Australian woman loses her man and money in visa love scam

Ben Fordham, a radio host in Australia, recently interviewed a woman victimized in a love scam. She told her story of being falling madly in love with a “perfect” man from Italy, marrying him, sponsoring his visa to Australia, sponsoring his family from Italy to come to Australia, taking out a $100,000 loan to buy a restaurant so his family could work there — only to be abandoned by all of them.

‘Don’t allow yourself to be isolated:’ Visa love-scam caution on… Read more

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Is he really a psychopath or not?

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from “mikabiel.” Her first language is Portuguese and the letter was electronically translated. 

I need a lot of help to understand if this creature that has passed through my life is a psychopathic narcissist. I will try to be brief, because it is too many details that intrigued me and I ignored it because I thought it was a simple one with no cuddly notion.

He was my husband’s best friend and I was just married. I had a gym he enrolled and I was a teacher, we became friends quickly. One day he appeared on Saturday to help paint the gym. I asked myself, He did it, I saw him … Read more

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Hong Kong businesswoman loses almost $3 million in online love scam

Online love scams are running rampant in Asia. A 66-year-old widow and businesswoman from Hong Kong sent HK$23 million (US$ 2.9 million) to a man she met online, but never met in person. The con artist posed as a British engineer who needed money for his projects. The woman sent him the money in more than 200 transactions between April 2014 and July 2018.

Hong Kong lonely heart loses $23 million to an online love scam, on

In the meantime, 280 cases of Internet love scams were reported in Singapore over the first half of 2018. The victims lost a total of SG$ 12 million (US$ 8.7 million).

Total of $12 million cheated in 280 cases Read more

A typical sociopath lie — claiming to be a Navy SEAL

“I was dating a pathological liar” — that’s the title of a recent article in the “Craigslist Confessional” series by Helena Dea Bala. In this tale, a woman describes meeting a charming, attractive man at a destination wedding. They stayed in communication afterwards, and he told elaborate, compelling stories of his time as a Navy SEAL — until it all fell apart.

How many signs of a sociopath can you see in this story?

Craigslist Confessional: I was dating a pathological liar, on… Read more

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Co-workers didn’t identify a sociopath, but knew something was wrong

con manIt reads like a typical Lovefraud story, where a guy seduces a woman with claims of love, financial stability, and even military service in the Special Forces. But the story is posted on Reddit, and it wasn’t posted by the victim, but by one of her co-workers at a big box retailer.

The co-worker posts:

She recently meets a guy on OKCupid (let’s call him Miguel). Miguel claims to live in a bigger city than ours, an hour away (we are in the middle of nowhere in Kansas) and that he is 35 years old, also claims to be a virgin, and takes an interest in Jane.

They chat for a while, and she’s very excited. Once they

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School shootings: Understanding patterns is great, but doesn’t prevent murder

Dimitrios Pagourtzis confessed to the shooting in the Santa Fe high school. (Galveston County Sheriff’s Office)

Another school shooting — in Santa Fe, Texas. Ten dead — eight students and two teachers — and 13 wounded.

This one wasn’t like the Parkland, Florida shooting, where everyone knew that the perpetrator, Nikolas Cruz, had serious psychological problems. No, this time, when 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire, people were shocked.

There was only one mention of a possible motive mentioned so far. One of the students killed was Shana Fisher, 16. Shana’s mother, Sadie Rodriguez, said that for four months, Pagourtzis kept making advances on her, and she kept refusing. According to the Los Angeles Times,

“Pagourtzis continued to

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My Bill Cosby experience: I definitely dodged a bullet

Entertainer Bill Cosby, 80, was convicted of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand last week. He drugged and assaulted her in 2004. Five other women testified that he did the same thing to them back in the ’80s — proving it was Cosby’s pattern of conduct.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has extensive coverage of the Cosby case. Click this link:

Bill Cosby trial

And here’s a story from USA Today:

A complete list of the 60 Bill Cosby accusers and their reactions to the guilty verdict

I am now convinced that my personal experience with Bill Cosby was a near-miss. I was young and naive. But luckily, my guardian angels were looking out for me. I wrote about my experience when … Read more

Donna Andersen’s story on Lifetime TV – watch the full episode online

Back in 2012, I was featured on Lifetime TV in a show called, My Life Is a Lifetime Movie.  I have just learned that Lifetime is airing the show again. You can watch the full episode online.

Each show covers the stories of two women, and in this one, called Husbands Gone Wrong, mine is the second story. The first one, however, is also a story of a sociopath—they actually call the guy a “psychopath,” and I’m pleased to hear the TV show using the word. My story starts at 30:45, although it plays better if you watch the entire show. Here’s a link to the show:

Husbands Gone Wrong on My Life Is a Lifetime MovieRead more

Family says woman accused of killing her husband was abused

Laciana Tinsley (Burlington County Prosecutor)

Laciana Tinsley, of Willingboro, New Jersey, sits in jail, awaiting trial for beating her husband to death with a fire extinguisher. Her family members say she endured abuse and fled to domestic violence shelters several times.

In a news story about the case, domestic violence advocates say that battered women leave their abusers and then return an average of seven times before they finally escape.

Even though Tinsley had never been in trouble, and her family, friends and church members vouched for her character, a judge denied bail.

Accused killer was abuse victim, family says, on

 … Read more

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12 years later, Phil Haberman still pretends to be military

Phil Haberman, right, as a volunteer rescuer after Hurricane Harvey in Texas. (Reuters/ Jonathan Bachman)

Sociopaths just don’t quit. Back in 2006, Lovefraud profiled Phil Haberman, who claimed to be special forces (a lie), claimed to have suffered war injuries in Iraq (a lie), and convinced the military to pay him money he didn’t deserve (the truth). Over the years, Lovefraud has periodically heard from people who had tangled with Haberman. He frequently created fundraising campaigns for sick or injured dogs that were nothing but scams.

Well, Haberman was still at it during Hurricane Harvey, which struck Texas in September. He showed up as a volunteer rescuer, convinced authorities — at least temporarily — that he was military. … Read more

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