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Canadian woman aspires to be a famous killer

Michelle Erstikaitis is obsessed with serial killer Paul Bernardo. She scored 37.8 out of a possible 40 on the PCL-R and was declared a dangerous offender. But two weeks ago she was released from custody to “supervision.”  We’ll see how that works out.

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It’s funny how people talk about physical violence as the be-all and end-all of criminality and threat. But what this woman did goes w-a-a-y beyond cruel, and in my opinion, is far worse than any physical violence she could have done.

“Michelle also frequently phoned Debbie Mahaffy, mother of Leslie, one of Bernardo’s young victims. Sometimes she pretended to be Leslie. Other times she threatened to kill Debbie and her son. She was eventually convicted of making death threats.”

Anyone who is at all familiar with those murders (Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were dubbed the “Ken and Barbie killers” in the U.S. press) understands just how astoundingly evil this was.


I would have liked to see her eyes more opened and without makeup. Scoring 37.8 she’s a pure psychopath. Almost perfect! What a scary woman!!! Aaaaaahhh

Ox Drover

This article just takes my BREATH away….like a punch in the gut! WHAT THE FARK IS WRONG with the justice system of any country that will turn someone like her loose on the public…??????? WTF????

Well, the Trojan Horse Psychopath that attacked our family had raped 3 kids, and the DA here made a deal with him for just a gun charge and 3 years for trying to kill my son, and dismissed all other charges against him, his parole officer didn’t even know he was a sex offender, and the parole board had ILLEGALLY paroled him to a half way house even though I had written them about his sexual offenses and ARK act 679 prohibits any sex offender being paroled to a half way house.

Yea, I know it was a retorical question. Breathe, Oxy, Breathe, in…out…in….out




if my spath was physically violent and willing to be above the ‘radar’ she would be JUST like this. she once claimed (in one of her cons, to have worked for united press and interviewed Ted Bundy…)

i have NO idea why this woman is out roaming around, or why Karla Holmolka (pleaaaaa bargain) is now living in the Antilles, with a FREAKING BABY, and a new husband.

my spath is married, too. her 2nd husband. i wonder about him…dupe, accomplice; what is he? she has a couple of close female friends, one is def a dupe, the other….i would suggest she is something else.

that Michelle Erstikaitis was working for the conservative candidate was fitting: the prime minister of canada heads the conservative government, and i’d lay odds that mofo is a spath.


can’t tell you the number of times i have wished I could bomb over the wall at the Kingston Penitentiary, and take out bernardo AND Williams at the same time.


Just wondering. Who do you feel is the bigger ‘path’ in both this case and the one you described with your son: the criminal or the ‘justice’ system that treats them so leniently (and correspondingly treats their victims so harshly)?

Because, as Stargazer said on another thread, they’re like tornadoes (or scorpions in the fable) – they are what they are. But the professionals in the justice system, if anyone should, know exactly what they’re letting loose on the world.


you are right annie – THEY, of all people, should know.


Eva – here is a recent picture of her: it’s a scary article – she wants a kid….sigh. and thinks that she can handle the responsibility of having one because she ‘handled the responsibility of being in prison.’ her boyfriend is quoted as saying that she realized she missed out on a lot, like having kids and getting tattoos. oh my.


Oxy – i don’t know what thread you wrote it on , but you wrote a very nice post the other day, saying you were happy to be walking a healing path with the lovefraud posters. it was very uplifting.


It gets even worse than that. Karla just had her third child in January. There are various groups that “Watch” her online because they are so incensed, even after all these years, about her plea deal and LACK OF sentence. They’ve tracked her location and her posts online (although she’s pretty brazen and doesn’t do much to cover her tracks). She lists herself as a ‘teacher’ in the Antilles, god help us. Even worse, she frequents baby/mother support forums and dispenses parenting advice online. Oh, did I mention she has a business selling INFANT CLOTHES to unsuspecting mothers?

There was another poster on one of the babycentre forums who had also tracked her and made a couple of posts using the online screen name ‘KristenFrench’. Karla’s online screen personna barely flinched and just kept commenting. It’s fascinating to read – it appears that Karla herself logs on to the website to post using various screen names (always defending Karla, of course).

And another WTF situation: if you want to get a real sense of how clueless the average person is about psychopaths, someone ‘outed’ her on the baby forum and warned others to be cautious, and THEY got blasted. There were actually people defending Karla: “she’s done her time”, “motherhood has reformed her”, “who are you to judge?”, blah, blah, blah.

Makes me sick. Donna’s outreach program has a LOT of work to do.

I can send Donna the website if you’re interested. Or you can just google “Update on Karla”. The people on that website should be awarded the Order of Canada, if you ask me.

Ox Drover

There are various “social theories” and in the 1950s it was “popular” to think that a baby was born a BLANK SLATE on which the parents “wrote” for good or bad, and if a kid didn’t turn out right it was the parent’s fault. Even mental illness was blamed on the parents….not genetically but by “abusing” the child or neglecting the child.

Just as some things like TB (which is infectious) was considered “genetic” and mental illness like depression etc. which can be genetic was considered environmental. Actually, even infection has some environmental components as well as infective agents as less than 100% of people exposed to a germ will “get it” as a disease. But you get the point.

Right now it is PC (politically correct) to think that because a kid grows up in an abusive home, or poor, or just not bright enough intellectually to succeed that it is somehow going to be made OK if enough money is thrown at it, if the school is given “career days” or the kid who can’t read is passed through High school so he will have “good self esteem”—-or if he is given a second chance or a third chance to quit robbing liquor stores because he grew up without a father figure in his life or his mother was a whore.

OK it is tough to grow up in a bad neighborhood, or an abusive family but if everyone who grew up in those neighborhoods was the same you might could BLAME the neighborhood and not the individual—but until we stop and start making everyone take responsibility for their own actions….rather than try to palm them off on society, or twinkie’s or being a “gay american” (Jim McGreevey) or any other thing they want to blame their lies and/ or bad acts on…

Life is NOT fair….I should have been born black, 6 ft X inches tall and able to throw a foot or basketball so I could make 22 million a year while beating my wife, then able to kill her and her friend who just happened to stop by while I was doing it and get off, because Mark Furman was a racist and used the N word.

Well, life ain’t fair—get over it—and when people do bad things, take them out of society and keep them out of society. Doesn’t make any difference if they are black, white or green. Break the law, hurt someone, and lose your right to live among free people.

The majority of violent crime is committed by a minority of psychopathic criminals…put these people away and you would eliminate a BIG chunk of the violence in our society. Then, focus the money you saved as a society on education, remediation, drug treatment, etc. Be a different world me thinks.

Unfortunately “politics” runs too much in our country and every special interest group has to paint themselves as “victims” and want special treatment….the crooked politicians the most. The stupid judges who get appointed to government posts on the “Peter Principle” of rising to their level of incompetence.

Ox Drover

Dear One/Joy, thank you, I can’t remember what thread it was on either! LOL CRS for sure—and I AM happy to be sharing this blog with so many other bright, compassionate and kind folks. I learn something new every day here and that is why I am going on 4 years here….gosh! How time flies when you are having FUN!!!! LOL


Annie – man, she sounds SO much like me spath!!! i am very glad people are tracking her and outing her. same with my spath. and the same thing happens with her, too…others defend her and wont’ believe the truth. i don’t think it is encouraging to know their are people who are even more stoooopid than we were.

3 kids. i just keep seeing them as the next victims. how old will they be before she does to them what she did to her own sister?


oxy – the other day when i was in the group i went to, (spirituality, grief/ illness focus) one of the over zealous ‘paraphrases’ said something a bit discounting about this ‘online’ community, and i said, no, they are pretty real regardless of the lack of three dimensionality; thank you very much.


Oh my freaking god, that article you posted!!! I think she’s trying to channel Karla!!!

You know, I think I need to go back to my break from all media. This is just too sickening for words.

Twenty years since Tammy, Leslie and Kristen. Won’t this situation ever go away?


Onestep, what an unexpressive, stupid jerkface she has. She has face of a cheap, brainless prostitute. What a pity they can’t be differenciated from vulgar narcissistics of bad taste!
The father of the baby will lose his penis any day she gets mad at him. He’ll pay the “coituses” with her very expensive. LOL ROTFLAO (i’ve forgotten an initial)


Eva – “M”


Annie – i think about bernardo and homolka, and about peter demerter. do you remember him? don’t know if you are old enough…but i met someone many many years ago who was in involved with the the murder of Christine, his wife. I met this guy in the late 70’s….and HE is has been thrown out of the country 2 times and in HIS 70’s is still a violent criminal.

no, it won’t ever go away. and yes, a moratorium on the media is very important for balance.


One/joy, I remember the Demeter case – but barely.
So how on earth did you meet this guy? Did you know he was involved in the case at the time you met him?

Re; your earlier post about “Steve”. Joe’s PC party was nothing like the bizarro Conservative party we have now. I love the irony of all those shots of Peter MacKay with Russell Williams. Speaking of which, the fact that Erstikaitis supports the Conservative “tough on crime” policy says something – don’t you think!?!

I don’t know if you are in Ontario, but did you see “The Agenda’s” episode on the Conservative tough on crime platform? 20:00:00.0 ”

Priscilla deVilliers was one of the guests (she’s a Crime Victim’s advocate: mother of Nina deVilliers who was murdered at the same time as Leslie and Kristen). She’s a brilliant woman. She talks about how the costs of violent crime are borne overwhelmingly by its victims – and they’re now starting to measure it – to the tune of over a billion dollars per year.


Annie – i haven’t seen it, nor do I know Priscilla deVilliers, but i will check her out. this is what i am going to start looking at now – the cost to ‘victims’ and am looking for support around this. so thanks; great timing. (and i am literally down the street from bernardo. nuff said.)

i didn’t know about the demeter case when i met the guy. i was 18 and two of his ‘women’ on the outside (he was in prison) started grooming me to be a victim. funny thing though – i feel in love with one of the women, and she warned me off. it took me years to see what was going on there – years. I had to leave town for awhile when this guy was out on day passes – he stalked me. okay, nuff of THAT for tonight, too. 😉


I lived in Canada for a time. THe psychopath i met livesd there. They are so lax on crime and murder it is disgusting. Bernarod ex wife is out of jail and use the laws to protect her and they govt there does not let the public see a sex offender registry. Offenders fought and won over privacy rights. Not my cup of tea. They are letting a killer have more freedom because some expert said it was good for him. OMG…. Crimnals here in the US flee to Canada. THen the use the media to not get extradited back here. Sad huh and fraud is rampant and the cops do almost nothing there.

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