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Catfishing victim, 19, shoots at man who scammed him

Chauncy Wilkerson (Baton Rouge Police Department)

Catfishing can be dangerous. Chauncy Wilkerson, 19, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, met a woman on the dating app TAGGED — except that it was really a man posing as a woman.

Wilkerson told the man not to come to his home. The guy showed up anyway, pulled into the driveway, drove towards Wilkerson and his mother, striking both of them. Wilkerson then fired four shots at the vehicle as it fled.

Wilkerson was arrested. No word on any consequences for the catfisher.

BRPD: 19-year-old fires shots at man posing as woman on social media app, on

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This catfishing story is very odd. If this fellow on the dating app was pretending to be someone he wasn’t (i.e., a woman), what on earth would he have to gain by going to the home of his target–which of course would necessitate revealing his true identity? The fact that he’d been told not to go there only makes it stranger still.

This sounds like something above and beyond ordinary catfishing. I could understand a victim of catfishing wanting to confront the person who’d been playing him for a sucker, but why the other way round? What other interactions occurred between these two guys? Was the catfisher some kind of weirdo stalker? Is there something about their relationship we’re not being told? At any rate I suspect there’s more to this story than meets the eye…

Are we being told this story the wrong way round? Was it really Chauncy himself who was doing the catfishing?

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