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Lovefraud Lesson #10: Sociopaths always blame others

When sociopaths have problems in their lives, it’s never their own fault. Donna Andersen explains why this is one of the most important Red Flags of Lovefraud.

To watch the entire Lovefraud Lessons series, go the the Lovefraud Videos page.

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Never too young to learn about sociopaths

A Lovefraud reader found the recent article about me and my new book, Red Flags of Love Fraud, in a Michigan newspaper. This was a surprise to me, because the article was originally published by a New Jersey newspaper, the Camden Courier Post. It turns out that the story was picked up around the country, which is good—it means word about these disordered individuals is getting out.

This particular Lovefraud reader had her own run-in with a sociopath. She is teaching her children about them, which she related to me in a postscript of her email:

P.S. My 12-year-old daughter and I were just discussing the article being in the paper she is very aware of sociopaths having

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Red Flags of Love Fraud featured in Courier Post newspaper

The Camden Courier-Post, located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, just published an article entitled, How to tell if you’re dating a sociopath and other tips for singles. Both the online and print versions feature really big photos of my book, Red Flags of Love Fraud. 

The article also includes tips from the Israeli self-defense system. So, if you miss the signs you’re dating a sociopath early on, perhaps it’s good to know how to react to physical violence.

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If you’ve read ‘Red Flags of Love Fraud,’ please post a review

My goal with my new book, Red Flags of Love Fraud 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath, is to teach people how to spot the warning signs that they’re involved with a sociopath, so that they can get out of the relationship before too much damage is done. I hope to use my experience, and the experiences that so many of you have shared, to spread the word that sociopaths are out there, they are destructive, and by knowing the Red Flags of Love Fraud, they can be avoided.

Will you help?

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Red Flags of Love Fraud: The best book for spotting the socially sick

Donna Andersen determined through surveys and her knowledge of people that the term “sociopath” should be revived and used to describe those who (irrespective of their official psychiatric diagnosis) have adopted a predatory or parasitic lifestyle. In taking this bold step, Donna has filled the void created by my colleagues in Academics and the American Psychiatric Association who can’t seem to agree on how to name and define this group. These are people who are called by many names in popular psychology books including: psychopath, narcissist, antisocial, and borderline. The word sociopath tells us what many with these diagnoses are socially sick.

The person on the street need not care about diagnoses, the person on the street needs … Read more

Red Flags of Love Fraud national radio tour Wednesday, June 13

Donna Andersen will be talking about her new book, Red Flags of Love Fraud 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath, on 12 radio stations across the country on Wednesday, June 13, 2012. If you’re in one of the following cities, listen in! Or, go to a station’s website to listen via the Internet.

UPDATE: Some of the interviews are taped, so they will be broadcast after the recording time that is listed below.

Tampa, Florida
9:10 am Eastern time
Morning show: AM Tampa Bay
Format: News/Talk
Hosts: Jack Harris and Tedd Webb

Lakeland, Florida—serving Orlando and Tampa
9:20am Eastern time
Morning show: Max Morning Show with Eric and Mike
Format: Variety Hits
Hosts: Eric … Read more

Launch today: Red Flags of Love Fraud, plus Workbook, plus e-book!

Today, my new book, Red Flags of Love Fraud 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath, becomes available on and through all other distribution channels.

This book reveals, for the first time, the tactics of social predators who pursue romantic relationships not for love, but for exploitation. It explains how sociopaths seduce their targets, why it’s hard to escape the relationships, and how people can protect themselves.

Of course, Red Flags of Love Fraud has been available in the Lovefraud Store for several months, and many of you have written to me to say that it precisely describes your experience. Here is one of your letters:

I stumbled across your site in 12/2011 ”¨while Googling the words “pathological

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If you feel an emotional void, the sociopath will step in

I recently received email from a woman whom we’ll call Adriana:

I am told I am a very beautiful, intelligent, fun, woman, but that is all subjective. I am 61 years old but pass for late 40’s; good genes. I have been divorced for 10 years and engaged once during that time. I have dated so many men and feel that I have no purpose because I can’t find “him.” I don’t find most men attractive don’t have chemistry with them and I don’t want to settle. I have not been successful in love at all and have tried to look within myself to see my faults but the truth is I just want to love and be

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Donna Andersen interview Saturday on Philadelphia Channel 6

Donna Andersen will discuss her new book, Red Flags of Love Fraud — 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath, at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 19, 2012. She is a guest on Perspective New Jersey, a show hosted by Action News reporter Nora Muchanic. Donna’s interview is the last segment of the show. It airs on Channel 6abc, WPVI-TV, which is the local ABC affiliate.

Nora Muchanic bio

The show will be rebroadcast on WPVI’s Live Well Network on Monday and Thursday. So if you live in the Philadelphia area, be sure to tune in!

Perspective New Jersey broadcast schedule:

Saturday, May 19, 5:30 a.m.
WPVI Channel 6
Comcast Channels 231 and 806

Thursday, May 24, Read more

Red Flags of Love Fraud: Not just another book on sociopaths

 By Sarah Strudwick

Editor’s note: Sarah Strudwick is author of “Dark Souls,” and has created numerous cartoons describing the behavior of sociopaths.

When I first got a copy of Donna Andersen’s Red Flags of Love Fraud, my immediate reaction was, “Oh yet another book on sociopaths.” Having been a victim myself, and a fellow author who has read almost every book on the subject, I was half expecting to find a book that was regurgitating old ideas with nothing new to say.

Well how wrong I was, because this is not one of those books. Apart from one other book I have read recently on Character Disturbance, this has to be the best book I have … Read more

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