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Canadian Patrick Fox uses website to ruin and destroy his ex-wife

Patrick Fox and Desiree Capuano split up 14 years ago. But in 2014, Fox created a website naming his ex-wife and calling her a drug addict, child abuser and white supremacist.

Fox is angry that Capuano has custody of their son and admits that his goal is to destroy his ex-wife. He said he’d only take the website down if Capuano were dead or destitute and homeless, according to CBC News.

Fox lives in British Columbia, Canada, and Capuano lives near Tucson, Arizona. Partly because they live in different countries, Canadian authorities determined that the website was not a threat.

B.C. man Patrick Fox aims to ‘destroy’ ex-wife with revenge website, on


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Rosie Jackson

A friend talked me into joining a well known dating website where she had met her husband who is a nice decent man. After joining and posting pictures of myself I discovered that SOMEONE had used one of my pictures to set up an account for me on a DISGUSTING dating site called “Hot, Sexy MILF’s”. There’s only one person that I KNOW has access to my email account that was used to set up the DISGUSTING profile, but it COULDN’T have been my ex, right? Not the ex that has accounts on and “trolls” every single dating website known to man (both “decent” and DISGUSTING)? Surely not HIM!
And yes I am being completely and totally facetious. Cyber harassment is just one more weapon in the Arsenal of Psychopaths. Psychopaths SUCK!


okay you joined that MILF dating site? and saw your face there with out your knowledge.? curious…. I was receiving a crap load of adverts from that site,so much in one day and it took hours to unsubscribe from that site and i am totally thinking that my husband signed me up on it and thats why i am getting this extreme load of requests to join in mail INbox email. I had this account for 15 years and recently got tired of these porn invites and closed all my social media. What frightens me… that if i take a peek and pretend to be interested in joining, that i may find nude photos of myself and him on it, that we took a year ago on that site…IM freaking scared ….Ive told my ex husband about it when i came back to Ga.tomorrow in the day i will ask him to pretend to sign up and search for my photos….


Hi Donna and others.
This will be the lost time I tell my story for anyone, because I finished with him and I even don’t want to think about it any more.
I had experience with a psychopath not long time ago. My case isn’t so weird compering other’s stories. I am a very loyal, always helping others. I am also divorced for many years. I met my SP at work. He came to me several times as a friend, complaining about his wife and children all the time. We didn’t have anything common and I know the trick about so called bad marriage, so I did not jump on it. Years went by when he said he is in trouble and need a place to stay. I offered him a help and he moved in. I leave in a big house, so I didn’t think about any relationship just to give him a place to stay. His behavior was strange from the beginning. He was very humbled, looked like someone struggling with depression. His behavior was moody most of the time than changed to sweet smiley face, very polite, helpful with cooking, cleaning, etc. until he opened up, telling me stories about his childhood how he was badly treated by his stepfather. I grow up in a loving environment, so I felt sorry for him. I said he can stay as long as he wants, until he find a place. Couple weeks later he said he has no money, so he can’t pay rent. I had money so I didn’t make anything of it. He introduced me to his family, friend, co-workers, and I really was thinking that I found a decent man. We were Ok until I saw that my credit card was charged, my electric bill overcharged, his name showed up on my car insurance policy,( I have two cars, he secretly was driving one, while I was at work) cash started missing etc. I believe he was drugging me with something ( drinks tasted bitter). I never used drugs, I have no clue how is it taste, I am finding out everything after-words, researching the symptoms of Psychopathy. He started making damages in my house too, on my cars, as he was happy to see me spending money on something to fix. Another strange things he did , he took pictures of me everywhere we went, recorded my phone conversations, he has my Soc. sec. number, one time my drivers license was missing. It was a nightmare, every day something. He was asking to give him money to buy something he can’t pay for. I refused, but then he started stilling from me. Asking about my password to my bank account, and personal information to gain excess to it. I finally got him out, and called the police, and reported him. With no evidence, I didn’t get him arrested. In my opinion this is a pure crime. How come the law can’t do anything about it. We have no place to turn for help. These predators knowing the law, staging evidences against us, preparing the biggest lies in advance, can move to the next victim, going undetected through their life, leaving innocent people devastated. We have couple of website we can write,that’s all? Why we can’t expose them by name, or notify the new victim, or name the city they are in, or something that can help others to recognize the person. My SP didn’t act alone, he is supported by his family. I was invited to the family events couple of times. So it was hard to me to see the whole picture until it was too much to take. I believe this is a con man group working together. So I see this and other websites helpful, but not effective to stop these predators or punish them for what they do.


He is very good with computers, so he did all these by accessing my accounts through my personal computer. Took me a year to cancel my credit cards, change passwords with each account, encrypt my files. I did everything I can think of to avoid further damages. Still I am not sure he will post any picture of me on social media. I know he is watching and trying to add himself to my accounts with false names, distributing my email to various websites.


Sorry, whathelpisit, I did not read your last post. You can ignore that part of mine about closing your accounts, etc. I hope this creep causes you no more harm. Sometimes it’s more trouble for them to keep milking the same target when it’s easier for them just to move on to a different target. Did you ever talk with a fraud attorney? Wouldn’t hurt.


Dear whathelpisit,

If he accessed any of your financial accounts without your permission, used your credit cards or forged checks, etc., that is most definitely fraud. A fraud attorney should be able to give you advice. First order of business is to protect yourself from further harm by closing all your accounts and putting a fraud alert on your credit report with all three reporting agencies (I think you only need to call one, and they will report it to all three). That way he cannot open any new accounts in your name. I use a prepaid Legal Service, Legal Shield. They are a very good low-cost way to get legal questions answered. If you gave him passwords or access into your accounts, you may not have any legal recourse. It would be good to find out either way so you can move on with your life.

The best way I know to psychologically arm yourself from these types of con artists is to stop enabling others because you feel sorry for them, and especially a potential mate. To me, a man is not a real man if he cannot support himself and have something to contribute to MY life. A real man has pride and would not try to get involved in a relationship until he had his own act together. Period. Anything less than that is unacceptable.


Thank you Stargazer for your advise. I did all you said about my accounts. Unfortunately He didn’t move on without costing me more. I received a 1099 from a company I did not work for showing a income with my name and address and business name he opened with me but I closed it soon after he left. I didn’t close the ID number with Irs just with state. I notified IRS just now, and called the company the 1099 came from. I don’t know where else he claimed he worked for under our joint company’s name but it is possible I have to pay taxes after his income.


When i escaped Houston, Texas in Dec last year, i brought along all my bills to the apt that had his name on it and by Jan 3 i was making copies of these bills and a one page long cover letter explaining that i lived in that state for five months and this man disappeared with out a trace as well explain the debt that was hanging at Wells Fargo bank was his (not like it mattered) including the date i left Texas and came to GA. This way it covers a pattern of this mans debt that isn’t being followed by the credit bureaus because he is not a US citizen.I list my husband dob, social security , His texas drivers lic # and the Georgia Dr.Lic number and the address that he seems to always use while in Texas is the address of the home he shared divorced and married to his second wife In Lilburn, Georgia…….I even shot an email to my husband of what i did five weeks after i did it to ensure that all credit agencies understood that this mans debt isnt in Georgia any more , its in Texas and gave all the alias names he used….Man , he was not happy. I had to …so far the agencies took my statement into account the date i noted establishes me in Georgia so any debt he uses is meant that he forged those assumed joint credit Im in the hole of300.00 and he emptied our joint account of a little near 5 k…dont know the exact since he was bleeding me dry every day…Thank God for my daughter whose the only that believed my story and sent her daddy to save me…my other six kids hate me and call me ugly names..i can live with that for now.


theres this agency called FINDER MONKEY…they’re fees are near 700.00 american dollars…they help find extended family members in the UK…but since i have no job i cant afford it but the agency is going to be an idea if i need to get to that point …then there was this atty in Uk that said the victim in Uk can still report the molestation and rape but the victim is my husband sister but he refused to answer my questions about reporting a murder?////so that went a dead end. SO i found this other site like report a crime in Mid England area and documented alot of things and offered my land line number and have yet to received a phone call about it…so that went a dead end…but my husband may not be lying….on this part…he told that same story to his ex wife knowing that they have a great semi understanding. When i asked the ex wife to help me follow up on it , then she went stupid on me and told me that she never shared a story like that to me..SO go figure, like i said , shes an enabler .either that shes lonely and she wants him back because both love to use fake profiles and punk other victims on FB.
For now I am trying to locate this one family he stayed with in 2009 that kicked him out of their home after two months.. The lady accused him of poisoning her food. Shes diabetic and was sent to the hosp once because of her blood pressure was elevated. I know the one source for sure , she kicked him out for some strong reason because i went there ( for now my memory is foggy as to where that address is in My area of Georgia ) but im working on trying to locate that family that kicked him out. Im so curious , it burns inside me to find out.perhaps the woman can help me unfold the mystery.

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