Canadian woman wants to kill; authorities try to stop her

Kayla Bourque, 22, of Canada, eviscerated her family’s dog and cat, and loved every minute of it. In fact, she fantasizes about killing a homeless person. After serving time for animal cruelty, a judge sets strict probation conditions. Read the story below. Be sure to watch the video interview with the psychologist. What is society to do?

‘Sociopathic’ animal killer to be released on probation, on

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That is VERRRRRRY disturbing….Child pornography she had was not prosecuted? WTF????

Adopted from an orphanage at age 8 months makes me think she may have had some poor DNA to start wiith and got off to a rocky start as an infant even if she had a nurturing adoptive home.

Her mother has apparently given up on her as well.

I hope that she is closely supervised but I have little doubt that however closely it is won’t be enough to keep her from doing something pretty bad iin the future. I’m with Truthy, UGH!!!!!

OxD……….all I can type is: ugh; ew; and eugh

There was someone in my State that was sentenced to 1 year for shooting a yellow lab because she felt threatened. Shot him dead, and that was the harshest sentence that could be dealt. I forget what her response was, but I just don’t get it. If people can harm animals with no remorse, that’s the stepping-stone to abuse and harm of mankind.


Not all psychopaths are animal abusers, some are and some aren’t but this woman sounds like a pure psychopath to me, but like Patrick, a stoopid one, telling others about her desires.

It is almost like they must have an AUDIENCE in order for the horrible things they do to be “real.”

Some psychopaths do bad thiings in secret and never brag about what they have done, but others seem to think what they do is exciting and they want to share that excitement with others. They don’t “get it” that their twisted desires are not ALSO the same as other people feel and desire. They are devoid of the awareness of other people’s thinking if that makes any sense. Like her showing videos of her killing the dog and cat to the other woman. She didn’t “get it” that the other woman would be repulsed. Patrick doesn’t get it that most people are repulsed by the things he did/does. Spending 20+ years in prison where he has nothing but other disordered people to interact with who DO enjoy the same twisted things he does hasn’t helped him any.

My opinion is that locking people up with others just like them doesn’t teach them anything productive, but it DOES keep them off the streets where they can’t commit more crimes so is beneficial to society as long as they are locked up. Unfortunately the system encourages the families to take these dysfunctional or disordered people back into their homes and families.

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