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Charles Black’s failed attempt at murdering ex-wife lands him in jail instead of on easy street

blackCharles Black, 71, of Maine, tried to kill his then wife, Lisa Zahn, 55, to collect her 4 million inheritance and run off with his former high school sweetheart.

It didn’t work. Even though Black hit Zahn on the head repeatedly with a rock, grabbed her by the wrist, dragged her to the edge and pushed her over an 800 foot high cliff, she  lived to tell about it.

“It’s an absolute miracle that she’s alive,” said District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau after the verdict in Knox County Superior Court, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Black was convicted of six felonies and faces up to 30 years in prison.

Former Maine man convicted of throwing wife over cliff for $4M inheritance, new life with ex-girlfriend, from NYDaily News.

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Well, I guess Mr. Black didn’t “win” in the end, getting what he wanted, the money and the girlfriend. He’ll be spending the rest of his days (hopefully) in the slammer. Thank God his ex-wife survived the murder attempt – lived to tell about it. What a nightmare these people are.

One of the shocking things about this case is the perp’s age. He is now 71, so was 68 when he tried to murder his wife in 2011.

Some experts have said that psychopaths “mellow out” as they age. Obviously this guy did not. Anyone who thinks a psychopath will “grow out of it” should rethink that idea.


I wonder what the rest of this jerk’s story is?!? like his criminal history, was he abusive during the marriage, etc…… in other words, was he flying under the radar before this murder attempt?


There are several articles about him as the trials progressed over the course of a few years. If you Google him, there is more info available.


Oh Jeeeeez! He’s a retired high school teacher?? Nice.


I think the only reason why a sociopath “mellow with age” is the simple fact that a man’s testosterone normally decreases with age…but even with this hormonal decrease the sociopaths mind is still crazy from the backward wiring, they still have their crazy thoughts. Just look at Hitler & Charles Mason. They were crazy from the day they were born.

This is such a scary story…after I found out about my husband two year affair I was leaving him, he got friends involved who convinced me “he was sorry”, “he would never do it again” etc of course he had con them just like me with his lying words. Soon after my husband had a business trip near Zion & Brice National Parks so he asked me to go with him. We drove around the two parks and stopped at all the marked look at points…the whole time my gut was telling me he was going to kill me by pushing me off the look out point. After one or two stops if there were no other tourist at the spot I did not get out of the car or if there were people as soon as the other people around started to get into their cars and leave I too would go back to our car. My gut was screaming to me that my ex h was very dangerous but his manipulative words were keeping me under his hypnosis. So scary to look back knowing now that he was certainly capable of this same evilness and the fact he is a sociopath and especially after reading this story.

I am glad this woman got her due justice. Such a scary world. I was thinking today as kids we have a instinctive fear especially at night when we went to bed we wanted our parents to look under our beds & in the closet to make sure there were no “monsters”….but as adults because of social norm we end up not listening to our strong gut reaction to other people.


shortly before the discard, Spathtard uncharacteristically took me to this beautiful place close to where we live for a hike and to show this place to me. It was a hike back to the actual place he showed me which were these huge boulder cliffs that dropped off into the water way. he kept saying, “be careful Dorothy”. This is just one of several things, many many things actually, that I think back on now and see entirely differently than I did at the time. I thought it was so sweet that he took me somewhere he thought I would like. 🙁 I don’t know know that there was some ulterior motive behind that but………


Over a year after he left my ex Psychopath wanted to meet me. He hinted (he rarely said anything straightforwardly) he wanted to talk about reconciliation. He suggested a couple of remote places. I put him off for months, and then agreed to meet and talk on a bench in Front of a busy department store. I only gave him about an hour’s notice. It appeared he had nothing to say, as he just ‘confessed’ some things that I had told him I knew about.

He would better off financially if I were dead; and also I wouldn’t be around to challenge his smear campaign and his lies about himself in our community. I am sure that he would kill me or anyone if it suited his purpose and if he thought he could get away with it.


Another “me, too”, as I was also in the cross hairs of the kook who was bold enough to think that it was not only a good idea to annihilate me, but to also keep me in constant fear by terrorizing me with more stories than I can easily recount of all the ways he planned to do it!
One of his best markers is that he was completely unable of having any even bogus feelings of interpersonal attachment. As a full blown psychopath, it was basically impossible for him to constantly hide the utter contempt he had for me, though he occasionally tried. He thought he was a great actor. And he was, most of the time, but his mask slipped and slid around as he stumbled through life, making a mess of it and working hard to “destroy” me as he so clearly put it one day.
For him the only purpose of being with any woman was to cheat her out of resources and because of the amount of resources he stood to gain had he been successful in snuffing me, he pulled out all the stops and threatened, terrorized, schmoozed, took pot shots of every variety and kept it up on every possible level making it increasingly easier for me to peg that monster as the true and horrible cretin that he is.
Why he felt it so important to reveal his horrible true nature to me is anyone’s guess. I think he was simultaneously grandstanding his terrible disordered self to terrorize me while making brownie points by bragging to his flying monkeys about how terrific he was at fooling the dupe he made me out to be.

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