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Cathryn Gorospe of Arizona bails out her felon friend and ends up dead

Cathryn Gorospe (Deer Valley Unified School District)

I can just imagine how this happened. Charlie Malzahn, 27, of Williams, Arizona, pleaded with his goodhearted friend. Could she please, please, please help him out? He’s been arrested — he probably said the charges are bogus — and he needs to get out of jail. He promises to turn over a new leaf.

Cathryn Gorospe, 44, of Glendale, Arizona, who was a kindergarten teacher, opened her heart and her wallet. Then she went missing and Malzahn took her car and credit cards.

Gorospe’s body was located last Friday. Malzahn, who led police on a car chase, is back in jail.

Body of missing Arizona kindergarten teacher is found seven days after she bailed hout her convicted felon friend, 27, before he ‘stole her car and used her credit cards,’ on


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I’m very sorry to say this tragedy is local to where I live. For good reasons, police still aren’t saying where they found Cathryn Gorospe’s body, though I gather it was up near Flagstaff, 130 miles to the north. However, she was a teacher at Arrowhead Elementary School, which is less than five miles down the road from where I live. I often drive past that school on the way to Arrowhead Mall and other places.

What the Daily Mail article did not make clear was that Charlie Malzahn was probably more than just a “friend” of Cathryn’s. According to the Arizona Republic:

Police have not confirmed the relationship between Malzahn and Gorospe, but “rumors appear to support that their relationship was romantic,” said Runge, the Flagstaff police spokesman.

No surprises there, unfortunately. The newspaper also failed to mention that Malzahn is the stepson of the police chief in the town of Williams!

It goes without saying that everybody speaks well of Cathryn, saying she was a thoroughly kind woman who would gladly help anyone out. When we ask what a nice girl like Cathryn was doing with a lowlife like Malzahn (even if he is a police chief’s stepson), unfortunately there can more than one answer to that. There’s more background in this article from the Arizona Republic:

School officials ‘saddened to learn of the death’ of missing Glendale teacher


Here were some of the tributes paid to Cathryn Gorospe (see the link below). It is sad to reflect that “always seeing the best in everyone” can be such a tragically dangerous policy at times.

“She was just that person that no matter what would go above and beyond”…

Mourners at the vigil remembered Gorospe… as a caring teacher, willing to lend a hand to students at any time, even when they weren’t in her class.
“She was just a very devoted teacher and friend to everyone”…

“Cathryn was a very special person who was loved by many… She touched many lives through her work as an educator, her love of animals and her support of community members and those in need. Cathryn always saw the best in everyone and was willing to help others.”

Glendale teacher remembered as ‘friend to everyone’ at Phoenix vigil


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