Sociopaths as predators

Bruce McArthur of Toronto charged with killing five gay men; police search for more victims

Bruce McArthur (Facebook)

Toronto police had the apartment of Bruce McArthur under surveillance — he was suspected in the disappearance of several gay men. When they saw a male date arrive, they feared for the man’s safety and broke down the door. The man was found tied to a bed, shaken but unharmed.

At least five other men weren’t so lucky. McArthur, 66, a landscaper, has been charged with five counts of murder. Police found the dismembered skeletal remains of three men in large planters behind a home where McArthur stored landscaping equipment.

BBC: Confessions of a gaslighter

Authentic affection or a sociopath?If anyone still doubts that sociopaths engage in manipulation and deceit intentionally, this article from the BBC should help clear things up.

Cheating and manipulation: Confessions of a gaslighter.

The reporter interviewed a self-confessed “gaslighter,” — Greg, a 28-year-old Canadian lawyer. Greg claims that he suddenly became a “gasligher” at the age of 21. I doubt it. He’s likely a sociopath who has been manipulating people since he was a teenager, or earlier.

Still, the story is enlightening, because Greg details exactly what he does to convince women to doubt their own perceptions. Read it.

Link provided by a Lovefraud reader.

Fox News draws attention to romance scams

Finally, a major U.S. TV news channel is drawing attention to romance scams. Yesterday Fox News told the story of a nurse who thought she found love with a soldier. Actually what she found was a con artist who scammed her out of $50,000.

The soldier was Gabe Fanelli — but he didn’t scam the woman. His photos were stolen by a con artist. Fanelli gets 10-12 messages a week from women who say they’ve been scammed by him. He didn’t do it.

Here’s the scariest part of the story — the FBI says that love scams are among the fastest-growing crimes on the Internet.

Women aged 40-70: Be on the lookout for Internet predators like Tom Guida

Tom Guida, of Toms River, New Jersey, was accused of bigamy, but got away with it.

More than two years ago, Lovefraud posted about Tom Guida, age 55, of New Jersey. This guy is unbelievable. He finds women online, tells them he is a Ph.D. psychologist (lie), Special Operations military (lie), and suffering from brain cancer (lie).

He tells the women he loves them (lie) and then proposes marriage. He doesn’t tell them he is already married (truth). In fact, he’s a bigamist.

Here’s the Lovefraud story:

Tom Guida, aka Tom Gatto – fake psychologist, fake Special Forces, fake brain cancer patient – gets away with bigamy

10 things sociopaths want from you (besides money)

Photo by David Castillo Dominici

A Lovefraud reader asked the following question:

If the sociopath is not in it for money (he pays for everything with no access to my accounts) then what are other reasons to stay in a relationship if he doesn’t live with me nor do we share anything financially? Many of the posts I have read involve financial fraud.

If a sociopath has targeted you, it’s because you have something that he or she wants. Often it’s money, but not always. Here are 10 more things that the sociopath may want:

1. Sex

Marriage fraud: Immigrants profess love for U.S. citizens to get green cards

Elena Maria Lopez was a victim of marriage fraud — but she’s trying to do something about it.

Elena met a man from the Netherlands who was “romantic and charming.” (Sound familiar?) When they married, Elena was looking for a life partner. Her husband was looking for a green card.

My ex-husband was Australian, but had four American wives. And I’ve heard from many Lovefraud readers who eventually found out their foreign spouses only married them to get citizenship.

Elena sent me a link to a recent investigative report by KPRC Channel 2 in Houston, in which she told her story. Elena has also testified in Congress — trying to get lawmakers to understand that marriage fraud is a serious problem.

Devin Kelley, Texas church shooter, exhibited a pattern of psychopathic behavior, but no one saw the whole picture

Devin Kelley

The stories coming out of the massacre in the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, are horrific and heartbreaking.

The shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, walked into the church dressed in combat gear and killed congregants in the pews.  One survivor reported that Kelley became enraged that children were scared, and shot them multiple times.

Kelley executed 26 people that day, including nine children. Eight members of one extended family were killed. Twenty more churchgoers were injured.

Authorities release IDs of Texas church victims, on ABCnews.go.com

Afterwards, of course, everyone is asking, “How did this happen?” “Were there any warning signs?”

More evidence of Harvey Weinstein’s psychopathic behavior: Hiring spies to out his accusers

According to a new report by Ronan Farrow, movie producer Harvey Weinstein learned a year ago that women were getting ready to accuse him of sexual harassment, and he set out to stop it. Weinstein employed lawyers and spies, including former agents of the Israeli Mossad, to learn what his accusers were saying to journalists. His goal was to stop the story from being published.

It’s a typical psychopathic maneuver — searching for information in which to discredit accusers. Except Weinstein did it on a grand scale.

Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies, on NewYorker.com.

Chilling tale of Harvey Weinstein’s spies shows Ronan Farrow’s reporting chops — and compassion, on WashingtonPost.com.

Stolen Valor con man Derek Alldred finally found and arrested

Derek Alldred as a fake Navy SEAL

Lovefraud has been following this story for a year. Derek Alldred pretended to be a war hero so he could seduce women and then swindle them out of their money. Alldred scammed nearly 20 women that he met on dating sites. The victims were from from Minnesota, California, Nevada and Texas.

KARE 11 in Minneapolis first exposed Alldred a year ago, tracking down victims across the country.

Charges filed against alleged swindler exposed by KARE11, on KARE11.com.

‘Dirty John’ – LA Times posts series on psychopath John Meehan and his last love fraud victim

John Meehan (California Department of Corrections)

Two days after being released from jail, John Meehan, a serial con artist, met his last victim. Of course, Meehan said nothing to the new woman, Debra Newell, about his history of stealing from and terrorizing his romantic partners.

Debra’s kids didn’t like Meehan, but she was in love and didn’t listen to their warnings. Then things got nasty.

Read this compelling six-part series by Christopher Goffard:

Dirty John, on LA Times.com.

You can also listen to a podcast about the series:

Essential California: ‘Dirty John,’ the final chapter, on LATimes.com.

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