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Cautionary ‘catfish’ tale about online romance and revenge

Brian Hile, 29, of Fremont, Michigan thought he had a two-year, on-line relationship with a beautiful girl from San Diego, California named Tiffany Watkins. He actually fell in love with a gay guy in South Africa who had stolen photos of  Watkins off the internet and pretended to be her.

Once Hile found out he had been “catfished,” he wanted revenge. Even though Watkins was unaware that her images had be stolen, and knew nothing of Hile, she and her boyfriend were listed on Hile’s “to do” list as targets to kill. When Hile boarded a bus to California with revenge on his mind, family members got concerned and called authorities. Hile was intercepted a mile from Watkin’s home and arrested. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

Stalker jailed after plotting to murder swimwear model after hoaxer used her photo to fool him in  ‘catfish’ internet dating scheme, from

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This story is crazy on so many levels! He knew he had been catfished by a guy in Africa, yet he still wanted to kill the pretty girl in California who had her identity stolen, because South Africa was too far away.

I guess that’s one thing these “catfishing” people never consider – the person on the other end just might be insane.

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