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Chicago judge with mental illness

After a “not-guilty by reason of insanity” ruling, a Chicago judge wants her job back. Her bi-polar behavior brings up questions as to whether judges with mental illnesses should be treated differently than others with mental illness.

Judge Brim wants job back after insanity acquittal on

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The problem isn’t just that she’s mentally ill, it’s that she often refuses to take prescribed medications that bring her back to “compos mentis”. I wonder if there is any legal avenue that would compel her to take the meds, with loss of the job a consequence if she refuses medication. That would probably be challenged as an infringement on her rights, even though treatment is not always strictly voluntary.

It’s an interesting dilemma to say the least.


I would also think having this judge on the bench could open up every case she ever decided to appeals based on her mental status.

Ox Drover

DawnG I think your second comment is right on for sure. But even if she did take her medication, that is no guarantee that she would not still have mental problems, including mania. While I personally know people with very responsible jobs (including physicians) who have some severe mental health issues, I think it is shaky ground on which they stand.

I retired after my husband’s death due to the severe PTSD that I suffered as a result of seeing him burned to death and three others severely burned at the same time, including one of my sons. Frankly the severe short term memory problems I suffered at the time for over a year rendered me unsafe to practice my profession of registered nurse practitioner, where people’s lives depended on my judgment and memory.

I’m probably at a point now I could go back to work in some capacity, but because I have been out of the educational loop for my profession, for quite some time, I would have to take a position where I would be safe to practice. It would not be at the level I was practicing before the airplane crash.

agreed with you and Oxy, if she’s on the bench every criminal could appeal.

But crazier things have happened. Remember the judge who beat his daughter? He’s back in the family court circus –whoops, I meant circuit.


As a victim of sociopaths, one of whom claimed and inpatient with bipolar d/o, she knows right from wrong…and continues to make more victims because people are “afraid” of her as she does such outrageous harm to others (theft, slanders, assaults, etc) and “gets away” with them. She doesn’t take her meds, as she reported, for various reasons…like she doesn’t follow her diabetic diet…
Unless they are monitored with med mgmt/therapy…good luck! And there isn’t a pill to administer for empathy…etc…

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