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Charles Leaf, former Fox News reporter, guilty of sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl

New York News

Charles Leaf, a former reporter with Fox 5 in New York, was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl in his home in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Leaf was also found guilty of possession of child pornography, despite the testimony of his father-in-law that the photos found on Leaf’s computer were his, not Leaf’s.

Leaf’s sister, Susan Gaudet, 56, said her brother has been surrounded by allegations of sexual abuse for decades and that he should be “fried” for being a “sick sociopath pedophile.”

Emmy-winning former Fox reporter guilty of assaulting four year old after his own sister calls him a ‘sick pedophile’, from Mail Online

Ex-Fox 5 reporter Charles Leaf convicted of sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl, possessing child porn, from New York Daily News

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What the heck is going on here? If the PURPORTED “victim” stood up in court and confessed up front that she LIED, that as a small child she was coerced by the nanny into making false accusations, and the defendant’s own father-in-law testified the “child porn” in question did not belong to the accused man, how in heaven’s name could a court find this man “guilty”? What are we NOT being told about this case by the untrustworthy “news” media? Was justice done, or was he railroaded by prosecutors and the court? If so, it would NOT be the first time!


She was coached to recant her original statement. The video of her as a 4 year old was beyond compelling. There is no way a child of that age can be coached by a nanny or anyone else , to give such a graphic summary of what went on. It had also been established outside of jury presence, that her mother was indeed present at subsequent interviews and wore a wire..the little girl broke down at one of the sessions and started to cry because she had forgotten what her mother told her to say…His defense lawyer conveniently avoided the fact that in most all cases of young child abuse, the abused doesn’t lie, and in a high percentage of cases, after several years, the abused will recant his or her original statements..the little girl was coached to recant her far as the father-in-law attempting to take the hit for the computer pornography, it was not a surprise…in the end, it was an uphill battle for the defense team…the prosecutor was anything but aggressive.. He didn’t have to be..the original video interview said it far as the gap in the video, a detective present in the viewing room took notes that further damaged the defense’s case…the defense attorney was brilliant..he did all that he could do to try to save his client..but it was very evident to the jurors that he intentionally stayed away from the most damning testimony was not possible for a little girl of that age to be able to talk so openly about such disgusting sexual acts…it was very evident to all in attendance that there was a group effort on behalf of the immediate family, including the father in-law, to do whatever necessary to exonerate Mr. Leaf….however, a just and fair verdict was reached…the prosecutor railroaded nobody..he was not aggressive at all..Charles Leaf received a fair trial heard by a jury of his peers…and he is guilty…


To the question of what we are not being told…the juror was never informed that Charles Leaf was accused by his own sister of abusing her daughters; and that he actually admitted to doing it once confronted….he was under aged at the time, I think 15-17 years old…the jury was never told that this issue greatly divided the Leaf family…is this what you are referring to? Frankly, I think this would have not helped his case at all…none of it matters..there is a lot of calculated posturing that is surfacing and has surfaced in an attempt to portray Charles Leaf as innocent…the juror was not privy to any of it during the trial…all our concerns should be deflected to the little girl and the others that he admitted to molesting..we should pray that they will eventually find peace..Charles Leaf was “free” for over 43 years; however the victims of his dastardly deeds will be forever emotionally imprisoned by them…my heart goes out to a now 8 year old girl that speaks of externalizing her inner feelings and having the ability to vent her anger in front of a patient and understanding mother…a little girl that broke down in tears because she was afraid she wasn’t answering follow up questions to the liking of her mother, who told her what to say to get her daddy back….a little girl that testified so fluently as to how the episodes occurred and was able to describe in detail the most disgusting acts, as well as how her father told her to never tell anyone or “mommy would throw us both out of the house”.. Rewald, may I suggest that you redirect your anger into love and compassion for those that will be forever effected by the acts he committed…it is done now…he is guilty…peace and healing are what is important now..let’s hope and pray that it will come to all soon..

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