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CBS says ‘Three Cups of Tea’ is a lie

Last week, the CBS News program 60 Minutes aired a program about Greg Mortenson. He wrote Three Cups of Tea, his inspirational story about his experiences in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, which he parlayed into a foundation raising money to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On 60 Minutes, however, others say the entire incident never happened, and Mortenson is using the foundation to promote his book.

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Ox Drover

I heard an interview with someone about this guy and his puffed up inflated presentations of what he was doing on NPR the other day and I wanted to puke. The person being interviewed about him (and I cannot remember who it was) was making all kinds of EXCUSES about how this guy was such a good guy but that he just needed to keep his personal financial business not so mixed up with his “foundation” and that he was no worse than lots of folks because he was puffing up his “resume” and so on—-excuse me while I find the barf bag….

I literally had to turn the interview off it made me so sick. I wasn’t impressed with the interviewer either as he did not ask any really tough questions at all….just appeared to soak up this “he’s really a great guy when he isn’t cheating” excuses the guy was handing out.

Yea, a CROOK and a con man, and if he did do anything good it was simply a smoke screen to cover up for the crooked stuff he was doing.

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