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Mental health professionals: Here’s the training you never received about antisocial personality disorder, narcissism and psychopathy

“Crazy-making” that’s how people describe involvements with those who have narcissistic or antisocial personality disorders, psychopathy, and even borderline personality disorder.

After enduring deception, manipulation, bald-faced lies and gaslighting, people who are in these relationships often feel like they’re losing their minds. What they need most is someone who believes their stories and can tell them what is going on. So they go for counseling.

Unfortunately, many times they discover that the therapist really doesn’t understand what they are talking about.

Over the years, I’ve heard this from countless people who have been targeted by … Read more

Love Fraud and How to Avoid It – to protect yourself from sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists, take this online course

The Basics: Love Fraud and How to Avoid It
Initial presentation: June 1, 2016, 8 pm Eastern time
Register by May 30 and save 25%!

If you’re like most readers, you’ve found Lovefraud because you’ve already had a devastating run-in with a sociopath, psychopath, narcissist or other exploiter. So you know what they’re like.

Lovefraud’s first new online course is geared towards people who don’t know. People who have never heard of sociopaths, people who still think all psychopaths are serial killers, people who don’t know that evil can look normal.

So although this course … Read more

Video: Learn to spot and escape psychopaths, sociopaths and other exploiters

Approximately 12% of the people around us have serious personality disorders they’re psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists. No, they aren’t all serial killers, but in one way or another, they all victimize just about everyone who crosses their paths.

Lovefraud Continuing Education offers online courses to help you spot, escape and recover from these exploiters and manipulators. The courses are designed for:

• people who want to protect themselves,

• people who have already been targeted by these manipulators, and

• mental health professionals, who want to know how to help their clients who have been victimized.… Read more

Everything you want to know about spotting, escaping and recovering from a sociopath – register now for Lovefraud CE online courses!

Lovefraud Continuing EducationLovefraud Continuing Education offers online courses about manipulative personality disorders for the public, survivors and mental health professionals. Registration is now open, and courses will be offered beginning June 1, 2016.

Visit the course catalog:

Lovefraud Continuing Education

Here’s the lineup of particular courses. Click the links for more information on any course.

June 1
The Basics: Love Fraud and How to Avoid It
Instructor Donna Andersen, author of
More info

June 6
The Five Step Exit for Survivors: Tools you need to leave a psychopath, narcissist or other toxic partner
Instructor Amber Ault, Ph.D., MSW
More info

June 15
The Five Step Exit: Tools you need to help clients leave a psychopath, narcissist or other toxic … Read more

Coming this spring: Lovefraud online courses for survivors and therapists

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One of the big reasons why so many people fall for sociopaths and other exploiters is that we don’t know they exist, don’t know the warning signs, and don’t know how to escape. Lovefraud is taking a big step towards solving these problems by offering online education for mental health professionals and the public.

This initiative has been in the works for almost two years. The program will launch in May/June we’re still finalizing the details. If you want to be notified about when the courses will be offered and when registration will open, join our mailing list for Lovefraud Continuing Education News.

Most courses will be webinars, either one hour or two hours long. You’ll log … Read more

Happy 10th Anniversary Lovefraud!

free-fireworks-image-11 cropTen years ago today, on July 19, 2005, went live on the Internet.

Wow! What an amazing journey!

When I first launched Lovefraud, my original goal was to warn people about sociopathic con artists who proclaim love in order to steal their targets’ money.

That’s what happened to me. My ex-husband, James Montgomery, took a quarter million dollars from me, cheated with at least six different women during our 2 1/2 year relationship, had a child with one of those women, and then, 10 days after I left him, married the mother of his child. It turned out to be the second time he committed bigamy.

You can read the short story here:

James Montgomery: Using Read more

Please help Lovefraud teach students to spot and avoid sociopaths

teenage girlWhen an adult becomes romantically involved with a sociopath, the experience is awful.

When young people become romantically involved with sociopaths, it’s usually far worse.

When I did the research for my book, Red Flags of Love Fraud, I collected data through an online survey. More than 1,300 people completed the survey about their experiences with people who they now believe are sociopaths.

The results were shocking: On almost every measure, people who said they became involved with sociopaths between the ages of 14-29 suffered more than those who met the sociopaths when they were over the age of 30.

Younger people are more likely to experience physical abuse and have their lives threatened. They are more … Read more

Coming this fall: Lovefraud online education about sociopaths for professionals and the public

Man with maskMillions of sociopaths live among us, and no one seems to know it.

Because as a society we are so unaware, we are vulnerable to sociopathic exploitation.

And because many professionals, like the rest of us, don’t really understand the dynamics of these involvements, counselors, therapists and others are often at a loss about how to help people who have been targeted by sociopaths.

To address this dangerous lack of information about sociopaths, Lovefraud is launching an online education program this fall.

Lovefraud Continuing Education will offer:

• Classes for the general public one or two hours long explaining disordered personalities, how to avoid them, and how to recover from toxic involvements.

• Continuing education classes for mental … Read more

Lovefraud Continuing Education seeks psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and counselors to share what you know about personality disorders

Counselor and clientLovefraud is launching a new initiative an online continuing education program for mental health professionals.

The goal is to teach psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and counselors how to recognize when clients are involved with personality disordered individuals, and the best practices for helping them.

Virtually no academic training is currently available on this topic. So unfortunately, when clients come in whose mental health issues are actually being caused by their involvement with a disordered partner, family member or associate, many counselors are not trained to recognize it.

The counselors who do understand what is going on have often learned the hard way usually by being targeted themselves.

If you’re a mental health professional and you’ve done research or … Read more

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