was to lenient on him!! hate to say it but he got what he deserved!!! He crossed the wrong person. He talked to Sheri like she was a dog, no offense to dogs!!!

Another Lovefraud reader has sent a link to a video about this story. This one includes clips of his Dr. Phil appearance.


This reminds me of a quote from another Lovefraud participant…it went something like:

I wouldn’t kill you. But I would shake the man who did.


Another recent post wrote: I don’t want to kill you but I’d like to read your obituary.


Well at least this story has a happy ending.

I can’t agree with the “happy ending” part.I feel more like the ex-wife Sheri who commented that “my heart goes out to his family”.There’s always more than one victim.

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