Canadian woman aspires to be a famous killer

Michelle Erstikaitis is obsessed with serial killer Paul Bernardo. She scored 37.8 out of a possible 40 on the PCL-R and was declared a dangerous offender. But two weeks ago she was released from custody to “supervision.”  We’ll see how that works out.

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One/joy, I remember the Demeter case – but barely.
So how on earth did you meet this guy? Did you know he was involved in the case at the time you met him?

Re; your earlier post about “Steve”. Joe’s PC party was nothing like the bizarro Conservative party we have now. I love the irony of all those shots of Peter MacKay with Russell Williams. Speaking of which, the fact that Erstikaitis supports the Conservative “tough on crime” policy says something – don’t you think!?!

I don’t know if you are in Ontario, but did you see “The Agenda’s” episode on the Conservative tough on crime platform?
http://www.tvo.org/cfmx/tvoorg/theagenda/index.cfm?page_id=7&bpn=109149&ts=2011-04-27 20:00:00.0 ”

Priscilla deVilliers was one of the guests (she’s a Crime Victim’s advocate: mother of Nina deVilliers who was murdered at the same time as Leslie and Kristen). She’s a brilliant woman. She talks about how the costs of violent crime are borne overwhelmingly by its victims – and they’re now starting to measure it – to the tune of over a billion dollars per year.


Annie – i haven’t seen it, nor do I know Priscilla deVilliers, but i will check her out. this is what i am going to start looking at now – the cost to ‘victims’ and am looking for support around this. so thanks; great timing. (and i am literally down the street from bernardo. nuff said.)

i didn’t know about the demeter case when i met the guy. i was 18 and two of his ‘women’ on the outside (he was in prison) started grooming me to be a victim. funny thing though – i feel in love with one of the women, and she warned me off. it took me years to see what was going on there – years. I had to leave town for awhile when this guy was out on day passes – he stalked me. okay, nuff of THAT for tonight, too. 😉

I lived in Canada for a time. THe psychopath i met livesd there. They are so lax on crime and murder it is disgusting. Bernarod ex wife is out of jail and use the laws to protect her and they govt there does not let the public see a sex offender registry. Offenders fought and won over privacy rights. Not my cup of tea. They are letting a killer have more freedom because some expert said it was good for him. OMG…. Crimnals here in the US flee to Canada. THen the use the media to not get extradited back here. Sad huh and fraud is rampant and the cops do almost nothing there.


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